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Clarice Assad’s Musical Dream Becomes a Reality

Clarice Assad – Imaginarium (Adventure Music, 2014)

Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Clarice Assad demonstrates that the Assad family (a well-respected musical family in Brazil) tradition is well represented and in good hands.

On Imaginarium, inspired by birds and flowers, she brings together three musical traditions that are essential to her musical development: classical music, jazz and Brazilian traditional and contemporary music plus Gypsy jazz, opera, Broadway and some additional world music influences. Throughout Imaginarium, Clarice uses a dazzling amount of Brazilian beats and melodies, intertwined with string ensembles and inspired jazz performances.

In addition to the rhythmic, fast-paced songs, Clarice also treats the listener to quiet, more meditative moments, such as the collaboration with the great multi-faceted Brazilian flute maestro Carlos Malta.

Clarice’s vocals are outstanding. She uses various techniques, ranging from conventional vocals to call and response techniques and beautiful overdubs.

The album features an impressive cast of musicians, some of Brazil’s finest, as well as international friends like American mandolin virtuoso Mike Marshall, a great fan of contemporary Brazilian music. Other guests include Argentine vocalist Sofia Rei, who participates in a charming Spanish and Portuguese-language exchange with Clarice; and soprano Melody Moore.

The lineup includes Clarice Assad on vocals, piano, prepared piano, toy piano, programming, celeste, accordion and effects; Ethan Startzman, on electric bass; Keita Ogawa on drums, bird whistles, aquaphone, cymbals, toys; Galen Lemmon on timpani, marimba, vibraphone, large bass drum and tam tam; Dawn Harms on violin; Candace Guirao on violin; Emily Onderdonk on viola; Emil Miland on cello; Miguel Malla on saxophone; Rocky Michaelian on piano; Bernardo Aguiar on pandeiro and effects; Gabriel Policarpo on repique and effects; Carlos Malta on pife and alto flute; Ramonzin on rap vocals; Mike Marshall on mandolin; Claudia Villela on vocals; Arooj Aftab on vocals; Sofia Rei on vocals; Meredith Clark on harp; Patrick McCarthy on acoustic bass; Romero Lubambo on guitar; Marcelo Caldi on accordion; Yasushi Nakamura on acoustic bass; Luciana Souza on vocals; Amy Duxbury on bassoon; Melody Moore on soprano vocals; Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg on violin; Yulia Van Doren on soprano vocals; Melissa Wegner on soprano vocals; Jonathan Kimple on baritone vocals; Patrick McCarthy on acoustic bass; Badi Assad on vocals; Augusto Ordine on human bass; Pedro Araújo on guitar; Carol Panesi on violin; Pedro Aude on acoustic bass; Elis Horcades on child vocals.

Also included, a choir with Celia Maria Vasconcelos da Cunha, Luisa Peclat, Claudia Sarti, Renata Melo, Walgra Maria, Fábio Jabur, Fábio Nogara, João Gabriel Mistura, Zezinho Só, Silvia Ferrante; and Braziolian vocal ensemble Ordinarius: André Miranda, Augusto Ordine, Fernanda Gabriela, Gustavo Campos, Luiza Sales, and Maíra Martins.

Voice Overs on “Revolta das Flores”: Svetlana Gorokhovich (Russian); Hiromi Suda (Japanese); Peiyou Chang (Chinese); Junia Flavia D’Affonseca (Portuguese); Andrea Forderreuther (German); Sofia Rei (Spanish); and Melissa Wegner & Yulia Van Doren (English).


Imaginarium is a masterfully crafted, genre-defying album by one of the young talents in Brazilian music.

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Rozina Pátkai’s Paradise

Rozina Pátkai ‎- Paraíso Na Terra

Rozina Pátkai ‎- Paraíso Na Terra (Tom-Tom Records, 2016)

Paraíso Na Terra is the second album by Rozina Pátkai, a Hungarian vocalist and graphic artist deeply influenced by Brazilian music. She sings in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

The songs on Paraíso Na Terra are poems and lyrics by Brazilian, Hungarian, Spanish and other writers. The musical arrangements combine soft, warm vocals with exquisite jazz, Brazilian, Hungarian and Spanish influences along with catchy pop and smooth jazz saxophone. The use of cimbalom adds a fascinating edge to Rozina Pátkai’s sound.

The artwork in the CD booklet was designed by Rozina and includes the lyrics presented in various creative ways.

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Artist profiles: SambaDa

SambaDa – Photo by Charlie Mixson

Formed in 1997 by native Brazilian Papiba Godinho and Dandha da Hora, SambaDa is a musical group out of Santa Cruz that is rapidly inspiring audiences with its unique mixture of Brazilian samba and funky Latin dance grooves. From the rhythms of samba to hip-hop riffs, bossa nova, ballads and salsa.

Performing many original and popular songs the band draws upon various musical styles of Brazil such as: samba bossa nova pagode samba reggae batucada and forro and incorporates funk salsa reggae jazz rock and hip-hop into the mix. Pulsating percussion uplifting vocals and rich melodies give SambaDa a distinctive and infectious sound.


Salve a Bahia (SambaDa, 2007)
Gente (SambaDa, 2010)
Ritual (SambaDa, 2015)


Artist Profiles: Rob Curto’s Forro For All

Rob Curto

Forró For All is a band dedicated to the sound of Northeastern Brazil’s traditional ‘forró p’ de serra’ performed with a sensibility born of New York City’s diverse and dynamic musical culture.

Forró For All’s founder accordionist Rob Curto mixes elements of jazz with a language and feel that is distinctly Brazilian. Curto’s virtuosic accordion playing and the band’s wide-ranging musical influences bring a fresh perspective to forró with improvisation, original compositions and rhythmic and harmonic innovations. Rob has spent years intimately involved with the music and culture of the Brazilian Northeast working as a musician in Brazil and has developed a reputation there as an extremely skillful and artistic forró accordionist.

He studied with great accordionists from Pernambuco, Brazil such as Arlindo dos Oito Baixos, Camario and Silveirinha and with guitarist Alencar 7-Cordas from Paraiba. Rob keeps as his main source the work of Dominguinhos (with whom he has performed) Sivuca, Oswaldinho, Hermeto Pascoal and of course the great innovator of forró Luiz Gonzaga.

In addition to his work with Forró For All, Rob Curto tours and records with world music artists such as Mexican singer Lila Downs and klezmer artist David Krakauer and also recorded with Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista.


Forró For All


Dance of Time by Eliane Elias Wins Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Latin Grammy Award

Eliane Elias – Dance of Time


Dance of Time by celebrated Brazilian pianist and vocalist Eliane Elias won the Best Latin Jazz/Jazz award at 18th Latin Grammy Awards.

The award-winning album includes high profile guests such as Amilton Godoy on piano, João Bosco and Toquinho on vocals and guitars, Randy Brecker on trumpet, Mike Mainieri on vibraphone and Mark Kibble (Take 6) on vocals.



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Exquisite, Timeless Jobim

Mario Adnet and Paulo Jobim – Jobim Orchestra & Guests (Adventure Music, 2017)

Jobim Orchestra & Guests celebrates the music of Antônio Carlos Jobim (Tom Jobim), one of the greatest composers of bossa nova and Brazilian popular music. This project is led by acclaimed composer and arranger Mario Adnet and Antônio Carlos Jobim’s son, composer Paulo Jobim.

In a previous project, symphonic Jobim, Mario and Paulo recreated Jobim’s material through a classical music perspective. On this new recording, Jobim Orchestra & Guests, the arrangers move towards bossa nova and orchestral jazz featuring a jazz ensemble and strings.

The album is based on a study by the Antônio Carlos Jobim Institute, a institution that holds the original manuscripts of musical scores and arrangements. Adnet wrote seven new arrangements and adapted four scores originally written by German conductor, composer and arranger Claus Ogerman.

Jobim Orchestra & Guests also includes two original arrangements and three original compositions by Paulo Jobim, two of which were recorded by Antônio Carlos Jobim in the 1970s.

The list of guest instrumentalists and vocalists is impressive, featuring some of the finest musicians in the Rio de Janeiro scene.

The album includes Jobim’s most iconic songs, including the all-time favorite Águas de Março, Desafinado, Chega de Saudade, Falando de Amor, and many more.

The lineup on Jobim Orchestra & Guests includes Yamandu Costa on 7-string guitar; Alfredo del Penho on guitar; Marcos Nimrichter on piano; Antonia Adnet on guitar and vocals; Mario Adnet on guitar; Paulo Jobim on guitar; Jorge Helder on bass; Antonio Neves on drums; Armando Marçal on percussion; Eduardo Neves on flute; Henrique Band on flute and baritone saxophone; Paulo Guimaraes on flute and alto flute; Cristiano Alves on clarinet and bass clarinet; Adalto Soares on French horn and trumpet; Aquiles Moraes on flugelhorn; Everson Moraes on trombone.

Vocals: Alice Caymmi; Alfredo del Penho; Luiz Pié; Júlia Vargas; Antonia Adnet; Paulo Jobim; Mario Adnet; Vicente Nucci; Dora Morelenbaum; Isabel Jobim; Maucha Adnet; and Isabella de Fonseca.

Strings section:

Violins: Claudio Cruz; Adonhiran Reis; Felipe Prazeres; Priscila Rato; Tomaz Soares; Luisa Neiva; Angélica Areias; Ricardo Amado; Gustavo Menezes; Fabio Peixoto; Thiago Teixeira; and Rudá Issa.
Violas: Gabriel Marin; Daniel Prazeres; Ricardo Taboada; and Thais Mendes.
Cellos: Alceu Reis; Marcus Ribeiro; Marcelo Salles; and Marie Bernard.
Basses: Rodrigo Fávaro; Larissa Coutrim.

Jobim Orchestra & Guests includes a DVD with interviews, masterfully-directed video versions of the songs and behind the scenes footage.

Jobim Orchestra & Guests is an exquisite recording that showcases outstanding recreations of the timeless, classic songs of Tom Jobim and the rich talent of the current Rio de Janeiro music scene.


The Pan-American Musical Travels of Ladama

Ladama – Ladama (Six Degrees, 2017)

Ladama is a talented female ensemble featuring musicians from Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and the United States. The band’s self-titled debut album includes a captivating mix of soul and pop with rhythms and melodies from throughout South America and the Caribbean, sometimes mixing Colombian beats and Brazilian forms. Vocals are in Spanish, Portuguese and English, where the voices of Sara Lucas and Lara Klaus stand out. Ladama uses traditional musical instruments like the bandola llanera from the plains of Venezuela, tambor alegre from Colombia and a wide range of percussion instruments.

Personnel: Mafer Bandola [María Fernanda González] (Venezuela) on bandola llanera; Lara Klaus (Brazil) on vocals and percussion; Daniela Serna (Colombia) on vocals and tambor alegre; and Sara Lucas (United States of America) on vocals, classical guitar and electric guitar.

Guests: Nathan Koci on accordion; Pat Swoboda on acoustic and electric bass; Kyla-Rose Smith on violin; Alex Asher on trombone; cole Kamen-Green on trumpet; and Mohamed Araki on keyboards.



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Rare 1976 Album by Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa Reissued

Hermeto Pascoal – Viajando Com O Som

Viajando Com O Som, The Lost ’76 Vice-Versa Studio Session by groundbreaking Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and composer Hermeto Pascoal will be available later this year.

Viajando Com O was recorded in just two days at Vice Versa Studios in Sao Paulo in 1976. The band included Zé Eduardo Nazario, Zeca Assumpção, Lelo Nazario, Mauro Senise, Raul Mascarenhas, Nivaldo Ornelas, Toninho Horta and Aleuda Chaves.


Azymuth Announce European Tour 2017

Brazilian jazz-funk band Azymuth will be touring Europe in October. Ivan, Alex and Kiko will be presenting material from their latest album Fênix, along with many of their classics.

Tour Dates:

Oct 13 – Fasching (Stockholm Jazz Festival), Stockholm
Oct 14 – The Hideaway, London
Oct 15 – The Hideaway, London
Oct 17 – Gretchen, Berlin
Oct 18 – Bravo Caffè, Bologna
Oct 19 – Auditorium Fausto Melotti, Rovereto tbc
Oct 20 – Santeria Social Club, Milan
Oct 21 – La Bellevilloise, Paris tbc
Oct 23 – Band On The Wall, Manchester
Oct 24 – Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle tbc
Oct 25 – Neimënster, Luxembourg tbc
Oct 26 – Jazz & The City (Festival), Salzburg
Oct 27 – Jazz & The City (Festival), Salzburg
Oct 28 – Jazz & The City (Festival), Salzburg


Tasty San Francisco Choro

Grupo Falso Baiano – Depois (Massaroca Records, 2017)

Depois is the third album by Grupo Falso Baiano, an American ensemble specialized in choro, an early form of instrumental music in Brazil that brought together European melodies and African rhythms.

On Depois, Grupo Falso Baiano delivers a set of choro classics as well as original pieces composed by the band’s multi-instrumentalist Brian Moran. However, there is more than choro on Depois. You’ll also find sambas, frevo and baião, American jazz and they even sneak in a little flamenco.

The musical pieces feature various solo instruments such as clarinet, harmonica, mandolin, flute, saxophone and cavaquinho that interact with each other, sometimes in a call and response way. It’s mostly lively music accompanied by Afro-Brazilian percussion, although there are also slow tempo melancholic moments.

Even though most of the music is instrumental, Grupo Falso Baiano invited two Brazilian vocalists who perform on various tracks, adding a Rio flavor to this San Francisco-based band.

The lineup on Depois includes Ami Molinelli on pandeiro, percussion and vocals; Jesse Appelman on mandolin and vocals; Brian Moran on guitars, cavaquinho and vocals; and Zack Pitt-Smith on reeds and vocals.

Guests: Moyseis Marques on vocals; Ana Carbatti on vocals; Ilya Portnov on harmonica; Jeff Cressman on trombone; Henry Hung on trumpet; and Kasey Knudsen on alto saxophone.

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