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The 22nd National Flamenco Art Contest Of Córdoba Announces 2019 Winners

The National Flamenco Art Contest of Córdoba (Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba) has announced the 2019 winners. The contest took place at the Gran Teatro in Cordoba (Spain) on November 17 to 20, 2019.

The jury selected the following winners and finalists:

Baile (Dance)

Florencia Oz

Unanimously grant the Dance Prize (11,000 euros and diploma) to Florencia O’Ryan Zúñiga, artistically known as Florencia Oz. Florencia is originally from Chile and currently resides in Seville, Spain.

Recognize as Dance Finalists (2,500 euros and diploma): Águeda García de Saavedra Jiménez (artistically known as Águeda Saavedra); Hugo López Luque; and Isabel Rodríguez Jiménez.


José Fermín Fernández

Unanimously grant the Guitar Prize (11,000 euros and diploma) to José Fermín Fernández Fernández from Badajoz, Spain.

Recognize as Guitar Finalists (2,500 euros and diploma): Agustín Carbonell Serrano (aka Agustín Carbonell “Ball”); Alberto López Martínez; and Álvaro Pérez Álvarez (aka Álvaro Martinete).

Cante (Song)

El Perrete

Unanimously grant the Cante Prize (Song Prize) (11,000 euros and diploma) to Francisco Escudero Marques (artistically known as El Perrete), from Granada, Spain.

Recognize as Cante Finalists (2,500 euros and diploma): Enrique Ángel García (artistically known as Enrique Afanador); Rocío Belén Cuesta; and Maria Ángeles Martínez Toledano (artistically known as Ángeles Toledano).

The contestants who have won the Cante, Dance and Guitar prizes will perform at a gala that will take place at the Grand Theater of Cordoba on Saturday, November 23, at 8:30 p.m., during which time the awards ceremony will take place.

headline photo: Florencia Oz


Rosalía Wins Various 2019 Latin Grammy Awards, including Album Of The Year For ‘El Mal Querer’

Spanish flamenco crossover artist Rosalia won Album Of The Year For ‘El Mal Querer‘ (Sony Music Entertainment España) at the 2019 Latin GRAMMY Awards. In addition, ‘El Mal Querer’ won the Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album, Best Recording Package (Man Mourentan & Tamara Pérez, art directors), Best Engineered Album (El Guincho & Brian Hernández, engineers; Jaycen Joshua, mixer; Chris Athens, mastering engineer).

Lastly, Rosalia and J Balvin’s “Con Altura” won Best Urban Song.

“There’s nothing that can make you prouder than winning a Latin GRAMMY,” stated Rosalia. “It’s the biggest thing that can happen.”

Buy El Mal Querer


Interview with World Fusion Band Solana And Video Premiere

Solana is a world music fusion band originally founded in Valencia, Spain in 2012. Solana combines rhythmically complex and harmonically rich music inspired by folk traditions from around the world.

Solana’s sound is guided by flutes, violin, accordion and Spanish guitar, and takes influence from diverse celebrated artists like Tigran Hamasyan, Kíla, Paco de Lucía and Dhafer Youssef.

Band members include Tamsin Elliott on flute, whistles, accordion; Rowen Elliott on violin, effects; Elio Arauz de Marcos on drums, percussion, vocals; Henry Edmonds on electric and acoustic bass; and JP Wolfgang on Spanish guitar.

Solana’s Tamsin Elliott

Solana has a new video titled “Odd Elegy / Allegedly Odd.” Flute player Tamsin Elliott provides details about the video: “It includes a cover of Dhafer Youssef’s Odd Elegy and a string of my own tunes collectively called “Allegedly Odd”, which I composed in response to Youssef’s piece. The arrangement is by the collective brain of Solana. It feels like quite an achievement to finish this video after a year of quite serious health issues which turned my world upside down.”

Q – The band is currently based in the UK but it was started in Valencia, Spain. How did you guys come into contact with each other?

Siblings Tamsin and Rowan Elliott have played music together from a young age. In 2012 they both coincidentally moved to Valencia and reconnected musically, playing in small bars and social centers. They were joined by original guitarist Alex Dickinson and Valencian percussionist Elio Arauz de Marcos.

Solana rapidly gained a following in the city due to the appetite for Celtic and Eastern European folk music there. In the intervening years the band’s sound and line-up have evolved to the present five-piece.


Q – What’s the background of the musicians in Solana?

Tamsin (flutes/accordion) and Rowan (violin) Elliott were brought up on a diet of world, folk and reggae and spent family holidays at festivals such as WOMAD. This exposure to a large variety of music from around the world, as well as the Celtic sessions in the local pub, has influenced their music-making to this day.

Elio Arauz de Marcos learned percussion from the age of eleven and played various styles from reggae and ska to Latin and traditional Valencian bands. After a few years of mainly playing guitar he rediscovered his passion for drums through the music of Solana. He also fronts rumba, Latin, afrobeat project The Globo Collective on guitar and vocals.

Solana’s Elio Arauz de Marcos

After years of playing guitar, JP Wolfgang discovered and fell in love with the Flamenco tradition and moved to Madrid to study with El Entri in the famous Caño Roto Madrid.

Solana’s Rowen Elliott and JP Wolfgang

Henry Edmonds’ background in jazz and post rock has brought a gnarly edge to Solana’s sound. He enjoys the challenge of fusing different world grooves with more progressive arrangements, and the opportunity to play both upright and electric bass.


Q – You released an album in 2017. How was that experience and what exposure did you get?

Camino (2017) was recorded over four days -and four sleepless nights- at Henwood studios near London. This is our first album of wholly original compositions and it was with this recording that we began to find our own unique sound. We were lucky to count on the expertise and patience of our childhood friend and all-round musical genius Tom Excell who engineered and co-produced the album.

We received great reviews, with the album being described as “thoroughly invigorating” by Songlines, “A fervent and fertile form of world fusion” by Shire Folk, and our favorite from Folk Radio UK saying that “They make my spice shelf look boring… an accomplished and colorful album”.

Solana – Camino

Q – Are you working on a new album?

Yes, we have lots of new material and are really exited to get it on record. Tamsin is currently waiting for a major operation to sort out ongoing health problems, so touring is on hold until we have a date, but in the mean time lots of work is happening on new compositions and arrangements! Expect the next album to demonstrate a rich sonic tapestry, sometimes playful and often poignant, anchored by a deep respect for traditions. We’re looking forward to sharing something new and bold that goes beyond classic folk conventions.


Artist Profiles: Rosalía


Rosalía Vila Tobella, better known as Rosalía, was born on 25 September 25, 1993 in San Esteban de Sasroviras, Spain.

The Spanish singer-songwriter is known for her trailblazing flamenco crossover sound, fusing flamenco with electronic beats, reguetón and other modern elements.

Her first album was the critically acclaimed “Los Ángeles ” released in 2016. It was followed by her groundbreaking “El Mal Querer ,” released in 2018.


Her song “Malamente” won Best Alternative Song and Best Urban Fusion/Performance at the 2018 Latin Grammy awards.

In 2019, Rosalía collaborated with James Blake on his new album, appeared in Pedro Almodóvar’s film “Dolor y Gloria”, and released a highly successful single titled “Con Altura (with J Balvin and El Guincho).”

Rosalía received the 2019 MTV European Music Award for Best Collaboration for her song “Con altura,” a joint effort with producer J Balvin (Spain) and El Guincho (Colombia). During her performance at the award ceremony in Seville, Rosalia put on an innovative, spectacular show, turning the stage into a tablao (flamenco nightclub) full of dancers and singers.


Los Ángeles (Universal Spain, 2017)
El Mal Querer (Sony, 2018)


New Festival Fusión x Camarón to Celebrate Innovative Flamenco Artists

The first edition of the Fusion x Camarón festival will take place in San Fernando (Cadiz province, Spain) on Thursday, December 5, 2019. The event will coincide with the 69th anniversary of the birth of legendary flamenco singer Camarón de la Isla. The festival takes the revolutionary figure of Camarón as inspiration and central topic of its programming, providing a glance at current innovative flamenco.

Fusion x Camarón Press conference in San Fernando with Dolores Montoya “La Chispa”, Familia Camarón, Nani Cortés, San Fernando Mayor Patricia Cavada and music presenter Javier Vázquez Selvático.

La Familia Camarón (Camarón Family) will open the festival. The other artists announced are Raimundo Amador, Kiko Veneno, Diego Carrasco, Maloko & Carrasco Family, Maka, Tomasito, Nani Cortés & Lin Cortés, Alba Molina, María José Llergo and psychedelic Andalusian rock band Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba. The event will take place in a temporary covered space at the San Fernando Fairgrounds.

Camarón de la Isla was a groundbreaking artist in flamenco art. He released a seminal innovative work, the album “La leyenda del tiempo” (The Legend of Time). That recording sought new expressions, new airs, and new sounds. Guest artists featured In “La leyenda del tiempo” included some of most innovative Spanish artists of the time: Kiko Veneno, Raimundo Amador, Tomatito, Jorge Pardo, Rubem Dantas, Gualberto and Andalusian rock band Alameda, among other artists, and the no less revolutionary producer Ricardo Pachón.

Two of those artists, Kiko Veneno and Raimundo Amador, head this new festival, FusiónxCamarón, along with Jerez-born cantaor (singer) Diego Carrasco; his nephew Maloko accompanied by his Carrasco Family; Granada artist Maka, and the whirlwind of gitano (gypsy) rock Tomasito.

More information at Fusión x Camarón.


Second Círculo Flamenco de Madrid Festival Announced

Second Festival del Círculo Flamenco de Madrid poster by María Artigas

The Second Festival del Círculo Flamenco de Madrid will be held from October 24 to 27, 2019. This year, the festival has come up with a different format, distributing the contents in three days – morning and evening – at several venues, so that each event takes place in an ideal space.

The first day of the festival (October 24) features two unique characters: Antonio El Marsellés and Manuel de los Ríos ‘El Pititi de El Puerto’. Despite not having developed a conventional career, both are part of that elite known as a genuine artists, highly valued by fans who have been fortunate to coincide with them. Diego del Morao will accompany them on guitar. The concert will take place at 21:00 (9 pm) in OFF Latina. General admission: € 30 (at offlatina.com or by booking at info@circuloflamencodemadrid.com). Círculo Flamenco de Madrid members: € 25 (at box office).

The second day of the festival (October 25) will begin with a colloquium entitled The album in the 21st century, with Pitingo, José María Velázquez-Gaztelu, Alberto Martínez de la Plaza and José Manuel Gamboa as panelists. The discussion will center on the evolution of the record market and the meaning of the album. It will begin at 12:30 in the Corral de la Morería, an essential tablao (flamenco nightclub) in Madrid throughout the last half century and a model of excellence today. Free admission until seta are filled.

October 25 will conclude with a night dedicated to flamenco dance with Pastora Galván, one of Spain’s most prestigious and unique dancers, who will be joined by special guest José Valencia, a leading singer in the current flamenco scene, and Juan Requena on guitar. It will also take place at El Corral de la Morería, at 22:30 (10:30 pm). General admission: € 25 (at corraldelamoreria.com). CFM members: € 20 (calling 913 658 446 from Monday to Friday).

The third day (October 26) will begin with a listening session of flamenco recordings ex profeso for that occasion and a subsequent debate, entitled Historical recordings (1899-1936). The panel will feature Miguel Poveda, Víctor Monge ‘Serranito’, José Manuel Gamboa and Carlos Martín Ballester, leading singers and guitarists. They will listen and provide their reflections around the sound recordings. At 12:30 in El Corral de la Morería. Free admission until seats are full.


The evening event that day will be held at 23:00 at Café Berlin, one of the most iconic places in Madrid, and in which the three fundamental expressions of flamenco art will be accommodated: the solo guitar of incomparable Rafael Riqueni; the art of Carmen Ledesma, dance teacher accompanied by Gabriel de la Tomasa and Antonio Moya on guitar; and finally, the great singer Pansequito, accompanied by Diego del Morao. General admission: € 30 (at berlincafe.es). CFM members: € 25 (early sale on October 10 and 17 at Círculo Flamenco de Madrid events, and at the box office).

On Sunday, October 27, at 12:30, the festival will end at the Corral de la Morería with a master class by Rafael Riqueni, a true privilege for guitarists and fans. It will last 150 minutes (registration: € 60). Information and registration at info@circuloflamencodemadrid.com.


The SGAE Foundation to Celebrate the 3rd Club Flamenco Festival in Madrid

The SGAE Foundation collaborates once again with the third edition of the Flamenco at a Club Festival that will take place at Café Berlin in Madrid. It is a series of intimate concerts characterized by their quality, closeness and originality.

Some of the most prominent flamenco acts will appear on stage on Fridays and Saturdays throughout November 2019. The lineup includes artists such as Remedios Amaya (Friday, November 8), Israel Fernández and Diego del Morao (Saturday, November 9), Rocío Molina (Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16), La Tremendita (Friday, November 22), Josemi Carmona, Javier Colina and Bandolero (Saturday, November 23) and Duquende, with his show Huellas de Camarón (Friday, November 29).

The Flamenco Club Festival was born in 2017 from the natural confluence of two essential elements at Café Berlin: the passion for flamenco and the desire to create spaces at music clubs for communion between the public and artists.

Café Berlin is located at Costanilla de los Ángeles street 20, Madrid.


Artist profiles: SonAires de la Frontera

SonAires de la Frontera

SonAires de la Frontera was the reincarnation of the critically acclaimed Andalusian band Son de la Frontera. Flamenco guitarist Paco de Amparo’s new musical project continued his combination of flamenco genres with world music elements.

Based in one of the cradles of flamenco, Moron de la Frontera (Spain), SonAires de la Frontera included young musicians who were deeply influenced by the legacy of the legendary guitarist Diego del Gastor. The debut album was titled Moroneando.

The band included three guitarists: Paco de Amparo, Ignacio de Amparo and Shimun Murk. The mandola played by Keko Baldomero wass added to the mix; it is an unconventional instrument in the world of flamenco and added an exotic element to the group’s sound.

David el Galli and Jesus Santiago provided the vocals. Isidro was on percussion. Luis Torres added palmas (handclap percussion) and vocals; and J. Gregorio Lovera played violin. The band included a dancer, Mercedes de Moron.


Moroneando (Bujio, 2010)


Rafita de Madrid Featured Artist at Café Berlin’s Flamenco Jam

Rafael Jiménez Jiménez, better known as Rafita de Madrid, will be the guest at Café Berlin’s weekly Flamenco Jam. Directed by percussionist Bandolero, Flamenco Jam invites a leading flamenco artists who jams with some of the finest flamenco and jazz instrumentalists and dancers in the Spanish scene.

The lineup includes Rafita de Madrid on vocals; José María Cortina on piano; Rubén Romero and Auxi Fernández on dance; Antonio Sánchez and Joni Jiménez on guitar; Antonio Ramos “El Maca” on bass; Bandolero Ruiz Motos and Paquetito on percussion; Enrique Rodríguez “Enriquito” on trumpet; and Alejandro Escalera on flute.

Café Berlín is located at Costanilla de los Ángeles 20 in Madrid, Spain.


David Broza & Friends Announce 2019/2020 Tour, From Haifa to Havana

David Broza and Trio Havana

Singer-songwriter David Broza, one of Israel’s most important recording artists, will embark on a coast-to-coast tour of the United States from September 2019 through March 2020. Broza will present an alternate side of his hit songs with a new Cuban twist.

Performing with Broza on stage is the New York-based Trio Havana, including: Manuel Alejandro Carro, also known as Mannya – Cuban-born singer-songwriter and master percussionist with a style firmly rooted in Latin pop; Yuniel Jiménez “El Guajiro” – master tres guitar player from Santa Clara, Cuba; and Jorge Bringas –celebrated from Havana, Cuba, who played previously with Albita Rodriguez and the late Celia Cruz.

Joining Trio Havana is Itai Kriss, one of the most exciting flute players in the Cuban music scene, with an eclectic style infused with jazz, Latin and middle eastern sounds. Special guests on select tour dates include flamenco singer and flute player, Alfonso Cid from Seville, Spain; and flamenco dancer Xianix Barrera.

David Broza brings together fingerpicking guitar, flamenco rhythms, global sounds and rock. Raised in Israel, Spain and England, Broza has performed worldwide since 1977, when his song “Yihye Tov” appeared on radio, promoting a message of peace.

David Broza is known for his commitment and dedication to several humanitarian projects, especially a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through dialogue, culture, music and tolerance.

Tour Dates 2019/2020:

September 6, 2019 New York, NY Naked Soul, The Rubin Museum
September 28, 2019 Mamaroneck, NY Emelin Theater
November 17, 2019 Philadelphia, PA City Winery
December 14, 2019 Brookline, MA Temple Ohabel Shalom
December 19, 2019 New York, NY The Streicker Center
December 21, 2019 Tucson, AZ Fox Theater
December 22, 2019 Santa Monica, CA The Broad Stage
January 12, 2020 Aventura, FL Aventura Arts & Cultural Center
January 13, 2020 Atlanta, GA City Winery
January 25, 2020 Richmond Hill, ON Centre for the Performing Arts
March 20, 2020 Port Washington, NY Landmark on Main Street
March 21, 2020 South Orange, NJ South Orange Performing Arts Center

More about David Broza