Musical Instrument Glossary

Miniature Thai teak xylophone

Musical Instrument Glossary in alphabetical order´╗┐


World Music Central has brought back its international musical instrument glossary. We first started this project in the early 2000s during our World Music Portal phase. It was later moved over to our current site, World Music Central.

In 2008 we decided to incorporate the glossary into our own music wiki. The wiki eventually was split off from World Music Central and became Music Wiki Central. In 2016, we decided to shut down the wiki for technical reasons and brought back the glossary to World Music Central.

This new version of the musical instrument glossary has been cleaned up. We removed errors, deleted unverified entries and fixed typos.

If you would like to add instruments, photos of instruments, add details to an existing definition, or point out inaccuracies, please contact us.