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Artist Profiles: Frontera Bugalú

Frontera Bugalú

Frontera Bugalú is a musical project developed by accordionist, guitarist, vocalist and composer Kiko Rodriguez and pianist Joel Osvaldo in El Paso, Texas in 2011. The group has become well-known for its lively música fronteriza, a combination of borderland folk, mambo and cumbia music.

The band includes members from both sides of the border, including vocalist Anabel Gutierrez and bassist Alex Ravana from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


Frontera Bugalu (2011)
Alma de Jaguar (Frontera Bugalu, 2017)


Euphoric Rhythms by Boogaloo Revivalists

Spanglish Fly – Ay Que Boogaloo!

Spanglish Fly – Ay Que Boogaloo! (Chaco World Music, 2018)

Ay Que Boogaloo! is the new album by New York-based multinational bilingual band Spanglish Fly. The ensemble specializes in tasty, hip-shaking boogaloo (bugalú), a form of Latin music popular in the 1960s that brought together Cuban mambo and son montuno with African American R&B.

The group led by trumpeter Jonathan Goldman features two female vocalists who sing in Spanish and English. Ay Que Boogaloo! extends beyond boogaloo, featuring jazz swing, a bolero-fied version of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m no Good”, and funk as well.

The band brought in to the studio several high profile guests including boogaloo star Joe Bataan.

The lineup on Ay Que Boogaloo! includes Mariella González on vocals; Paloma Muñoz on vocals; Matt Thomas on tenor saxophone; Rafael Gómez on bass; Kenny Bruno on keyboards; Arei Sekiguchi on timbales; Dylan Blanchard on conga; Ronnie Roc on bongo, bell; Teddy Acosta on percussion; Vera “Trombonita” Kemper on trombone; and Jonathan Goldman on trumpet.

Special guests: El Callegueso, Joe Bataan, Flaco Navaja & Izzy Santana, Snowboy, and Rowan Ricardo Phillips.

Additional guests: Edwin “Machuco” Estremera on vocals; Manuel García-Orozco on guitar; John Speck on trombone; Morgan Price on baritone saxophone; Jonathan Flothow on baritone saxophone; and Richie Robles on backing vocals.

Ay Que Boogaloo! delivers infectious rhythms and insistent energy performed by a talented ensemble of international musicians.