Congolese Music

Congolese music includes music from the Republic of the Congo (former French Congo) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaire and Belgian Congo).

The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in Central Africa. Popular musical genres include Congolese rumba and soukous.

Soukous – Congolese musical genre that grew out of 1950s Cuban rumba rhythms with jazz and kwassa kwassa dance rhythms, supported by electric guitar patterns. It is sung in a number of Congolese languages as well as Spanish. Soukous became popular in clubs and bars in Kinshasa and rapidly spread throughout Africa, later to Paris.

Musicians from The Democratic Republic of Congo

Abby Surya Djai
African Fiesta
Diblo Dibala
Dominic Kanza
Kanda Bongo Man
Kiala Nzavotunga
Konono Nº1
Lokua Kanza
M’bilia Bel
Nene Tchakou
Papa ‘Nono’ Noël
Papa Wemba
Ray Lema
Ricardo Lemvo
Robert Maseko
Sam Mangwana
Samba Mapangala
Samba Ngo
Staff Benda Bilili
Tabu Ley
Wendo Kolosoy

Musicians from the Republic of the Congo

Les Tambours de Brazza