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Artist Profiles: Nachyn Choreve

Nachyn Choreve

Nachyn Choreve was born in Tuva, a part of the Russian Federation. He is a soloist in the Tuvan State Philharmonic and founding member of Tuvan rock band Hartyga.

Nachyn stated touring as a professional musician at the age of 16.

Nachyn and his colleagues Salchak Orlan, Ondar Angyr-ool, Sergek Sandyk and Naiys Dulush enrolled in the Chyrgal-Ool Art College in Kyzyl in 2002. In the evenings and after their more traditional lessons, they got together and combined rock and jazz with Tuvan traditional music.

The group was initially called Iom, but later changed its name to Hartyga. As a member of Hartyga, Nachyn has collaborated with musicians throughout the world.

In 2020 he toured the United States as part of the Sounds of Siberia project together with Yakut khomus (jaw harp) master and throat singer Yuliyana Krivoshapkina.

Nachyn Choreve is a throat singer and also plays igil and doshpuluur.


Agitator (Sketis Music, 2018)