Cameroonian music

Cameroon is located in Western Africa, bordering the Bight of Biafra, between Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria.

Cameroon has produced lively dance music. The best known artist in the international scene is sax player Manu Dibango, whose 1970s hit song “Soul Makossa” became the first African song to reach the US top 40.

Makossa was originally a Cameroonian dance rhythm from the Duala region. It later developed into an urban pop style.

Another well-known group from Cameroon, Les Tetes Brulees, painted the musicians’ faces with neon streaks and performed bikutsi rhythms with a punk rock attitude.

Sally Nyolo, a former member of Zap Mama, also brought the music of Cameroon to an international audience.

Cameroonian Musicians:

Armand Ntep
Bachot Muna
Blick Bassy
Francis Mbappe
Franck Biyong
Gino Sitson
Henri Dikongue
Kristo Numpuby
Manu Dibango
Muna Mingole
Muntu Valdo
Njacko Backo
Richard Bona
Sally Nyolo
Vero La Reine


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