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Artist Profiles: hartyga


Khartyga or Hartyga, meaning hawk in the Tuvan language, is a band from the Republic of Tuva in Siberia, Russia.

Comprised of professional musicians, Hartyga has performed with the Republic of Tuva’s wind orchestra, the Tuva Folk Ensemble and the symphony orchestra.

Band members include Nachyn Choreve on throat singing, vocals, igil, doshpuluur; Albert Kuvezin on throat singing, vocals, guitar; Nayys Dulush on drums; Sergek Sandyk on saxophone; and Angyr-ool Ondar on bass.


Agitator (Sketis Music, 2018)


Artist Profiles: OYME


OYME (soul in English) is a Moscow-based group specialized in the culture of the Ugro-Finn traditions of Russia. Currently, the ensemble presents two types of shows: the traditional program and the world music option.

The conventional ethnographic program includes traditional polyphonic female singing of folk songs and laments from the Erzya and Moksha ethnic groups in Mordovia as well as traditional tunes by genuine instruments. Based on its own ethnographic expeditions “OYME” reconstructs ancient ritual ceremonies and national holidays of the Erzya and Moksha.

The world music side of the band features electronic folk music made by using computer technologies, traditional Mordovian instruments and world music instruments.

The OYME repertoire is primarily composed of celebratory and ritual songs of the Mordovians. Each concert turns into a folk festival, a collective ritual performance engaging the audience. The shows begin, as a rule with the song named Pazchangodt – the rite of wishing each other well-being. Members of the audience raise their hands and jubilantly shout out in chorus “Pazchangodt!”

OYME’s musicians regularly embark on ethnographic expeditions across the Republic of Mordovia with the aim to collect new musical material. The OYME artists record songs performed by local babushkas using a multichannel device. These expeditions allow the musicians to implement their dream of creating an open archive of Mordovian song heritage.

The ensemble’s lineup Ezhevika Spirkina, Larisa Zybkina, Kseniia Zobanova, and Anastasia Kosova on vocals; Elena Barskova on drums, percussions; and Vladislav Oskolkov on violin.


Штатол. Традиция = Shtatol. Tradition ‎(2016)


Artist Profiles: Olena Podluzhnaya UUTAi

Olena Podluzhnaya, UUTAi

Olena Podluzhnaya, with the stage name UUTAi, is a singer and khomus player from Yakutia, Russia. Ms. Podluzhnaya focuses her musical efforts on meditative healing and is a neo-shamanic practitioner. In addition to the meditative music, she also adds her khomus playing to electronic club music, trance, techno and ambient music.

Ms. Podluzhnaya has crafted YouTube Channel, appeared at the Mariinsky Theatre, Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Italy’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent and Das SuperTalent. Additionally she has appeared at the Ancient Trance Festival in Taucha.


Hear Your Heart


Artist Profiles: Pavel Lukoyanov

Pavel Lukoyanov

Pavel Lukoyanov is a professional musician, a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music in Gnesinykh. He plays the gusli performer, an ancient Russian folk instrument.

Pavel Lukoyanov plays various musical genres, including ancient epics and Russian songs, spiritual poems and hymns, traditional folk tunes, classical music, pop songs with modern arrangements, and jazz.

He is a teaching professor at Sergey Prokofiev’s Moscow Area Music College and also teaches gusli classes and workshops.


Reminiscences, with Winter Sun (2012)


Artist Profiles: Altai Kai

Altai Kai

Founded in 1997, Altai Kai is an ensemble of throat singers from the Republic of Altai. With an eye to preserving the traditional music of the Republic of Altai, the group revels in performing various styles of throat singing known as kai. Their performances often encompass songs of nature, folk heroes, dancing rhythms, and shamanic mysteries.

Altai Kai has performed at WOMEX 2007 and WOMAD. They are members of the Folklore Union of Russia, and the International Organization of Folk Art and the group tours internationally.

Altai Kai’s members are throat singer, producer and artistic director Urmat Yntaev (founder of the original band Karaty-Khan), throat singer and musician Alash Topchin, throat singer Eduard Sogonokov and throat singer, topshuur and ikili player Aidyn Orsulov.


Where Altai Is In Rise – Musical Traditions Of Altai People (2002)
XXI (XXI Century)(2005)
Khan Altai (2005)
Made In USA (2006)
XXI Century (Version II)(2006)
Remix (2006)
Altyn-Taiga – Golden Taiga (2011)
Altai Kabai (2014)


Artist Profiles: Shono


Combining the traditions of Buryat-Mongolian, the sound of Siberia and rock music, Shono (wolf in Buryat) Band was found in 2014 by musician and throat singer Alexander Arkhincheyev. Shono Band leans heavily on the Buryat musical traditions that includes musical epics or uligers, throat singing and the horse-head fiddle backing the lot with guitar, bass and drum driven rock music.

The group has received accolades on the Russian festival circuit and in performance spots in Russia and Siberia.

Shono released their first recording Okhotniki (Hunters) in 2015.

Shono Band’s members include Alexander Arkhincheev on throat singing vocals, moriin khuur, tsoor, sukha and huur, Evguenia Tomitova on yataga, Konstatin Tokarsky on drums and Vladimir Sidorov on vocals bass guitar and vargan.


Artist Profiles: Sattuma


Formed in 2003 in Petrozavodsk, Russian Karelia, Sattuma is a Russian Karelian neo-folk music band that plays both traditional as well as their own compositions and arrangements, singing in Finnish, Russian and Karelian. They can often be scene on the concert hall, club and festival circuit. The name Sattuma is from the Finnish meaning “hitting the mark” or “chance or happenstance.”

Sattuma’s musicians are Eila Rinne on vocals, violin and jouhikko, Arto Rinne on vocals, bouzuki, kantele, harmonica and accordion, Vladik Demin on violin, flute, jembe and vocals and Dmitri Demin on clarinet, flute, mankeri, bagpipes, jembe, didgeridoo and saw.

Sattuma’s discography consists of Folk Music from Karelia and Finland (2003), Kudelma (2005), Palapeli (Sketis Music, 2008), Kinofilmi (2010), Joo Kylla! (Sketis Music, 2013) and Uuzi Kodi (2014). There is also the DVD of a 2010 performance of Live in Moscow. Club Dom available.


Artist Profiles: Noid


Noid is a musical ensemble from Petrozavodsk in Karelia, Russia, founded in 2007. The ensemble composes, arranges and performs traditional songs in the Veps language, with world music or world fusion-style arrangements. The Vepses is a small indegious Finno-Ugric ethnic group located in Russian Karelia bordering Finland.

The name of the band is an ancient Vepsian magical word that could be translated as a sorceress/sorcerer, or a witch/wizard. Every Vepsian village had its own noid.

Band members include Alina Kartynen on vocals; Vladimir Solovjev on keyboards; and Alexander Shashin on bass.


Kukirikku – The Music Of Vepses (2010)


Artist Profiles: FolkBeat RF

FolkBeat RF

FolkBeat RF is an experimental music project based in Moscow. The four young women recreate traditional Russian folk songs mixing them with modern timbral and rhythmical elements that include the beatbox technique and loops. The album In Mixt features folk songs from different regions of Russia as well as original material composed by FolkBeat RF.

The lineup includes Svetlana Ivanova on vocals; Maria Zibrova on vocals; Svetlana Shestopalova on vocals; and Alyona Minulina on vocals, beatbox, arrangement.


In Mixt (Sketis Music, 2015)
Светлая встреча – The Joyful Meeting (Sketis Music, 2016)
Сама Иду – I’m Marching On My Own (FireStorm Production, 2017)