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Elegant and Virtuosic Solo Album by Seamus Egan

Seamus Egan – Early Bright

Seamus Egan – Early Bright (THL Records, 2020)

American multi-instrumentalist and composer Seamus Egan has just released Early Bright, his first solo album in 23 years. Egan is one of the stars of the Irish American music scene and leader of Solas, one of the finest Celtic bands in the USA.

On Early Bright, Egan combines a wide range of musical influences. The Irish elements are still there, but there is much more. Egan adds contemporary acoustic, Americana and chamber classical elements.

Early Bright is exquisitely crafted and deeply satisfying, showcasing Egan’s talent as a musician. There is captivating interplay between Egan and his guests. Egan also uses studio techniques to multilayer his own musical instruments creating masterful and beautiful interactions.   

The lineup includes Seamus Egan on banjo, nylon string guitar, low whistles, mandolin, keyboard, and percussion; Kyle Sanna on guitar, piano and lap steel; Owen Marshall on bouzouki and harmonium; Moira Smiley on piano accordion and vocals; Joe Phillips on acoustic bass and the award winning The Fretless String Quartet, featuring musicians from Canada and the United States: Eric Wright on cello; Trent Freeman on violin; Karrnnel Sawitsky on violin; and Ben Plotnick on  viola; with string arrangements by Scottish harp player Maeve Gilchrist.

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