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Artist Profiles: Les Grands Hurleurs

Les Grands Hurleurs

Les Grands Hurleurs play music that is profoundly rooted in tradition and diverse influences as well.

Since its beginning in 2009, Les Grands Hurleurs have merited a genuine reputation, gathering a lot of experience in countless Quebec venues, international stages (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA) and on major events such as 2017 Canada Day in Victoria and 2017 Canada Summer Games Winnipeg.

Since 2017 they’ve been in the official showcase selections at Bourse Rideau 2017 (Quebec), FICG 2017 (Granby, Quebec), Contact East 2017 (Cape Breton) and Folk Alliance International 2018 (Kansas City, USA).

Les Grands Hurleurs have achieved the rare accomplishment of getting a Felix Award (Francophone Canada’s Juno award equivalent) for three albums.

On their 2018 album, Chouïa, traditional music intertwines with classical, Manouche, electronica, and folk music.

Band members in 2018 included Nicolas Pellerin on vocals, fiddle, foot-tapping; Stéphane Tellier on vocals, guitar, mandolin; and
Simon Lepage on electric and acoustic bass.


Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs (Disques Tempête, 2009)
Petit grain d’or (Disques Tempête, 2011)
3/4 Fort (Coyote Records, 2015)
Chouïa (Coyote Records, 2018)


World Music Conference Mundial Montreal Reveals Ninth Edition

Mundial Montreal, a leading North American world music summit, has announced the full program for its 9th edition. The event will take place November 19-22, 2019 in Montreal, Canada. Throughout the conference, over 30 artists from Canada and beyond will showcase their work to the public and professionals as well.

Mundial will open this year with a large show featuring bands from all over the globe. The evening will start with the Korean group Kim Yul-Hee & The Soul Sauce followed by the Swedish duo Sousou & Maher Cissoko, and continue with the Montreal experimental jazz ensemble Bellflower. The New York act Grupo Rebolu, with their Afro-Colombian music, will close the show.  

Kim Yul-Hee & The Soul Sauce

The Indigenous Sounds Series will return for the 8th year,  beginning with a focused meeting of Indigenous music community presenters, artists, agents and stakeholders.

Through the professional panels and activities (Mentor Café, Speed Schmooze, dinners and receptions) there is a round table created to encourage important discussions, create new connections and new opportunities for professional development.

The Idle No More IV panel will include a conversation between artists and organizers that will invite reflection on the relationship between Indigenous arts professionals and the world music community. Panelists include Bear Witness (A Tribe Called Red), Denise Bolduc (CAPACOA, Luminato), and Adrian Sutherland (Midnight Shine). 

Out of all the artists showcasing, a substantial focus is the Indigenous Sounds series, featuring 8 groups: singer-songwriters Murray Porter (Mohawk – Six Nations), Mimi O’Bonsawin (Abenaki – Sudbury), Celeigh Cardinal (Métis – Peace Country, AB), Kym Gouchie (Lheidli T’enneh Nation – Prince George), quartet Flying Mocassins (Wendat – Wendake), plus rock bands Midnight Shine (Cree – Attawapiskat/Moose Factory) and Digawolf (Tlicho – Yellowknife). The series also features an international guest: Vildá (Sami – Finland).

Canada’s diversity is represented this year with over 20 artists from a wide range of backgrounds, including Montrealers La Léa, Caracol, Nazih Borish, and Carine au Micro; Torontonians Kiran Ahluwalia, Zaki Ibrahim, and Moskitto Bar; westerners Tri-Continental and Kelly Bado; plus Vishtèn and The East Pointers from Prince Edward Island.

The international element of the program includes Novalima (Peru), Blick Bassy (Cameroon/France), Sver (Sweden), Rafiki Jazz (UK) and Ember Swift 国子玉。 (China).

The week will end on Friday with a closing night starting off with the premiere of a new show from Montreal singer Mamselle Ruiz, and finishing with the 15th anniversary celebration of legendary Montreal crew Nomadic Massive, with opening act Djely Tapa (2019-20 Révélations ICI Musique)!

Mundial Montreal will also welcome international delegations from Spain, Colombia, the MENA region (Middle-East North Africa), Guadeloupe and Chile. The conference also collaborates with Music BC, Music PEI and KAMS (Korea Arts Management Service).

More information at MundialMontreal.com.


Foot Tapping Goodness from Le Vent du Nord

Le Vent du Nord – Territoires

Le Vent du Nord – Territoires (Borealis Records, 2019)

Canadian Quebecois band Le Vent du Nord has been busy lately with touring throughout the USA and a collaboration album with their colleagues De Temps Antan titled Notre Album Solo. Territoires is the band’s ninth album and it is another masterful work.

Le Vent du Nord combine a modernized vision of traditional Quebecois roots music with evocative Celtic music. The five musicians deliver dazzling instrumental musicianship, wonderful arrangements and the classic Quebecois call and response vocals and foot tapping beats. The group also uses musical instruments that are not typically found in Quebecois music, the hurdy gurdy and the bouzouki.

We’ve really added a bit of groovy stuff to this album,” says fiddler André Brunet. “Several songs have a riff with a bouzouki and bass. We’ve left things more open, skipping the answers in the traditional call and response sections and putting a bit of effects on the lead vocal. The sound turned out really rich.”

The current lineup includes Nicolas Boulerice on vielle à roue (hurdy gurdy), piano and vocals; Simon Beaudry on bouzouki, guitar and vocals; Olivier Demers on fiddle, bombarde, guitar, foot tapping and vocals; Réjean Brunet on bass, melodeon, bombarde and vocals; and André Brunet on fiddle, foot tapping and vocals.

Purchase Territoires


Quebecois Powerhouse Collaboration

Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan – Notre Album Solo

Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan – Notre Album Solo (La Compagnie du Nord, 2018)

 Two of the greatest acts in the Quebecois music scene, Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan, got together to record Notre Album Solo (Our Solo Album). It’s a delightful collection of recreated traditional music from Quebec (Canada) along with new pieces and some Celtic music elements.

You’ll find outstanding vocal work, including entertaining call and response vocals, foot percussion, fiddles, accordion, hurdy gurdy and more.

Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan

Notre Album Solo is a tribute to the Quebec traditional music revival that has been ongoing for the past decades. The two bands share tradition and family. Two members of each band have a brother in the other.

The CD booklet includes lyrics and song descriptions in French and English.

The artists featured in Notre Album Solo include Éric Beaudry on vocals, bouzouki, guitar; Simon Beaudry on vocals, bouzouki, guitar; Nicolas Boulerice on vocals, hurdy gurdy, piano; André Brunet on fiddle, foot tapping, vocals; Réjean Brunet on basses,button accordion, jaw harp, piano, vocals; Olivier Demers on fiddle, foot tapping, vocals, guitar, mandolin; Pierre-Luc Dupuis on button accordion,harmonica, jaw harp, vocals; and David Boulanger on fiddle, vocals.

Notre Album Solo presents masterful performances by Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan, celebrating Quebec’s effervescent Francophone culture.

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Buy Notre Album Solo in Europe


Irresistible Vishtèn

Vishtèn – Horizons (Vishtèn, 2018)

On Horizons, Canadian band Vishtèn continues to explore Acadian roots music. The trio creates tantalizing contemporary folk dance music that incorporates Canadian and Celtic traditional music elements such as its signature foot percussion and mouth music, fiddle, guitar, accordion, mandolin, flutes, piano, Irish bodhrán, and jaw harp; as well as well as modern musical instruments such as the electric guitar.

The lineup includes Emmanuelle Leblanc on octave mandolin, whistles, bodhràn, foot percussion, jaw harp, dance and vocals; Pastelle LeBlanc on accordion; and Pascal Miousse on fiddle, guitar and vocals.


Artist Profiles: Simon Beaudry

Simon Beaudry

Guitarist and bouzouki player Simon Beaudry is from Saint-Côme, Québec. Simon grew up surrounded by traditional music. His maternal grandfather is well known in the area for his repertoire of songs and his paternal grandfather Joseph Beaudry (Tido) is a fiddler. Simon’s father sings and plays guitar and his brother Eric performs with La Bottine Souriante.

Simon has been playing and singing since the age of fifteen and as well as being influenced by the traditional music of Quebec .

Simon Beaudry joined Le Vent du Nord in 2004.


Les amants du Saint-Laurent (Borealis Records, 2005)
Dans les airs (Borealis Records, 2007)
Mesdames et Messieurs (Borealis Records, 2008)
La part du feu (Borealis Records, 2009)
Symphonique (Radio-Canada disque, 2010)
Tromper le Temps (Borealis Records, 2012)
Têtu (Borealis Records, 2015)


Artist Profiles: Olivier Demers

Olivier Demers

Olivier Demers is an accomplished violin player and multi-instrumentalist with a history in classical and Quebecois folk music. He has performed with L’Orchestre des Jeunes Laval-Laurentides as well as many chamber music ensembles, and, in addition, has sung with the Chorale de la Basilisque Notre-Dame de Montreal.

Olivier also has freelanced with the award-winning French-Canadian band La Bottine Souriante, and toured in Belgium with Musa Dieng Kala, from Senegal. He has participated in numerous recordings.

In 2001, he teamed up with Nicolas Boulerice to produce a duo recording, which was the genesis of acclaimed Quebecois band Le Vent du Nord.


Le vent du nord est toujours fret…, with Nicolas Boulerice (Roues et archets, 2001)
Maudite Moisson! (Borealis Records, 2003)
Les amants du Saint-Laurent (Borealis Records, 2005)
Dans les airs (Borealis Records, 2007)
Mesdames et Messieurs (Borealis Records, 2008)
La part du feu (Borealis Records, 2009)
Symphonique (Radio-Canada disque, 2010)
Tromper le Temps (Borealis Records, 2012)
Têtu (Borealis Records, 2015)


Artist Profiles: Oliver Schroer

Oliver Schroer

Oliver Schroer was born June 18, 1956 in Toronto, Canada.

Oliver Schroer was a unique fiddler/composer whose musical explorations took him far beyond his traditional Canadian roots into the realms of jazz, Scandinavian, Balkan, and Asian music. He melded those elements into a unique and recognizable style of his own: lyrical, fractal, a continuously twisting thread.

Schroer composed over 1,000 pieces and recorded over a dozen albums. He also produced various albums for the Somerset label, two of which went Gold. He also did soundtrack work. Schroer’s playing was heard on the award winning television series Angels in America and on Lemony Snickett, a Series of Unfortunate Events.

He performed across North America and Europe with a wide variety of top acts in venues ranging from intimate clubs to New York’s Lincoln Center. He was a featured guest on virtually every leading Canadian national radio show, and was the subject of numerous special broadcasts

Oliver Schroer’s album, Camino, chronicled the Camino de Santiago – a 1000-kilometer ancient pilgrimage through France and Spain that ends in the heart of Galicia – Santiago de Compostela.

Oliver Schroer died July 3, 2008 in Toronto, Canada.


Jigzup (Big Dog Music, 1993)
Whirled (Big Dog Music, 1994)
Stewed Tomatoes (Big Dog Music, 1996)
Celtica (Avalon Records, 1998)
O2 (Big Dog Music, 1999)
Restless Urban Primitive (Big Dog Music, 2001)
A Million Stars (Big Dog Music, 2004)
Camino (Big Dog Music, 2006)
Celtic Devotion (Avalon Records, 2006)
Hymns and Hers (Big Dog Music, 2007)
Smithers (Big Dog Music, 2007)
Freedom Row (Borealis, 2010)
Enthralled, with Nuala Kennedy, (Borealis, 2012)


Artist Profiles: Nicolas Boulerice

Nicolas Boulerice

Trained as a pianist, Nicholas Boulerice has experimented with many genres of music on the keyboard. A fascination with the unusual led him in 1997 to the ancient European stringed instrument known as the hurdy gurdy, which he subsequently studied in Ireland and France. He is now proficient at both playing and building hurdy-gurdies, having handcrafted the ones he currently plays.

Nicolas toured throughout North America from 1998 to 2002 as a member of the neo-traditional bands Ad Vielle Que Pourra and Montcorbier, whose repertoires included the music of both France and Quebec.

In addition to his talents as instrumentalist, Nicolas is a gifted vocalist known for captivating audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.

He is a member of Le Vent du Nord.



Maison de bois (2015)

With Le Vent du Nord:

Maudite Moisson! (Borealis Records, 2003)
Les amants du Saint-Laurent (Borealis Records, 2005)
Dans les airs (Borealis Records, 2007)
Mesdames et Messieurs (Borealis Records, 2008)
La part du feu (Borealis Records, 2009)
Symphonique (Radio-Canada disque, 2010)
Tromper le Temps (Borealis Records, 2012)
Têtu (Borealis Records, 2015)


Artist Profiles: Matapat

Matapat in 2007

Polished, heartfelt and spirited, Matapat played, danced and sang their tradition with humor and energy. They were well known for their charismatic and engaging performances.

Benoit Bourque, one of Canada’s finest step dancers, was cone of the founders. He played accordion and provided the percussive underpinnings of the band through his virtuoso bones and spoons playing, and his incredible dancing feet.

Acadian born Gaston Bernard was equally facile on mandolin, fiddle, guitar and bouzouki and had been involved in a variety of musical projects, ranging from French to Greek, Celtic and African music.

Composer/arranger Simon Lepage added his diverse background in world music, jazz and classical as a rich compliment to the band’s unique presence on the stage. All three harmonized beautifully on songs and ballads, all introduced in English and sung in French. The audiences were treated to an assortment of jigs, reels, quadrilles and rondeaux. Benoit and Gaston were former members of renowned band Ad Vielle Que Pourra.

Matapat split into two groups in 2002. Benoit Bourque founded Le Vent du Nord features along with Oliver Demers, Nicolas Boulerice (of Montcorbier) and Bernard Simard, of La Bottine Souriante.

The 2007 lineup included Gaston Bernard, Simon LePage, Tommy Gautier and Francois Dauphin.


Matapat (Borealis, 2000)
Petit Fou (Borealis Records, 2002)
2.5 (Intermède, 2004)
Que de Peine et d’Amour! (Intermède, 2007)