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Omar Faruk Tekbilek and his Ensemble to Perform at Carnegie Hall

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Omar Faruk Tekbilek, one of the greatest artists in the world music scene is set to perform on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at 8.30pm at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Omar Faruk Tekbilek will perform his remarkable combination of traditional Sufi, traditional folk and contemporary music from Turkey and the Middle East.

The lineup includes Omar Faruk Tekbilek on ney, vocals, baglama, zurna and percussion; Hasan Isakkut on kanun; Itamar Erez on guitar and piano; River Guerguerian on drums and percussion; and Murat Tekbilek on percussion. Special Guests: Brian Keane on guitar and Ara Dinkjian on ud.

Omar Faruk Tekbilek’s most recent CD is “Love Is My Religion.”

Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Love Is My Religion

Carnegie Hall
57th Street & 7Th Ave,
New York City, New York

More information at www.carnegiehall.org


Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita to Present “Transparent Water” in Carrboro

Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, one of the leading jazz pianists and Senegalese kora maestro Seckou Keita, along with Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles, are set to perform on Tuesday, March 20th at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, North Carolina at 8:00 p.m.

The trio will present the US debut tour of their Transparent Water album. Transparent Water was the number 1 world music album in March 2017 at the Transglobal World Music Chart.


Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita – Transparent Water



For tickets and more information go to artscenterlive.org.

The ArtsCenter is located at 300-G E. Main Street in Carrboro.


PunjabTronix to Showcase at SXSW Music Festival

PunjabTronix is set to perform at 2018 SXSW Music Festival. The group recently toured the East Coast of the USA this March. PunjabTronix is a forward-looking experience of technology and cutting edge British electronic music connecting with the traditions of Punjab – culminating in an exciting new musical and visual experience.

PunjabTronix delivers live electronic dance music with Punjabi dhol drums, vocals, stringed instruments and the hypnotic sounding double flute algoza.

The group is a collaboration between award-winning British electronic music producer DJ Swami and an ensemble of acclaimed Punjabi musicians from Swami’s ancestral homeland in northern India: multi-instrumentalist Vijay Yamla on tumbi, tumba, algoza and bugchu; Dheera Singh on sarangi; percussionist Naresh Kuki on dhol and dholak; and vocalist Gurtej Singh.

PunjabTronix’s shows include striking visuals programmed live on-site by English filmmaker John Minton.

The group has an excellent debut album titled PunjabTronix.


SXSW Festival:

March 14, 2018
209 E 6th St, Austin
8:00 p.m.

March 16, 2018
Palm Door on Sixth
508 E 6th St, Austin
8:00 p.m.


State of the Art Guitars and Happy Times for Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola – Opus (earMUSIC, 2018)

Although Al Di Meola became famous as an outstanding and pioneering jazz-rock fusion guitarist, he’s demonstrated throughout the years that his music goes much further, crossing numerous musical boundaries. Opus is a very special album. Here, Al Di Meola showcases his talent as a musician and composer in various ways.

Musically, Al Di Meola treats the listener to an exquisite set of original shape-shifting pieces where you’ll find jazz, fusion, classical, Italian music, flamenco and Argentine musical influences.
More impressive is the fact that Al Di Meola plays practically every instrument on the album. In addition to guitars, he also plays percussion, keyboards and bass and does a great job indeed. In a handful of tracks, Al Di Meola has guest musicians on piano, keyboards and drums.

The recording of the guitars is pure delight. On every track you’ll hear a mix of guitars all played by Al Di Meola. The mixing lets you enjoy guitars on different channels, delivering masterful interplay. In addition, he adds soft ambient electric guitar effects that coat lightly the acoustic guitar sounds.

Al Di Meola uses his favorite Conde Hermanos acoustic nylon guitar throughout the album along with his trademark spectacular electric guitar solos. Conde Hermanos make some of the best guitars in the world and they sound splendid in Al Di Meola’s hands.

With Opus, I wanted to further my compositional skills as I think that the evolution of this part of my persona has labelled me more composer-guitarist than guitarist-composer”, articulates Di Meola. “For the first time in my life, I have written music being happy, I’m in a wonderful relationship with my wife, I have a baby girl and a beautiful family that inspires me every day. I believe it shows in the music.”



Opus features Al Di Meola on guitars, cajon, snare, toms, drums, bass, electric effects; Kemuel Roig on acoustic piano; Dario Eskenazi on keyboards; Richie Morales on drums; and Rhani Krija on percussion.

Opus is a magnificently-crafted, genre defying album by one of the finest guitarists in the world, Al Di Meola.

Buy Opus


Tawassol by Gabacho Maroc Tops the Transglobal World Music Chart Album in March 2018

Gabacho Maroc – Tawassol

Tawassol, the album released by French band Gabacho Maroc is the number one album at the Transglobal World Music Chart in March 2018. The band performs a captivating fusion of North African traditions, jazz and trance music.

Current band members include Hamid Moumen on vocals and guembri; Aziz Fayet on vocals, ud and percussion; Frédéric Faure on African percussion, ngoni and backing vocals; Illyes Ferfera on tenor saxophone and backing vocals; Pierre Cherbero on keyboards and backing vocals; Eric Oxandaburu on bass; and Vincent Thomas on drums.

The album also features Jean-Philippe Rykiel on keyboards; Pascuala Ilabaca on vocals; Ermanno Panta on flute; and Mixel Ducau on alboka and tin whistle.

The rest of the chart:

2. TootArd – Laissez Passer – Glitterbeat
3. El Naán – La Danza de las Semillas – El Naán
4. 3MA: Ballaké Sissoko, Driss El Maloumi, Rajery – Anarouz – Six Degrees
5. Samurai Accordion – Te – Visage Music
6. Monsieur Doumani – Angathin – Monsieur Doumani
7. Boubacar Traoré – Dounia Tabolo – Lusafrica
8. Júlio Pereira – Praça do Comércio – Tradisom
9. Okra Playground – Ääneni Yli Vesien – Nordic Notes
10. Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband – Es:Sensual – Otá

11. Elena Ledda – Làntias – S’ard Music
12. Gaiteiros de Lisboa – A História – Uguru
13. Sara Tavares – Fitxadu – Sony Music Portugal
14. Malagasy Guitar Masters – Volo Hazo – Buda Musique
15. Maya Youssef – Syrian Dreams – Harmonia Mundi
16. L’Alba – A Parulluccia – L’Alba
17. Efrén López, Stelios Petrakis, Bijan Chemirani – Taos – Buda Musique
18. Sinan Cem Eroğlu & Muhlis Berberoğlu – Hemdem – Ahenk Müzik
19. Son Palenque – Kutu Prieta pa Saranguiá – Palenque
20. Toto Bona Lokua – Bondeko – Nø Førmat!


Artist Profiles: Karim Baggili

Karim Baggili

Born in Belgium in 1976 with Jordanian and Yugoslavian origins, Karim Baggili, is a composer, self-taught guitarist and ud player.

He began playing the electric guitar at the age of 16. At 20, he started working the different techniques of the flamenco guitar and acquired an Arabic lute (ud) during one of his many trips to Jordan.

He participated in several projects: Ereska Trio, Colette, and a play. He worked with “L’Orchestre de Chambre de la Nathen”, and with singers for children like, Christian Merveille, Yvette Berger, Raphy Rapha?l…

In 2000, Karim won the first price of the “Open String Festival” in Osnabruck.

His first CD was released in 2002 and he took part in many CD recordings. He also composed the music of several documentaries and one short film.

Karim performed with groups like Traces and Turdus Philomelos. He also plays with jazz pianist Nathalie Loriers and takes part on stage and in studio with an English singer, Melanie Gabriel. He also performed with Philippe Lafontaine.

He brought together great musicians for his new band: Karim Baggili Quartet where he plays all his compositions inspired by flamenco music, South American rythms and one of his origins: Arabic music.

The Karim Baggili Quartet CD Cuatro con Cuatro was released at the beginning of December 2005 and will be followed by a tour in Belgium. Label: homerecords.

A solo CD, Douar was released in Germany mid-November 2005 by Acoustic Music Records. The release was followed by a tour of nine dates in several towns of Germany. The event was called “The International Guitar Night”.

Karim also performs often in solo or in duets with his percussionist Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles.

Aton Lua, another of his projects, is a mixture of rock and world music where he sings (in French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Serbo-Croatian) and plays the electric guitar, flamenco guitar and lute (ud).


Douar (homerecords.be)
Cuatro con Cuatro (homerecords.be)
Lea & Kash (homerecords.be)
Kali City (homerecords.be)
Apollo You Sixteen (Take The Bus)
Apollo You Sixteen, Pt. 2 (Take The Bus)

website: www.karimbaggili.be


Sameer Gupta’s Palaces of Sound

Sameer Gupta – A Circle Has No Beginning (Sameer Gupta, 2018)

A Circle Has No Beginning embodies the multi-faceted musical influences of New York-based percussionist and composer Sameer Gupta. The album crosses numerous musical boundaries, incorporating mesmerizing Indian music, skillful jazz improvisation, potent funk, forward-thinking progressive rock and more.

Sameer Gupta is a versatile musician who has performed with well-known musicians across genres and easily alternates between the high energy drum set and the Indian tabla drums.

On the crowdfunded A Circle Has No Beginning, Gupta mixes acoustic and electric instruments gracefully. He’s joined by a superb group of musicians who enrich the album with electronic keyboards, guitars, exquisite bansuri flute, captivating sitar and violin, classical harp and cello.


Sameer Gupta – Photo by Rebecca Meek


Personnel on A Circle Has No Beginning: Sameer Gupta on drum set and tabla; Marc Cary on Moog synthesizer, Wurlitzer and effects; Jay Gandhi on bansuri flute; ArunRamamurthy on violin; Marika Hughes on cello; Trina Basu on violin; Rashaan Carter on bass and effects. Guests Neel Murgai on sitar; Brandee Younger on harp; Pawan Benjamin on saxophone; and Morley Kamen on vocals on track 1.

A Circle Has No Beginning is an remarkably expressive production exploring the versatility of Indian music.


Buy the digital edition of A Circle Has No Beginning


Impressive Live Recording by Hiromi & Edmar Castañeda

Hiromi & Edmar Castañeda – Live in Montreal

Hiromi & Edmar Castañeda – Live in Montreal (Telarc, 2017)

Two great musicians in the world of jazz met in Montreal to deliver a formidable concert. Hiromi is one of the stars of jazz piano and Edmar Castañeda is a lesser known, but equally acclaimed Colombian musician who has taken the harp to the jazz world with great success.

Live in Montreal is all about the interaction between the two musicians. Being a live recording, a large part of the album focuses on improvisations. The artists take turns at soloing and Hiromi let plenty of space for the harp, which could have gotten drowned out by the piano.

The album is full of dazzling performances with jazz being the dominant force. One of the highlights of the album is Hiromi’s suite “The Elements,” where the music is more structured.

The presence of Castañeda brings in a world music element in the form of South American music influences. Some of these are from Colombia, but the most evident comes from Argentina, much further south. Hiromi and Edmar deliver a superb version of Asator Piazzolla’s “Libertango.”

Live in Montreal is a masterfully performed encounter of jazz and beyond by two remarkable musicians.

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Artist Profiles: Will Clipman

Will Clipman

Will Clipman began playing his father’s drums and his mother’s piano at the age ofthree and since then has mastered a pan-global palette of percussion in addition to the drumset. Clipman has performed on over fifty recordings (twenty-one for Canyon Records) with various artists, including three solo projects on his own Bone Fire Music label.

In addition to a diverse selection of drums, Clipman plays a variety of instruments, including bowls, chimes, udu, bellstick, jembe, corn goddess whistle, , cymbal bodhran, and gong just to name a few. These instruments breathe life into this brilliant ‘recording that is sure to transport listeners along Clipman’s-musical path.

Clipman has performed and recorded for Canyon Records with the R. Carlos Nakai, the William Eaton Ensemble, Robert Tree Cody, Randy Wood and Sharon Burch.

His solo CD Pathfinder (2007) finds Clipman blending exotic wind instruments melodic percussion and vocal chants with a transglobal set of drums within thirteen tales spoken in the universal language of rhythm.

Partial Discography:

Red Wind (Canyon Records, 1998)

Quiet Fire: Zen Moods for the Spa Exerience (White Swan Records, 2004)

My Heart and Soul (Canyon Records, 2006)

Heart of the Wind: Music for Native American Flute & Drums Heart (Canyon Records, 2006)

Pathfinder (Canyon Records, 2007)

Dancing Into Silence (Canyon Records, 2010)

Awakening the Fire (Canyon Records, 2013)

Passion, Fire and Grace (Canyon Records, 2016)

Trialogue (Heart Dance Records, 2016)


Artist Profiles: Vas


Vas the Latin word for vessel was a collaboration between Persian born vocalist Azam Ali and American percussionist Greg Ellis. They met at a Master Musicians of Jajouka concert at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1995 and at an impromptu gathering afterward they heard each other perform for the first time. There was instant recognition of a shared vision and they began creating music together the very next day. Within a year they signed to the Narada label and went on to release five acclaimed albums three as Vas and two solo projects.

The duo spent much of 2001 and 2002 recording and releasing solo projects and doing extensive touring with Mickey Hart’s band Bembe Orisha.

Azam Ali and Greg Ellis can be heard as featured performers along with Laxmi Shankar (vocals) and Deepak Ram (bansuri flute) on the end title track by Juno Reactor’s Ben Watkins on the major motion picture release The Matrix Revolutions.

After Vas, Azam Ali later formed a new group called Niyaz.


Sunyata (Narada World, 1997)
Offerings (Narada World, 1998)
In the Garden of Souls (Narada World, 2000)
Feast of Silence (Narada World, 2004)