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Artist Profiles: Marc De Martelaer

Marc De Martelaer was the bass player for Celtic band Camaxe. His elaborate musical background is the result of his collaboration with numerous bands from the most diverse origins: Jewish with Krupnik, Brazilian with Samboa, Asian, etc.

As a recognized bass player he has had the opportunity to work together with some renowned Belgian musicians: Catoul- Micault group. Ten Strings, Claude Semal et les Convoyeurs, Perry Rose, etc).


Imaxes ‎(Wild Boar Music, 2005)
Airexa ‎(Music & Words, 2008)


Artist Profiles: Karim Baggili

Karim Baggili

Born in Belgium in 1976 with Jordanian and Yugoslavian origins, Karim Baggili, is a composer, self-taught guitarist and ud player.

He began playing the electric guitar at the age of 16. At 20, he started working the different techniques of the flamenco guitar and acquired an Arabic lute (ud) during one of his many trips to Jordan.

He participated in several projects: Ereska Trio, Colette, and a play. He worked with “L’Orchestre de Chambre de la Nathen”, and with singers for children like, Christian Merveille, Yvette Berger, Raphy Rapha?l…

In 2000, Karim won the first price of the “Open String Festival” in Osnabruck.

His first CD was released in 2002 and he took part in many CD recordings. He also composed the music of several documentaries and one short film.

Karim performed with groups like Traces and Turdus Philomelos. He also plays with jazz pianist Nathalie Loriers and takes part on stage and in studio with an English singer, Melanie Gabriel. He also performed with Philippe Lafontaine.

He brought together great musicians for his new band: Karim Baggili Quartet where he plays all his compositions inspired by flamenco music, South American rythms and one of his origins: Arabic music.

The Karim Baggili Quartet CD Cuatro con Cuatro was released at the beginning of December 2005 and will be followed by a tour in Belgium. Label: homerecords.

A solo CD, Douar was released in Germany mid-November 2005 by Acoustic Music Records. The release was followed by a tour of nine dates in several towns of Germany. The event was called “The International Guitar Night”.

Karim also performs often in solo or in duets with his percussionist Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles.

Aton Lua, another of his projects, is a mixture of rock and world music where he sings (in French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Serbo-Croatian) and plays the electric guitar, flamenco guitar and lute (ud).


Douar (homerecords.be)
Cuatro con Cuatro (homerecords.be)
Lea & Kash (homerecords.be)
Kali City (homerecords.be)
Apollo You Sixteen (Take The Bus)
Apollo You Sixteen, Pt. 2 (Take The Bus)

website: www.karimbaggili.be


Artist Profiles: Ariane De Bievre

Ariane De Bievre

Ariane De Bievre plays flutes and percussion. She studied classical flute and also mastered the bansuri (Indian flute). She is also a skilled percussionist. She plays bodhran, bendir, daf and other instruments.

Ariane has performed with Julos Beaucame, Satya, Karo-Trio-Flute, Ten Strings, Univers Zero and Galician Celtic band Camaxe.


World Music Central Announces the Best World Music Albums of 2017

Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet – Ladilikan

We announce the list of best world music albums of 2017. The selection was made by a panel of editors and contributors from World Music Central and its affiliate Spanish-language world music magazine Músicas del Mundo.

The list includes 11 albums because 5 recordings were tied for 7th place.

Top World Music Albums in 2017

1. Trio da Kali & Kronos Quartet – Ladilikan (World Circuit Records) – USA/Mali


Raúl Rodríguez – La Raíz Eléctrica

2. Raúl Rodriguez – La Raíz (Boa Musica Editorial) – Spain


Magín Díaz – El Orisha de la Rosa

3. Magín Díaz – El Orisha de la Rosa (Noname) – Colombia


Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita – Transparent Water

4. Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita – Transparent Water (Otá Records) – Cuba/Senegal


Daymé Arocena – Cubafonía

5. Daymé Arocena – Cubafonía (Brownswood Recordings) – Cuba


Rahim Alhaj – Letters from Iraq: Oud and String Quintet

6. Rahim Alhaj – Letters from Iraq (Smithsonian Folkways) – Iraq/USA


Yasmine Hamdan – Al Jamilat

7. Yasmine Hamdan – Al Jamilat (Crammed Discs) – Lebanon


Msafiri Zawose – Uhamiaji

7. Msafiri Zawose – Uhamiaji (Soundway Records) – Tanzania


The Expanders – Old Time Something Come Back Again Vol. 2

7. The Expanders – Old Time Something Come Back Again Vol. 2 (Easy Star Records) – USA


Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Love Is My Religion

7. Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Love is my Religion (Alif Records) – Turkey


Jean-Luc Thomas & Ravichandra Kulur – Magic Flutes


7. Jean-Luc Thomas & Ravichandra Kulur – Magic Flutes (Hirustica) France/India

Our list reflects the diversity of the world music scene and our panelists. Our writers are based in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia,” says World Music Central’s Managing Director Angel Romero.

World Music Central is an international online publication with readers worldwide that includes news, reviews, artist biographies, glossaries and other resources. Genres featured include traditional and contemporary folk music, world fusion, global electronica, flamenco, tango, bluegrass, salsa, reggae and any other genre rooted in traditional music.

World Music Central’s 2017 panel includes Daryana Antipova, Tom Orr, Rafael Mieses, Madanmohan Rao, Dorothy Johnson-Laird and Angel Romero Ruiz.


Year in Review: World Music in Asia Initiative 2017

The second year of the World Music in Asia Initiative has seen World Culture Open, World Music Shanghai and Cambodian Living Arts bring world music festivities to the public in China, South Korea, and for the very first time, Cambodia from September to November 2017.

Over these months, all three countries were united in a series of world music festivals that are free and open to the public. The World Music in Asia Initiative is committed to providing space for cultural exchange through world music, where the public can enjoy admission free world music performances, workshops and other activities.

1. 2017 World Music Shanghai (China) – presented by World Music Shanghai

From September 23 to October 7, in the cities of Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Foshan in China, World Music Shanghai infused bustling urban spaces with world music performances and workshops, bringing audiences on a musical journey to over 25 regions across the globe.

Audiences were not only able to enjoy an eclectic line up of 24 performance acts, but were also able to have deeper engagement with the artists through educational and family-oriented workshops, all of which were free and open to the public.

With workshops and performances taking place both indoors and outdoors, it is clear from this festival that world music has the potential to fill any urban space with joy and excitement, bringing artists and audiences together for effective moments of musical sharing and creation.


Sousou and Maher Cissoko at World Music Shanghai 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Music Shanghai


Chinese band Rid at World Music Shanghai 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Music Shanghai


African drumming workshop at World-Music Shanghai 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Music Shanghai


Hadar-Maoz-World-Music-Shanghai – Photo courtesy of World Music Shanghai


More about World Music Shanghai

2. REPfest (Cambodia) – presented by Cambodian Living Arts

REPfest was a festival of new traditional music; presenting creative works based on traditional forms from around the Mekong Region and elsewhere in Asia. From October 27-29, 2017, 44 artists from Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam gathered in Siem Reap for three days of performances, workshops, and in-depth conversations within REPfest Forum.

The festival’s intimate setting and focus on collaboration served as a very unique platform for participating artists to express themselves freely, explore shared heritage, and observe similarities and differences in each other’s musical traditions.

In its first edition, REPfest succeeded in building a strong base for meaningful creative exchange in the region, and provided some of the participating artists with their first opportunity to travel internationally. Less than two months later, artists who met at the festival have already set up new collaborations with each other in other countries.

The festival saw much enthusiasm from the audience too – over the three days almost 1000, mainly young and local people, took part in workshops and performances, and hopefully were left with new knowledge and inspiration.


Yaksao entertain the audience at Cambodian Living Arts’ Heritage Hub with their new traditional Cambodian music – Photo by Keat Sokim


All female drum group Medha start a high energy performance at Krousar Thmey Foundation – Photo by Colin Grafton


Japanese flutist Kohei Nishikawa shares his skills with Cambodian students – Photo by Keiko Kitamura


45 artists from 6 countries around Asia, together at Wat Bo in Siem Reap, Cambodia – Photo by Choeun Socheata


Discovering the similarities in traditional Cambodian and Laotian dance, with music by Champasak Shadow Theatre from Laos – Photo by Colin Grafton


More about about Cambodian Living Arts

3. Better Together 2017 (South Korea) – presented by World Culture Open

World music and artistic performances and workshops that celebrated peace, empathy and togetherness were presented from November 10-12 at Better Together 2017, a global gathering of creative changemakers at the revitalized Old Tobacco Factory in the city of Cheongju.

Free and open to the public, this festival invited everyone to enjoy performances by artists from around the world, and members of the public were also able to participate in various hands-on workshops and insightful talks and dialogue with artists during the day.

Without boundaries between audiences and artists, both were able to fully immerse in a journey of cultural discovery and engagement together.


Rwandan musician Jean Paul Samputu during Better Together 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Culture Open


Israeli band Gulaza performing Yemenite women songs during Better Together 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Culture Open


A jembe drumming workshop led by Yong Yung Lee during Better Together 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Culture Open


Zumbi Munair from Jamaica gives a Capoeira performance during Better Together 2017 – Photo courtesy of World Culture Open


More about World Culture Open

headline photo: Shishani-the Namibian Tales at World Music Shanghai – Photo courtesy of World Music Shanghai


Babel Med Music 2018 World Music Showcase Cancelled

The Association Latinissimo announced that it can no longer stage the 14th Babel Med Music Festival that would have taken place March 15 – 17, 2018, at Dock des Suds in Marseille. The producers disclosed that the decision was made following the 79% reduction of the subsidy from its main partner: the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur Region.

The unexpected withdrawal of this partner’s support just three months before the event was due to take place put the event in jeopardy, after 13 years that brought together 180,000 spectators and 26,000 professionals from the music industry.

The organizing committee was informed just a week before the plenary meeting that took place last Friday, December 15th of the change to the Region’s commitment to Babel Med Music, a decision that therefore forced to cancel the event.


Trade Fair at one of the previous editions of Babel Med Music


The cancellation is expected to generate economic losses for the region, including layoffs, hotel and restaurant revenue, and touring contracts made during the conference. Babel Med Music has announced the immediate loss of 204 jobs within the organization.

Babel Med Music is collecting support email messages at this dedicated email address: babelmedsoutien@gmail.com

The emails may be published and/ or passed on to the institutions concerned.


Cross Cultural Respect and Masterfully Crafted Symphonic and World Music on Awakening Beyond

Tina Turner, Dima Orsho, Ani Choying, Regula Curti, Sawani Shende Sathaye and Mor Karbasi – Awakening Beyond (Beyond Singing, 2017)

Awakening Beyond is a stunning g production by the Beyond Foundation that features six iconic female voices: Regula Curti (Zurich, Switzerland); Ani Choying (Kathmandu, Nepal); Dima Orsho (Damascus, Syria/USA); Sawani Shende Sathaye (Pune, India); and Mor Karbasi, (Jerusalem, Israel/based in Seville, Spain) and Tina Turner (USA, based in Switzerland).

(left to right) Dima Orsho, Ani Choying, Regula Curti, Sawani Shende Sathaye and Mor Karbasi


The intent of the album is to heal the world through prayer and bring love and acceptance. Awakening Beyond contains beautiful renditions of prayers and lullabies from the Buddhist, Catholic (Christian), Sephardic Jewish, Arabic and Hindu traditions.

The vocalists sing in various languages and weave prayers from different traditions together in a delightful way. Musically, Awakening Beyond combines world music through the use of masterful instrumentalists from Indian, Arabic and western classical traditions; along with lush symphonic music composed by Syrian-American composer Kareem Roustom. The orchestra featured is Philharmonia London Orchestra conducted by Arturo Rodriguez.


(left to right) Sawani Shende Sathaye, Ani Choying, Regula Curti, Mor Karbasi and Dima Orsho


Awakening Beyond contains a mix of exquisite meditative pieces along with vibrant symphonic arrangements. It’s a masterfully crafted album that combines transglobal musical and interfaith traditions in an elegant and respectful manner.



Buy Awakening Beyond


Transglobal World Music Chart Announces Best World Music Albums of 2017

The Transglobal World Music Chart has announced the Best World Music Albums of 2017. The top albums are presented by region and by overall result.

Best Transregional Album 2017
Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet – Ladilikan (World Circuit)


Orchestra Baobab – Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng


Best of Subsaharan Africa 2017
Orchestra Baobab – Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng (World Circuit)

Bargou 08 – Targ


Best of North Africa & Middle East 2017
Bargou 08 – Targ (Glitterbeat)


Mara Aranda – Sefarad en el Corazón de Marruecos


Best of Europe 2017
Mara Aranda – Sefarad en el Corazón de Marruecos (Mara Aranda)


Daymé Arocena – Cubafonía

Best of North & Central America 2017
Daymé Arocena – Cubafonía (Brownswood)


Magín Díaz – El Orisha de la Rosa

Best of South America 2017
Magín Díaz – El Orisha de la Rosa (Noname)


George Telek, David Bridie & Musicians of the Gunantuna – A Bit Na Ta

Best of Oceania 2017
George Telek, David Bridie & Musicians of the Gunantuna – A Bit Na Ta (Wantok Musik)


V.A. – An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii

Best of Central & East Asia 2017
V.A. – An Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii (Routes Nomades / Buda Musique)


V.A. – The Photographs of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora and Collection Prophet

Best Compilation 2017
V.A. – The Photographs of Charles Duvelle: Disques Ocora and Collection Prophet (Sublime Frequencies)


TWMC 2017 Best Overall Top 10

1. Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet – Ladilikan (World Circuit)
2. Orchestra Baobab – Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng (World Circuit)
3. Oumou Sangaré – Mogoya (Nø Førmat!)
4. Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita – Transparent Water (Otá / World Village)
5. Bonga – Recados de Fora (Lusafrica)
6. Bargou 08 – Targ (Glitterbeat)
7. Toko Telo – Toy Raha Toy (Anio)
8. Danyèl Waro – Monmon (Cobalt / Buda Musique)
9. Mara Aranda – Sefarad en el Corazón de Marruecos (Mara Aranda)
10. Cemîl Qoçgîrî – Zalâl (Ahenk Müzik)


Artist profiles: Steve Shehan

Steve Shehan

Born in Fort Eustis, Virginia, Steve Shehan spent his childhood in the Florida Keys. Later he moved to Europe, living in Sweden, where he started playing professionally as a recording and performing artist. He also worked as a music therapist before moving to France.

Before focusing on percussion and composition he studied drums, bass, piano and guitar. Steve has since played with great artists such as Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Cheb Mami, Sting, Simon Shaheen, Leonard Bernstein, John McLaughlin, Brian Eno, the Gipsy Kings, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vangelis, Richard Horowitz, Michael Brecker, David Rhodes, and Akiro Inoue, with Peter Gabriel’s band, Paul Mc Cartney, as well as well-known European and Europe-based artists such as Ricardo Cocciante, Yves Montand, Zazie Liane, Foly, Veronique Sanson, Stephane Eicher, Wasis Diop, Khaled, Lokua Kanza, Nittin Sawhney, Geoffrey Oryema, Magma, Rokia Traore, etc.

Steve Shehan composed and produced personally various soundtrack albums of films: Bye Bye / Karim Dridi Le maitre des Elephants / Patrick Grandperret, notably participated in Kirikou & L’amant.

His album “Elevations” was realized in association with the singer musician and Iranian painter Reza Derakshani taken out in June 26 was selected by FIP in 26. The duet already occurred on stage repeatedly notably in one “live at FIP” in November 26 and in February 2007 at the Sunset in Paris. He is one of three members of the Hadouk Trio which performs regularly has a big success with “Utopies” and won the 2007 French music award: best artist of the year. The trio released “Baldamore,” a CD/DVD recorded live at the “Cabaret Sauvage” in Paris.

He is also profoundly interested in collaborative research on prehistoric instruments with the Musee de l’Homme in Paris.




April Orchestra Vol. 68 Presente Impressions De Voyages (CBS Disques 1986)

Arrows (Made To Measure, 1990)

Assouf, with Baly Othmani (Al Sur, 1994)

Indigo Dreams (Kvox, 1995)

Assarouf, with Baly Othmani (Triloka Records, 1997)

Safar – Journey (Al Sur Media 7, 1997)

Awham, with Youssef El Idrissi (Aia Music, 1998)

Alif – Love Supreme, with Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Narada World, 2002)

Elevations, with Reza Derakshani (Safar Productions 2006)

Assikel, with Baly Othmani (Safar Productions 2008)

Awalin, with Nabil Othmani (Safar Productions Naïve, 2009)

Far&Near (Sound Microsurgery Department, 2011)

Hang With You (Naïve, 2013)


Winners of The 2nd Annual Russian World Music Awards Announced

Best World Music Band – Seven Eight Band
Experimental Award – Nadishana
Best Authentic Band – Merema
Newcomer Award – Karelia
Best Video – Otava Yo
World Music Legend – Sergey Starostin
Audience prize – Gilead
Contributions to world music – Theodor Bastard

The 2nd Annual Russian World Music Awards were held on Thursday, November 23rd at the Moscow’s Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia. Shaman Nikolay Oorzhak from Tuva opened the ceremony with a traditional prayer.


Nikolay Oorzhak


Russian musicians are rarely present on the world music scene so this project is created to change this situation. On the Awards’ social media page vk.com/russianworldmusicawards you can listen to all the tracks from nominees for free.

Our ceremony in Moscow on November 23rd was very successful. It gathered lots of musicians, directors of all the main world music festivals of Russia (Andrei Klukin from Wild Mint festival in Moscow, Natalia Shostina – director of Kamwa festival from Perm and Yuri Romanov – WhatEthno festival director from Novosibirsk), and many fans of Russian culture. It was a please to hear from the audience that it was a cultural revolution in our country!


Natalia Myazina and Daryana Antipova


The ceremony was conducted by Andrei Bukharin, music critic and columnist for Rolling Stone magazine. This year, 46 music collectives from 25 cities were nominated. Voting was conducted with the participation of 12 jury members, consisting of the largest specialists in the field of folk music from 9 countries: Ben Mandelson from the UK, Jarmila Vlchkova from Slovakia, Nataliya Shostina from Russia, Simon Broughton from the UK, Aengus Finnan from the US, Rolf Beydemuller from Germany, Alexander Cheparukhin from Russia, Arne Berg from Norway, Andrew Cronshaw from the UK, Nick Hobbs from Turkey, Carlos Seixas from Portugal and Yury Romanov from Russia. In total, 12 samurais and absolutely wonderful people.

The special guest Arne Berg from NRK (Norway) and musical journalist Vadim Ponomarev (Guru Ken) had a networking meeting named “World music today: identity, migration, context” the next day on November 24th at Pioneer Cinema Bookstore.

Organizers are Natalia Myazina and Daryana Antipova.


The Russian World Music Awards team


The best authentic project – Merema:


The best world music project – Seven Eight Band:


The best experimental project – Nadishana:


Listener’s choice – Gilead:


Debut Group – Karelia:


Best Music Video – Ottawa Yo:


World Music Legend – Sergey Starostin


Contributions to world music – Theodor Bastard


More information: