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Artist Profiles: Xosé Manuel Budiño

Xosé Manuel Budiño

Piper Xosé Manuel Budiño was born in Moaña, Spain. He is the son of a fisherman, a common profession in Spain’s northwestern reion of Galicia. Although none of his family members were musicians, Budiño soon took an interest in the traditional music that his parents played at home.

In his hometown of Moaña there were also many choir groups and bagpipe bands that he listened to. Budiño’s first instrument was the flute, which he learned how to play in school at the age of seven. In addition to studying classical music, the kids also learned Galician traditional music.

A few years later, Budiño started to play the gaita (Galician bagpipe), performing locally and throughout the region with a local group. What started as a group of friends playing bagpipes eventually became a bagpipe school, Escuela de gaitas Semente Nova (New Seed) de Moaña, which is now run by the city government.

A young Budiño played at his first festival at the age of 15, in Lorient (Brittany). He knew then that he wanted to be a professional musician. He started to play at competitions for solo pipes in Galicia and won some awards. His success led to his selection as representative of Galicia at the Macallan Trophy at the Lorient Interceltic Festival where he won the master bagpiper award several times.

In 1991 he formed Fol de Niu together with musicians that came from the fields of folk and jazz music. The progressive folk band lasted four years until the band members decided to go in separate ways. At that time, Budiño formed his own band.

His first album, Paralaia, came out in 1977. Budiño invited one of his idols to play in the album, Breton musician Jacky Molard. There were other Breton and Spanish musicians that participated in the recordings. The album brought immediate critical acclaim and Budiño was praised as one of the new innovators of Galician music.

To record Arredor (Around), Budiño traveled to Glasgow (Scotland) where he worked with producer Donald Shaw.


* Paralaia (Resistencia, 1997)
* Arredor (Virgin Music Spain, 2000)
* Zume de Terra (Boa, 2004)
* Home (Falcatruada, 2007)
* Volta (2010)
* Sotaque (Fol Musica, 2013)
* Paralaia 20 Aniversario (2017), book + CD

Web site: www.xosemanuelbudino.com


Radical roots from Galicia

Xose Manuel Budiño – Zume de Terra

Xose Manuel Budiño – Zume de Terra (Boa, 2004)

Xosé Manuel Budiño is yet another young modernizing traditionalist emerging from the corners of Europe’s culturally depleted superstate. He’s a piper from Galicia and this release, the first to be widely available outside of Spain, moves on from his more acoustic debut and follow-up.

With a large group of collaborators from a wide variety of cultures, Budiño has created a very contemporary-sounding release with clear Galician roots. His trademark pipe sound permeates throughout and he’s been busy creating the soundscape for the tracks here too. Some solid-sounding programmed beats and sub-melodies give substance, though there are times when they come over a little heavy-handed. Guest singers include Cape Verdean Sara Tavares, Lilian Vieira from Brazil and Budiño’s more famous compatriot (and long-time collaborator) Mercedes Peón.

There are plenty of stand-out tunes, a couple that probably won’t last and one ‘secret track’ which, unheralded and unmentioned, features a number of vocalists and vocal styles from African, Indian and European origins – lovely stuff.