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Likembe Meets Afropop

Lulendo – Mwinda


Lulendo – Mwinda (Buda Records, 2017)

Mwinda is the fourth studio album by Angolan singer-songwriter and likembe (thumb piano) player Lulendo Mvulu. Most of the album is radio friendly likembe-fueled Afropop although he also treats the listener to rootsier sounds.

Highlights include the engaging title track “Mwinda,” where Nigerian Afrobeat, led by pioneering drummer Tony Allen, meets Angolan vocals and fascinating likembe. Equally good is “Africa Meu Amor,” another Afropop-infused track featuring Tony Allen once more and the prominent sound of the likembe.



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Artist Profiles: Lulendo


Lulendo was born in Maquela do Zombo, in the province of Uige in Angola. His musical initiation was twofold there: in Luanda, where he grew up, he used to sing in choirs, and in Maquela do Zombo, his grandfather taught to him the bakongo traditions and rituals as well as the practice of the likembe instrument.

In 1982, he moved to Paris where he became a studio and stage backing vocalist. In 1993, he started his own band and recorded his debut album ‘A qui profite le crime?’ in 2000.


A qui profite le crime? (Nola Musique / Buda Musique, 2000)
Angola (Buda Musique, 2006)
Live Sessions (2007)
Soul of Africa (2007)
Mwinda (Buda Records, 2017)