Algerian Music

Algeria is located in northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. Algeria is also bordered by Mali, Mauritania, Niger and the Western Sahara.

Algerian musical genres include Arab-Andalusian, Chaabi, Kabyl, and Chawia.

Arab-Andalusian refers to the music originally performed in the parts of Medieval Spain under Arab control.

Chaabi is popular North African Arabic music of Egyptian origin, also known as shaabi. Shaabi incorporates folk music and blends it with pop, rock or rap. Chaabi artists are found in Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.

Algerian musicians:

Abdelkader Saadoun
Ahmed el Salam
Akim El Sikameya
Ali Slimani
Beihdja Rahal
Cheb i Sabbah
Cheb Mami
Cheb Nacim
Cheb Nasro
Cheikh Salim Fergani
Cheikha Rimitti
Habib and Hassina Guerroumi
Hamid Baroudi
Hasna El Becharia
Khaled (previously known as Cheb Khaled)
Khaled Habib
Khalida Azzouza
Mad Sheer Khan
Maurice El Medioni
Moh Alileche
Mohamed Adlen Fergani
Mona Boutchebak
Naziha Azzouz
Pierre Bensusan
Rachid Taha
Souad Massi