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Hardanger Fiddle Beauty from Benedicte Maurseth

Benedicte Maurseth – Benedicte Maurseth

Benedicte Maurseth – Benedicte Maurseth (Heilo, 2019)

This self-titled album features exquisite solo performances on the hardanger fiddle by Norwegian fiddler and composer Benedicte Maurseth.

Most of the pieces on Benedicte Maurseth are traditional tunes recreated by Benedicte Maurseth. They are transformed into mesmerizing chamber folk performances highlighting the simple beauty of solo hardanger fiddle.

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Absorbing Experimental Joiks from Torgeir Vassvik

Vassvik – Gákti

Vassvik – Gákti (Heilo, 2019)

Torgeir Vassvik has transformed traditional joik music from Samiland in Norway. His new album Gákti focuses on animism, which is a fundamental part of Sami culture.

The core of the Sámi culture is the animism: everything is connected, everything is alive,” says Torgeir Vassvik.

The ancient meets modernity in “Gákti.” Vassvik’s joik’s are fittingly interlaced with improvised instrumental music, electronic sound design, guitars two types of fiddles. The music crosses the boundaries of traditional world music and avant-garde experimentation.

The album includes personal joiks (a joik dedicated to somebody); celebrations of nature; companionship; love and female power; songs about climate change; songs for those who have left, but still live on; and joiks of the world from the viewpoint of indigenous people.

Personnel: Torgeir Vassvik on joik, guitar, frame drum, igil, birbyné, munnharpe, electronics; Hans P. Kjorstad on violin; Rasmus Kjorstad on octave violin; and Audun Strype on sound design.

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Artist Profiles: Tone Hulbækmo

Tone Hulbækmo

Tone Hulbækmo (born 1957), from Tolga in Østerdalen, is a vocalist with broad repertoire, ranging European medieval and renaissance music to Norwegian folk modern songs. She bases her vocal style on old traditions of Østerdalen that she has modernized and given personal twist. She is also active as an instrumentalist, composer arranger.

She has breathed new life into the Norwegian harp tradition, and developed her own style. She plays harp and lyre.

In group Kalenda Maya she plays medieval renaissance music from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Norway. collaboration with folk musicians all corners of globe led to exciting musical combinations tours throughout world. Hulbækmo introduces lovely Østerdalen electronic loops, fiery dance rhythms cosmic tones.


Kåmma No …. ‎(Heilo, 1983)
Kalenda Maya (1985)
Svevende Jord (Heilo, 1986)
Langt Nord I Skogen (Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 1988)
Konkylie ‎(Grappa, 1995)
Pilgrimsreiser, with Kalenda Maya (1997)
Kyrja ‎(Heilo, 1999)
Nordic Woman (Grappa Music, 2012)
Stifinner ‎(Heilo, 2016)


Artist Profiles: Kirsten Bråten Berg

Kirsten Bråten Berg

Kirsten Bråten Berg (born 1950) has her own silversmith workshop, but is known primarily for unique, richly resonant kveding.

She has lived in Setesdal since 1973, and been one of the leading figures efforts to preserve folk music heritage area. She also instrumental presenting new contexts, for instance through her collaboration with jazz bassist Arild Andersen.

Kirsten Bråten Berg won the first prize at National Contest for Traditional Music in 1987, has released a number of recordings, Spellemannpris award several times, and toured often Norway abroad.

In 1996 two musicians from western Africa and two from Setesdal combined forces to produce a recording, “Frå Senegal til Setesdal”, featuring stev, traditional songs and lullabies. The music is unmistakably Norwegian, but the African music weaves its way effortlessly into its fabric and reminds us that folk music is created by something deep inside the human soul, beyond language and culture.


Slinkombas (1979)
Kirsten Bråten Berg ‎(Heilo, 1980)
Setes-Dalarna ‎(Four Leaf Records, 1984)
min kvedarlund ‎(Heilo, 1988)
Juletid ‎(Heil, 1991)
Norvège – Musique Des Vallées Scandinaves ‎(Ocora, 1993)
Pilegrimen ‎(Grappa, 1996)
Frå Senegal Til Setesdal (Grappa, 1997)
Runarstreng ‎(Grappa, 1999)
Syng Du Mi Røyst ‎(Grappa, 2001)
Spor.Sørland ‎(Grappa, 2002)
Stemmenes Skygge ‎(Heilo, 2005)
Stev For Dagen ‎(Heilo, 2007)
Songen ‎(Heilo, 2010)
Nordic Woman (2012)


Artist Profiles: Åse Teigland

Åse Teigland

Åse Teigland was born in 1975. She comes from Utne in Hardanger. She is one of Norway’s talented ardanger fiddle players, and plays with authentic feeling and elegance.

Åse Teigland studied with several well-known fiddlers, including Knut Hamre, Stein Versto and Leif Rygg. She studied at the Folkemusikakademiet in Rauland (1994-96), Bergen University College and the Ole Bull Academy at Voss (1998-2000).

She has collaborated with Knut Hamre, Frank Rolland, Synnøve S. Bjørset, Anne Hytta, and Alexander Aga Røynstrand.

Åse Teigland’s repertoire consists primarily of traditional songs and tunes from Hardanger and Voss.


Dansarsteinen ‎(NORCD, 1998)
Håstabøslåttar ‎(Heilo, 1999)
Stille ‎(NORCD, 2008)
Soli ‎(ta:lik, 2010)
Granvin – Spelarhola ‎(ta:lik, 2014)


Artist Profiles: Frode Haltli

Frode Haltli – Photo by Rolf Schoellkopf

Accordion virtuoso Frode Haltli has received several awards, including a Norwegian Spellemann Prize in 2002, and was named Young Soloist of the Year by the Norwegian Concert Institute in 2001.

Haltli was was a member of Rusk and contributed to a long line of productions, including recordings for the prestigious German label ECM.

Since 1999 he has performed and recorded regularly with Scandinavian trio POING.

Frode Haltli – Photo by Knut Bry


Looking on Darkness, with the Vertavo String Quartet (ECM, 2002)
Rusk (Heilo/Grappa, 2002)
Rusk II (Heilo/Grappa, 2006)
Passing images (ECM, 2007)
Yeraz, with Trygve Seim (ECM, 2008)
Arne Nordheim Complete Accordion Works (Simax Classics, 2012)
Vagabonde Blu (Hubro/Grappa, 2014)
Air, with the Trondheim Soloists and the Arditti Quartet (ECM, 2016)
Rumi Songs, with Trygve Seim (ECM, 2016)
StaiStua, with Ulvo and Hole (NorCD, 2016)
Avant Folk (Hubro/Grappa, 2018)


Giants of Jazz (LLRR, 2003)
Planet POING (Jazzaway, 2005)
River Mouth Echoes (Tzadik, 2008)
Wach auf! (Øra Fonogram, 2011)
Sur POING (Aurora, 2016)
Kapital & Moral (Grappa, 2016)


Artist Profiles: Kerstin Blodig

Kerstin Blodig

Kerstin Blodig was born in Berlin and has Norwegian roots. She is a leading vocalist and guitarist in the German acoustic scene. Her band Touchwood, with Irish singer Cristina Crawley, has an album distributed in Ireland.

Kerstin studied musicology and Scandinavian languages and cultures in Berlin and in Bergen (Norway). She is involved in a wide variety of different projects, ranging from studio work, German folk-pop and theater music productions to the Celtic groups Norland Wind and Talking Water. She made a world music album, Valivann (with Mick Franke), combining her own Scandinavian/Celtic influenced compositions with traditional lyrics and modem grooves.

In her solo performances, Kerstin presents her arrangements of traditional Norwegian and Celtic songs as well as her own material.

In 2011 she released Trolldans, the debut album by Huldrelokkk, an all-female trio featuring acoustic folk music from Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as their own material. The band includes Kerstin Blodig on vocals, guitar, bodhrán; Mia Gunberg Ådin (Sweden) on vocals, fiddle, nykkelharpa; and Liv Vester Larsen (Denmark) on vocals, fiddle, percussion.


Atlantic Driftood – Harp Music & Song From The Celtic Northwest, with Norland Wind ‎(Slow Motion Records, 2000)
December Journey, with Norland Wind ‎(Alula Records, 2002)
Valivann (Alula Records, 2002)
Kelpie (Alula Records, 2002)
From Shore To Shore, with Norland Wind ‎(Laika Records, 2004)
Nordisk Sjel
Var det du – var det deg? (2007)
Kelpie: Live! (2010)
Trolldans, with Huldrelokkk (Westpark Music, 2011)
Desember måne – December Moon (2012)
Storm in a Teacup (Laika, 2013)
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00P08LJZW?ie=UTF8&tag=musidelmund-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B00P08LJZW, with Huldrelokkk (Westpark Music, 2013)
Out of the Woods (Stockfisch, 2015)


A Musical Journey Around Nordfjord

Britt Pernille Frøholm – Nordfjord

Britt Pernille Frøholm – Nordfjord (Mere Records, 2017)

Nordfjord is the second solo album by talented Norwegian fiddler Britt Pernille Frøholm. Although she has recorded and performed various musical genres, on Nordfjord Britt Pernille Frøholm focuses on the fiddle tradition of Nordfjord, the fiord in northwestern Norway.

The music selection includes upbeat performances and melancholic pieces; it’s a mix of well-known tunes and rare compositions that are barely known today. The fiddle used in the region was the violin until the early 20th century. The hardanger fiddle was introduced after that.

Nordfjord is a solo fiddle effort, with no other instruments or vocals used. It represents the raw fiddle as it was used in villages for dancing and other events.
Britt Pernille Frøholm is a founding member of two groups, MAAR and Boreas.

Nordfjord is an evocative and fascinating portrait of the musical traditions of northwestern coastal Norway.



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Gabriel Fliflet’s Warm and Poetic Norwegian Songs

Gabriel Fliflet – Sevje

Gabriel Fliflet – Sevje (Etnisk Musikklubb, 2017)

Sevje is a calm, laid back album by Norwegian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Fliflet. It’s a melodic recording where Fliflet’s unique vocals are accompanied by accordion, piano and other instruments.

The lyrics include a mix of original compositions by Gabriel Fliflet along with texts by Kjartan Fløgstad, Robert Burns, and Per Olav Kaldestad.

Personnel: Gabriel Fliflet on vocals, accordion, piano and harmonium; Ole Hamre on hamrophone, xylophone, vocals; Arve Henriksen on trumpet and vocals; Anders Røine on langeleik (Norwegian zither), fiddle and vocals; Jørgen Sandvik on vocals; Olav Tveitane on cittern and vocals; Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt on vocals; and Kato Adland on guitar, percussion and bass.

The CD includes lyrics, a biography and other details.



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Sinikka Langeland’s Enchantment

Sinikka Langeland – The Magical Forest

Sinikka Langeland – The Magical Forest (ECM Records ECM 2448, 2016)

Norwegian folk music, jazz and early music come together in The Magical Forest, a captivating album by Norwegian vocalist, kantele player and composer Sinikka Langeland.

Highlights of The Magical Forest are Sinikka’s gorgeous vocals, her mesmerizing kantele and the beautiful vocal interactions with Oslo’s Trio Mediaeval.

The artists featured on The Magical Forest are Sinikka Langeland on kantele, vocals; Trygve Seim on soprano and tenor saxophones; Arve Henriksen on trumpet; Anders Jormin on double bass; Markku Ounaskari on drums, percussion; and Trio Mediaeval featuring Anna Maria Friman; Berit Opheim; and Linn Andrea Fuglseth on vocals.

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