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Rura in 2019

Rura is a multi award-winning act contemporary Scottish folk music band. Their compellingly fiery, rugged yet refined and progressive instrumentals on fiddle, Highland pipes, flute, guitar, keyboards and bodhran has placed them firmly at the forefront of 21st century Scottish folk.

Jack Smedley (fiddle), Steven Blake (pipes and whistles), David Foley (bodhrán and flute) and Adam Brown (guitar) perform captivating, euphoric live shows have been a main stage highlight of many of the world’s leading folk festivals – including Cambridge, Tønder, Woodford, Winnipeg, Vancouver and HebCelt, among countless others across more than 20 countries.

Break it up was the band’s debut album, released in 2012. It was followed by Despite the dark (2015) and In Praise of home (2018), an instrumental album featuring original compositions by Rura.


Break it up (Greentrax Recordings, 2012)
Despite the dark (2015)
In Praise of home (Alba, 2018)