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Artist Profiles: Lura


Born in Lisbon in 1975, Lura discovered her Cape Verdean identity (while remaining fully Portuguese) through the Creole she learned with her friends at school. As a child, she wanted to be a dancer. Later, she taught swimming. Finally, music drew her from the swimming pool.

Her first eponymous album with the famous song “Nha vida” was released in Lisbon on the 31st July 1996, her 21st birthday. Lura’s extraordinary voice shines on this record, which includes some of the greatest performers in the Portuguese-speaking world: Marisa Monte, Caetano Veloso, Teresa Salgueiro, Filipa Pais, Djavan and Bonga.

In 2002, Lura released her second album, In Love, with the Lusafrica label. She wrote seven of the twelve songs.

Lura’s 2004 album, Di Korpu Ku Alma (Of body and soul) fully justifies one’s most optimistic predictions.


Nha Vida (Sons d’africa, 1996)
In Love (Lusafrica, 2002)
Di Korpu Ku Alma (Lusafrica, 2005)
M’bem di fora (Lusafrica, 2006)
Eclipse (Lusafrica, 2009)
Herança (Lusafrica, 2015)


Cape Verdean Music Star Lura Releases New EP Alguem di Alguem

Portuguese-Cape Verdean vocalist Lura has a new EP titled “Alguem di Alguem.” The recording features funaná, a vigorous, cheerful dance rhythm, as well as a duet with Gaël Faye. It’s a cover of the Teofilo Chantre song “Crepuscular Solidão”, a tribute to Cesaria Evora that the two artists performed for the first time in public at the 2018 Sakifo Festival on Reunion Island.


Heartfelt Mornas of Cape Verde

Various Artists - Mornas De Cabo Verde
Various Artists – Mornas De Cabo Verde

Various Artists – Mornas De Cabo Verde (Lusafrica, 2016)

Lusafrica has released a compilation that features some of the finest morna performers, ranging from the now classics like Cesaria Evora, Teofilo Chantre and Ildo Lobo to young new talent such as Elida Almeida, Ceuzany, and Jenifer Solidade.

Morna is the popular traditional music of Cape Verde, songs of longing and love. Cesaria Evora became a world music sensation and introduced mornas to thousands of adoring international music fans.

The artist selection includes Ildo Lobo, Lura, Albertino, Cesaria Evora, Ceuzany, Elida Almeida, Kompass, Bau, Teofilo Chantre, Jenifer Solidade, Nancy Viera, Ze Luis, Teofilo Chantre & Cesaria Evora, Alma De Morna, Fantcha and Maria Alice.

Mornas De Cabo Verde is a great opportunity to catch up with some of the greatest female and male performers of this profound music style.

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