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Artist Profiles: Tabanka

Tabanka – Photo by Bas van der Wel

Rotterdam-based band Tabanka plays lively music from Cape Verde. The band was inspired by artists from an earlier generation, such as Bulimundo and Américo Brito. Tabanka performs a contemporary version of funaná, a danceable and energetic music of the Cape Verdean island of Santiago. Funaná is the music of the descendants of slaves that was combined in the 1980s with pop and jazz. It became part of the Cape Verdean identity after independence. The foundation for Funaná is the diatonic accordion (gaita) and the ferrinho, a metal rod with notches which is grated.

The lineup in 2018: Pai Gomes on gaita, lead vocals; Tati Gomes on drums, vocals; Jason Gomes on bass; Jerry Gomes on percussion, vocals; Hat Gomes on percussion, vocals; Tomas on percussion, vocals; Landy on guitar and vocals.


Spertador (Tabanka, 2018)


Artist Profiles: Son Swagga

Son Swagga

Son Swagga is a Dutch psychedelic fusion band based in Amsterdam. The band led by composer Felix Back plays instrumental music rooted in funk fusion, spiritual jazz and videogame music to create a unique sound.

The 2018 lineup includes Felix Back on keyboards; Robin Engelhard on electric guitar; Azubike Onwuka on electric bass; Jonathan Szegedi on drums; Gino Groeneveld on percussion; Bo Floor on trumpet and synthesizer; Markus Eermann on tenor saxophone and flute; Dirk Zandvliet on baritone saxophone; And Alex van Abeelen on trombone.


Fires Of Quidel (2017)


Artist profiles: Haytham Safia

Haytham Safia

Haytham Safia, born in 1980, is an Arab-Israeli from Jerusalem. His passion for the Ud started at an early stage.

In 2001 he made his debut as a performer in The Netherlands where he acquired a firm position in the musical ensemble accompanying the Galili Dance Group; they toured throughout Europe.

In 2002 he graduated with distinction at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. With Joshua Samson and Tony Overwater he performed at the Cultura Nova Festival in Heerlen September 2003. In February 24 he played as a soloist with the Holland Symphonia in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

In November 2004 he participated in a workshop in the Rasa (Utrecht) for the Lute festival with another eight musicians from different nationalities.

Haytham Safia is in essence a classical Arabic musician but his compositions and music are influenced by other musical styles such as Persian, Balkan and jazz music.

He established his own group The Haytham Safia Quartet which consists of four musicians from different backgrounds: a Dutch, German and an African. The group performs Haytham’s original compositions that encompass both his performance experience and academic training while still true to his Arab roots.


Fresh Moods

Kind of no blues


Hela Hela

No Complication



Ya Dunya


Farewell Shalabiye


website: haythamsafia.com


Artist Profiles: The Rosenberg Trio

The Rosenberg Trio

The Rosenberg Trio is formed by three cousins Nonnie (double bass), Nous’che (rhythm guitar) and Stochelo Rosenberg (solo guitar). All three have been playing music since their childhood days at family reunions, religious celebrations, and other events as their talent grew.

They were fascinated by music, taught to play by ear and practice restlessly, playing the classics over and over again. However, neither of the three can actually read nor write music.

The Rosenberg Trio plays jazz standards, Django Reinhardt’s classic compositions and also original tunes by Stochelo. Perhaps that’s why they were adopted by the legendary violin Maestro Stéphane Grappelli, who, after seeing and hearing them for the first time, immediately invited them to play with him throughout Europe, and also to celebrate his 85th birthday at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

´Tribute to Stephan Grappelli´ featuring Tim Kliphuis on violin was released in March 2008.




Caravan (Verve/PolyGram, 1993)
Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival ’92 (Universal, 1993)
Gypsy Swing (IMS, 1995)
Gypsy Summer (Universal, 1996)
Impressions (Universal, 1996)
Seresta (Hot Club, 1996)
3 Originals (Universal, 1998)
Deine Kuesse Sind Susser (Polydor/Universal, 1999)
Je Zoenen Zijn Zoeter (Universal, 1999)
Noches Calientes (IMS, 1999)
Sueños Gitanos (Universal, 2002)
Noches Calientes (PO, 2004)
Rosenberg Trio Live (Brilliant, 2006)
Roots (Iris Musique 2007)
Nomy Rosenberg Trio (Big Bear, 2008)
Tribute to Stephane Grapelli (FMM, 2008)
Djangologists (Enja, 2010)