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Length & Time: AZ

AZ - "Demen Mwen Prale"
AZ – “Demen Mwen Prale”

I will be writing a column on Length & Time in music, in each presenting an album and its strategies that pertain to addressing Length & Time. 

She’s yet to release an album but her song “Demen Mwen Prale” thrills Port au Prince. The song’s video is also exciting. It’s a simple song wherein her grave singing is accompanied mostly by an acoustic guitar.

Her artist name, her nom de guerre, is AZ. It is short for Asaphe Micaelle Jean Louis. She is a philosopher and teaches philosophy to High Schoolers.

She’s said in an interview that she spent some years, her years of university, living like a Diogene, an idealist, but changed when she got married and began both her singing and teaching careers. She writes some of her songs and for them she would like to express ideas that are debated in philosophical space where philosophy meets music such as in the works of Nietzsche, Adorno, and others. When performing live, she sings Jazz songs also – whatever song she considers beautiful.

Her first album will be released soon, “Sonje.” The title is Haitian kreyol for ‘remember.’

So far, she is not a political singer. She would like to sing art to her times, art that roots itself in aesthetics (philosophy.) Her songs are radio songs, made for alternative play. They are as if made to be played ideally in ‘cafe space,’ with the hopes that they come to resonate as much as a Trova or a chanson. They are the beginnings of what Barbara achieved in France and Omara Portuondo in Cuba: songs that are deeply ‘art.’


The Birth Of British Blues Boxed Set

The Birth Of British Blues
The Birth Of British Blues

Proper Box has released a 4CD box set titled The Birth Of British Blues. The collection highlights the pioneering artists who laid the groundwork for the blues and rock boom of the 1960s in the UK. These highly influential artists had a profound effect on British, American, and global popular music.

Starting from Trad Jazz roots, through to Skiffle and Folk Blues, the anthology eventually lands on the harder edge Chicago Blues and R&B. This compilation documents the evolution of British music leading up to its golden age in the 1960s and 1970s.

All of the pioneers are included including Chris Barber, Ken Collyer, Lonnie Donegan, Cyril Davies, Alexis Korner and many more.

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Mystic Revealers Release “Herb Must Legalize Now” Song and Music Video

Mystic Revealers - "Herb Must Legalize Now (420 High-Grade Remix)
Mystic Revealers – “Herb Must Legalize Now (420 High-Grade Remix)

Jamaican band Mystic Revealers has released its all-star song “Herb Must Legalize Now (420 High-Grade Remix)” on VP Records’ label Dub Rockers. The remix includes reggae artists in support for the cause of ganja legalization worldwide, including Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, DJ Sojah, Jah9, Diana Rutherford, Fred Locks, Triga Finga, Suzanne Couch, Bobby Hustle, Jesse Royal, Kelissa, Cidade Verde and Snow.

The song’s accompanying video is directed by Kush Asher and Imani Wilmot and shot at Mystic Revealer’s lead singer Billy Wilmot’s Jamnesia (located in Bull Bay just outside of Kingston, JA). The famed skate, surf and music hub has become a local hang out spot and an essential incubator for breaking new music talent – including Chronixx, Kelissa, Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal – who are all featured on this supergroup remix.


Senegalese Star Baba Maal Releases Single from Upcoming album The Traveller

Baaba Maal - The Traveller
Baaba Maal – The Traveller


Celebrated Senegalese musician and United Nations Ambassador Baaba Maal has released a track that will appear in his much anticipated 11th album The Traveller (Marathon Artists). The new recording is scheduled for release on January 15th, 2016.

The Traveller was recorded in both London and Senegal and was produced by Johan Hugo from The Very Best. The album includes Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons, who met Baaba Maal at his annual music festival ‘Blues Du Fleuve’ in Fouta, Northern Senegal.

The Traveller contains a mix of West African roots and more contemporary electronic influences all woven together at varying tempos.




The West Bridge Band Releases Kibera Esbera [Kenya]

The West Bridge Band - Kibera Esbera [Kenya]
The West Bridge Band – Kibera Esbera [Kenya]
The album Kibera Esbera [Kenya] by Kenyan act The West Bridge Band is now available in digital format. Kibera Esbera [Kenya] was originally released by Electric Cowbell Records in vinyl format for Record Store Day, 2015. The label has not made the album available on CD.

Belonging to the Luhya Tribe, The West Bridge Band is a four-man group led by Wamalwa Lusweti, who makes and plays the litungu, a nine-stringed instrument that he invented.

The members of the West Bridge Band live on the edge of Kibera, the world’s largest “slum” where open sewage runs along the streets. Over 2 million people live there. With the population increasing daily, the district stands in clear contrast to the tourists who visit Nairobi to go on luxury safari excursions.

This record was recorded in a small single room by award-winning producer, Ian Brennan, where the band leader’s entire family lives. It is smaller than the interior of many American cars, and without a kitchen or bathroom. They jerry rig electricity illegally through a ramshackle of wires cut into the city’s grid.

The West Bridge Band makes a living by playing traditional Kenyan music from other tribes to entertain tourists. They change costumes for the different numbers with few in the audience seeming to realize that it is the same performers over and over again rather than a rotating cast of ethnic characters.

In the off hours, the musicians live an awful reality, selling the instruments they build and writing songs such as “The Rich” and “Sadness”. Few of their compositions are more telling though, such as “I Will Not Lose Faith In You.”

The digital version of this album includes a bonus remix track of the song “Papa” by French-Chilean multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Aillacara 2743, also known as Medline and Electroom Acoostap.

The West Bridge Band lineup: Geoffrey Simiyumunialo on litungu, vocals; Anyango Ochwila on vocals, sichenje ring; Wamalwa Lusweti on litungu, shiriri, vocals; and Thoya Baya on jembe, vocals.



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Eddie Murphy Collaborates with Dancehall Star Beenie Man on “Wonna Deez Nites”

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy – Photo by Willie Toledo


Actor, comedian and reggae singer Eddie Murphy has released his second song of the year “Wonna Deez Nites” featuring celebrated Jamaican dancehall artist Beenie Man. The single will be released on June 30, 2015 on VPAL Music (VP Records’ subsidiary label and distribution arm).

“Wonna Deez Nites” is the follow-up follows to Murphy’s his 2015 reggae hit “Oh Jah Jah” (VPAL), which reached #1 on iTunes Reggae Single Chart and debuted in the Top 5 on the U.S. Billboard Reggae Digital Song Chart.


Ravi Shankar’s Last Indian Concert Available on DVD and CD

Ravi & Anoushka Shankar Live in Bangalore
Ravi & Anoushka Shankar Live in Bangalore


The CD and DVD set Ravi & Anoushka Shankar Live in Bangalore (East Meets West Music) is set for release on September 11, 2015. This sound and video recording was made on February 7, 2012, two months before his 92nd birthday. Ravi Shankar performed with his daughter Anoushka at the sold-out Bangaluru Palace grounds in Bangalore, India.

The program included ‘Raga Yaman Kalyan’, ‘Raga Tilak Shyam’, and ‘Raga Khamaj’. Ravi and Anoushka Shankar performed for over three hours in front of an ecstatic audience.

It was my good fortune to perform worldwide in concert alongside my father over a period of nearly 20 years. It would be no exaggeration to say I’ve not shared the same level of musical intuitiveness and intimacy with anyone else. As our final live performance in the country of our, and our music’s, origin, this concert DVD is a beautiful example of my father’s inspiring mastery near the end of his life, and for me, a keepsake to remind me of what we shared together,” says Anoushka Shankar



Alborosie Meets King Jammy on Dub Of Thrones

Alborosie and King Jammy - Dub of Thrones
Alborosie and King Jammy – Dub of Thrones
Dub masters Alborosie and King Jammy collaborate on a new album titled Dub of Thrones (VP Records/Greensleeves). This is a historic pairing of one of Jamaica’s essential dub legends King Jammy with the modern day Italian-born dub maestro Alborosie. Dub of Thrones includes a fully-illustrated package by Tony McDermott, Greensleeves Records’ go-to artist for almost four decades known for his iconic cartoon imagery depicting Jamaican music.

Mixed by Alborosie at his Shengen studio and King Jammy at his studio in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, this old-school meets new-school clash delivers an authentic dub reggae listening experience.

Alborosie and King Jammy plan to tour in support of this release throughout the summer. They are already booked for California’s 31st Annual Reggae on the River Festival.

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Global Club Music Network Releases WOMEX 14 Re:mixes

WOMEX 14 Re:mixes
WOMEX 14 Re:mixes
The Global Club Music Network (GCMN) and WOMEX have just released WOMEX 14 Re:mixes by GCMN. The album includes songs from eight WOMEX 2014 showcase artists that have been remixed by members of the GCMN.

DJ and producer Kosta Kostov together with Miriam L. Brenner and the whole
GCMN team acknowledged the core rhythm and instrumentation of each song while adding certain elements according to their own interpretation.

The Global Music Network (GCMN) is a worldwide collective of professionals committed to presenting forms of (live) electronic dance music, rooted within the rich sounds of the globe.

Compilation tracks:

– Oum – Lik (Mashti & Polyesta Remix)
– La Chiva Gantiva – Para Arriba (David Miret Remix)
– Korrontzi – Sardos-K (Makala Remix)
– La Yegros – Solo (Kosta Kostov Remix)
– Calima – Minué (Gnotes & Canyonazo Remix)
– Otava Yo – Kamarinskaya (Boris Viande Celtic Remix)
– Noreum Machi – Noreummachi Sinawi (Sound Culture’s Future Rootz
– Sékouba Bambino – Tanamako (Baru Remix)

Listen online now:

For more information, visit Global Club Music Network’s
Facebook page:


Celebrated Actor Eddie Murphy Releases New Reggae Single

Eddie Murphy - Oh Jah Jah
Eddie Murphy – Oh Jah Jah


Popular comedian, actor and singer Eddie Murphy has released a new reggae song titled “Oh Jah Jah“.

This song is not the first time Eddie Murphy has dipped into reggae. “Oh Jah Jah” follows his 2013 composition “Red Light” featuring Snoop Lion. He also collaborated with the legendary Jamaican dancehall artist Shabba Ranks on his 1993 song “I Was A King.”


Eddie Murphy - Photo by Willie Toledo
Eddie Murphy – Photo by Willie Toledo


Eddie Murphy wrote and co-produced “Oh Jah Jah,” which was recorded and mixed at Soul Mountain Studios in Beverly Hills, California. Ralph Hawkins Jr. and Trenten Gumbs also participated in the production.

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