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Briliant Accordion Work by Matti Kallio

Matti Kallio – Waltz for Better Times (Matti Kallio, 2018)

Waltz for Better Times is the first solo album from accordionist, composer, arranger and music producer Matti Kallio. It’s a set of delightful contemporary instrumental pieces inspired by Finnish folk music.

Matti Kallio is a superb instrumentalist who extracts a wide-range of expressions from the accordion, from dazzling speed to delicate slow tempo performances. Throughout the album he’s joined by equally talented musicians on various string instruments who contribute finely crafted solos and interplay with the accordion.

The last track on the album features one of the finest accordion players from Finland, Maria Kalaniemi who engages with Matti Kallio in an exciting dual accordion interaction.

The lineup includes Matti Kallio on accordion; Petri Hakala on mandolin, guitar, and mandocello; Hannu Rantanen on double bass. Special guest: Maria Kalaniemi on accordion.


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Artist Profiles: Alain Pennec

Alain Pennec

Alain Pennec was born February 18, 1955. He is one of the most reputable Breton accordionists. He plays the diatonic accordion, an instrument that features two or three rows of buttons, each row tuned to a key a fourth higher than the previous one. Pennec also plays traditional Breton instruments like the bombard and bagpipes and teaches diatonic accordion workshops. He performs solo and as part of the Trio Pennec.

He teaches accordion and has performed with various well known artists in the Breton scene: Soïg Siberil, Roland Brou, Youenn Landreau, and Sébastien Bertrand.


Airs à Danser, with Les Frères Pennec (1972)
Accordéon Diatonique (Arfolk, 1983)
Alcôves (Keltia Musique, 1995)
Turbulences (1999)
Bachannales (2004)
Fabulations Sonores (2012)
Silly Brothers, with Roland Brou and Jean Michenaud (2014)


Artist Profiles: Joaquin Diaz

Joaquin Diaz – Photo by Angel Romero

As a young boy, Joaquín played every night at the biggest hotels in Santo Domingo. He began his musical career as a street musician in the streets of San Domingo, Dominican Republic. “I was playing my music in the streets of Santo Domingo when I was nine years old. I was the oldest of seven children and we were very poor,” Joaquín offers with a knowing smile. “Music was more than just a love for me. It was survival.”

At the age of 12, this Dominican “king of accordion” was playing for guests at a local hotel, and by the time he was 17, he was performing at the Olympic Games, played for the president of the Dominican Republic at his presidential home, won first prize at the highly competitive Merengue Competition of Santo Domingo and appeared each week on the Sabro Show, a favorite variety program on Dominican TV. He also toured with the Folk Ballet of the Dominican Republic.

Díaz has performed at numerous venues and festivals around the world “This music is in my blood. It is everything to me. It is my destiny,” says Joaquín Díaz.

Now residing in Montreal, Canada, he continues to delight audiences wherever he goes. Since his arrival in Canada, Díaz has put together a band that has demonstrated the musical heritage of the Dominican Republic. In 1998, he and his group of extremely talented musicians received a grant to produce their first full-length CD Merengue Más Merengue, which showcases Díaz’s stellar accordion playing.


Merengue Mas Merengue ‎(Magra Multi Média, 1998)
Merengue Alegre (Arhoolie, 2002)
Ola (Cinq Planètes, 2006)


Artist Profiles: Neshko Neshev

Neshko Neshev has been playing with Ivo Papazov (his cousin) for several decades in the legendary band Trakiya, which he helped found. He is a master of the Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Romanian, and Romani [Gypsy] repertoires and has won numerous prizes for his virtuosic playing at festivals and international competitions.

Of Turkish Romani ancestry, Neshko was born in 1954 in the town of Kurdzhali and began playing accordion at the age of nine, learning from his father, a well-known clarinetist who accompanied the best singers of the time. He also attended music school.

Neshko is an accomplished composer and arranger as well as performer, having created hundreds of compositions.

He toured with the Yunakov Ensemble as part of the 1999 Gypsy Caravan. He also works for the House of Culture in Kurdzhali, teaching children, leading several ensembles, and writing orchestrations. Several years ago he was honored with a gala 25th anniversary concert, and a documentary film was made about him.


Shareno Horo (Gega, 2008)


Artist Profiles: Sophie Cavez

Sophie Cavez – Photo by Jan Keirse

Sophie Cavez is a self-taught musician who started playing the diatonic accordion at the age of 17. She began her career by replacing Didier Laloy in various settings, but was soon recognized for the remarkable quality of her playing. As a result she became the accordionist of numerous bands herself, one of them being Urban Trad.

Together with Karim Bagglli she also founded her own band Dazibao where she played her own compositions full of eastern and flamenco influences. Apart from this she can also be seen in the Racines show by comedian Phlllippe Vauchel, and in Luc Pilartz’s VioSons populaires en Wallonie.

She played accordion with Celtic bands Camaxe and Ialma and has had a long-standing collaboration with cellist Baltazar Montanaro.


Jong Folk (Apple Rekord, 2003)
Elem, with Urban Trad (Universal Music, 2005)
Imaxes, with Camaxe (Wildboar, 2005)
Alma, with Dazibao (Home Records, 2005)
Si la terre…, with Geneviève Laloy (Polyson, 2005)
Fars, with Jong Folk (Apple Rekord, 2005)
Nova Era, with Ialma (2006)
Erbalunga, with Urban Trad (2007)
E40, with Dazibao (2007)
Luna, with KV Express (2007)
Lumen, with No Blues (2008)
The Watchman, with Ad Van Meurs & Friends (2010)
Sophie Cavez and Baltazar Montanaro (Appel Rekords, 2010)
Les Mamelles du Désir, with Jeff Caresse (Appel Rekords, 2011)
Opus 1, with Knopf Quartet (Wildboar 2011)
Escales, with Baltazar Montanaro (Appel Rekords, 2012)
Reiseiland, with Soetkin Collier Quartet (Appel Rekords, 2012)
3e temps, with Baltazar Montanaro (2015)
Zafon, with KV Express (Homerecords 2016)


Engaging Squeezebox Fest

Samurai Accordion – Te

Samurai Accordion – Te (Visage Music, 2017)

Five of the leading European accordion players got together to record an album and tour combining their talents. Te is an accordion fest full of virtuosic performances, fascinating interactions and masterfully synchronized ensemble work.

The musical influences range from traditional Irish, Italian, Finnish and Spanish Basque folk music traditions to jazz and beyond.

The five performers of Samurai Accordion include David Munnelly (Ireland) on diatonic accordion; Riccardo Tesi (Italy) on organetto diatonico; Simone Bottasso (Italy) on organetto and electronics; Kepa Junkera (Spain) on trikitixa and percussion; and Markku Lepistö (Finland) on kolmerivinen haitari.

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Rising Cajun Accordionist Kyle Huval

Kyle Huval and the Dixie Club Ramblers – Straight Allons (Valcour Records, 2017)

Award-winning accordionist Kyle Huval presents a lively set of dance-oriented Cajun songs. On Straight Allons you’ll hear Cajun French language songs featuring passionate accordion, great fiddling and pedal steel guitar, which gives it an old time country music flavor at times.

Kyle Huval is deeply influenced by the Cajun dancehall music of the 1960s and 1970s.

The song selection includes Cajun classics as well as new songs written by Kyle Huval and Cody Lafleur.

Personnel: Kyle Huval on accordion, pedal steel guitar and vocals; Mitch Schexnyder on fiddle; Jo Vidrine on guitar; Joel Savoy on fiddle and guitar; and Cody Lafleur on drums and vocals.

Straight Allons is a refreshing albums with catchy dance rhythms and notable instrumental performances.

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Artist profiles: Karen Tweed

Karen Tweed

Karen Tweed was born in Willesden, London, UK in 1963. She has Irish and English roots. Tweed is an accordion virtuoso known for her work with The Kathryn Tickell Band (1990-1993), The Poozies, Roger Wilson, Sally Barker and her insatiable appetite for Irish sessions. Tweed has also recorded two releases with Ian Carr, Fyace (Fyasco) and Shhh (Hypertension).

She was a member of Anglo-Swedish band Swåp 1997-2005.

Partial Discography:

The Palm Of Your Hand, with Roger Wilson (1987)
Beating The Drum, with Sally Barker & The Rhythm (1992)
Signs, with The Kathryn Tickell Band (1993)
Chantoozies, with The Poozies (1993)
Drops Of Springwater (1994)
The Silver Spire (1994)
Irish Choice Tune Book (1994)
Courage, Love and Grace, with Pete Morton (1995)
Dansoozies, with The Poozies (1995)
Shhh, with Ian Carr (1995)
Fyace, with Ian Carr(1997)
Swåp (Amigo, 1997)
New Directions In The Old, with Roy Bailey (1997)
Come Raise Your Head, with The Poozies (1998)
Sic, with Swåp (Amigo, 1999)
Half As Happy As We, with The Two Duos Quartet (1999)
Infinite Blue, with The Poozies (2000)
Coda, with Roy Bailey (2000)
Raise your head: A Retrospective, with The Poozies (2001)
May Monday, with Timo Alakotila (2001)
Mosquito Hunter, with Swåp (2002)
One Roof Under, with Andy Cutting (2002)
Faerd, with Faerd (2003)
Changed Days Same Roots, with The Poozies (2003)
Each Step on the Way, with Tony Hilliard (2005)
Du Da, with Swåp (2005)
Gastbud, with Morten Alfred Hoirup and Harald Haaugaard (2005)
Essentially Invisible to the Eye (2012)


Artist profiles: Santiago Jimenez Jr.

Santiago Jimenez Jr.

One of the major figures in Tex-Mex border music, Santiago Jimenez Jr. is a singer and accordion virtuoso of the first rank. His father virtually invented the conjunto instrumental style and Santiago’s playing follows in that tradition while at the same time incorporating much of the more modern approach made popular by his brother Flaco.

Born in 1944, Santiago is the younger son of Don Santiago Jimenez Sr., one of the great pioneers of conjunto accordion style. Where his elder brother Leonardo “Flaco” Jimenez has helped modernize conjunto by bringing in jazz, rock and rhythm & blues concepts, Santiago has purposely fashioned his own playing after his father’s. He has dedicated himself to upholding the tradition his father helped develop via Spanish-language radio spots and recordings that date back to the late 1930s.

Some of Santiago Jr.’s first recordings were on local labels – Lira, Magda, Discos Grande, Corona — and were sold on 45 rpms. In 1960, at age 17 he recorded a full-length album with Flaco. Recordings including Corazon de Piedra and Canciones de Mi Padre have appeared on Watermelon Records based in Austin.

The songs in Spanish are lively and direct and deal with real-life situations — work love and dance. More than a revivalist, Santiago Jimenez Jr. is a living memory of a time when the Mexican-American people of South Texas were making their presence known amid social oppression forced assimilation and economic difficulty. The music represents the experience of a people and is celebrated for having helped shape a society that remains strong in its identity and cultural presence.


Familia y Tradicion (1989)
El Mero Mero de San Antonio (Arhoolie 1990)
El Gato Negro (1990)
Corazon De Piedra (1992)
Canciones de mi padre (Watermelon 1994)
Musica De Tiempos Pasados Del Presente y Futuro (1995)
Viva Seguin (1996)
El chief de San Antonio (Chief Records 1996)
Cama de Piedra (Les Nuits Atypiques 1997)
Tex-Mex Party (1997)
Purely Instrumental (Arhoolie 1998)
Corrido de Esequiel Hernandez: Tragedia de Redford (Arhoolie 1999)
Corridos De La Frontera (2005)


Artist Profiles: Phil Cunningham

Phil Cunningham – Photo by Annie Tuite

Accordionist Phil Cunningham was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1960. His musical career began with accordion lessons at the age of three and violin a few years later. His initial training was in classical music with a deep interest and love of the traditional music of his homeland developing simultaneously. In 1976 he joined his brother Johnny Cunningham in the highly acclaimed Scottish band Silly Wizard and was a full-time member until 1983. Phil contributed many of his own compositions to their mostly traditional repertoire adding to the musical heritage of Scotland and keeping the tradition alive.

Phil left Silly Wizard in 1983 to pursue a solo career as he found himself in demand as a composer and performer for television, radio, film and stage. Between 1985 and 1987 he toured and recorded with supergroup Relativity with his brother Johnny and Irish brother and sister Michael and Triona O’Domnaill.

Phil and fiddler Aly Bain formed one of the most celebrated acts on the Scottish traditional scene. The duo first worked together on a television series in 1988 and embarked on their first tour shortly after. They were so well received that they have been touring Scotland annually ever since in addition to frequent performances in Europe and North America.

Phil has produced albums for many popular traditional artists including Dolores Keane and Altan. In 1990 he wrote the music for Bill Bryden’s spectacular theater productions “The Ship” (1990) and “The Big Picnic” (1994). He has worked as music director and composer for various BBC Scotland series and also wrote The Highlands &Islands Suite, an orchestral work which was performed at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. He has also toured with Bonnie Raitt and Kepa Junkera in addition to running CAP recording studios with his partner Donna.

In 2002 Phil was awarded the MBE for services to Scottish Music and was voted Best Instrumentalist in the inaugural Scottish Traditional Music Awards in 2003.

His compositions are covered by musicians the world over and he continues to write and add to his prolific repertoire. His proudest moments have been the premiers of his two orchestral suites for Symphony orchestra and Celtic instruments. His piece Ceilidh was written for and performed by acclaimed Scots percussionist Evelyn Glennie and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.


Caledonia’s Hardy Sons, with Silly Wizard (1978)
So Many Partings, with Silly Wizard (1980)
Against the Storm, with Johnny Cunningham (1980)
Wild and Beautiful, with Silly Wizard (1981)
Kiss the Tears Away, with Silly Wizard (1983)
Airs and Graces (Green Linnet 1984)
A Glint of Silver, with Silly Wizard (1986)
Relativity, with Relativity (1986)
Gathering Pace with Relativity (1987)
Live Wizardry, with Silly Wizard (1988)
Palomino Waltz (Green Linnet, 1989)
Fire in the Glen (Shanachie, 1989)
Somebody, with Connie Dover (Taylor Park Music, 1991)
The Wishing Well, with Connie Dover (1994)
The Pearl, with Aly Bain (1996)
If Ever I Return, with Connie Dover (Taylor Park Music, 1997)
The Ruby, with Aly Bain (Green Linnet, 1998)
The Border of Heaven, with Connie Dover (Taylor Park Music, 2000)
Another Gem, with Aly Bain (Compass, 2001)
Spring The Summer Long, with Aly Bain (Whirlie Records, 2003)
Best of Aly and Phil, with Aly Bain (2004)
Roads Not Travelled, with Aly Bain (Whirlie Records, 2006)
Portrait, with Aly Bain (Whirlie Records, 2010)
Mark the Hard Earth, with Kris Drever (2010)
Five and Twenty, with Aly Bain (Whirlie Records, 2012)