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Artist Profiles: Vedan Kolod

Vedan Kolod

The Ensemble of Slavonic Ethnic Music Vedan Kolod (meaning Prophetic tree) was created in February 2005 in Siberia, Russia, by Tatyana Naryshkina. In July of 2005 Vedan Kolod won the prize as the best Russian folk band in the International World Music Festival Ustuu-Huree.

In the summer of 2007 at the biggest Russian International Ethnic festival Vedan Kolod was the best in the Nomination Ethno-Experiment.

Vedan Kolod composes its own material, but it is based on recent research and analysis carried out by archaeologists and folklore specialists, interpreting events in ancient, pagan Russia before the coming of Christians coming. Vedan Kolod shows the culture of original Russian traditions and songs.

During its history, Vedan Kolod had revived numerous almost forgotten Russian folk instruments: gusli, ocarina, Slavonic drums, Scythian horn, sharkuncy and others, – restored, mastered and reconstructed by musical master Valerii Naryshkin. All these ancient kinds of instruments are used actually in a program of the Ensemble, as well as a low throat style of singing which existed in Ancient Russia. All songs are played without any electronic processing, just live.

Members: Tatyana Naryshkina – group leader. Plays vocal, flutes, Slavonic drums, ocarina, fuyara, vargan and others; Valerii Naryshkin – musical instrument maker, on vocals, two kinds of gusli, Scythian horn, ocarina, Slavonic drums, vargan, zhaleika, Slavonic bagpipe, fuyara, gudok and others; Daryana Antipova – Art-manager, on vocal, Slavonic big and small drums, fuyara, sharkuncy; and Polina Lisitsa – Slavonic small drum, vocal, lozhki, sharkuncy, flutes, vargan


Plemena – Tribes (2005)
Tanec leshih – The dance of the wood spirits ( Sketis Music , 2007 )
Волчья Тропа – Wolf Trail ‎( Slavic Sunrise, 2008)
У Кривой Дороги ‎- At Curve Road (Crossroads Records, 2010)
Слово О Полку Игореве – Word About the Regiment of Igor ‎(2011)
Site of ancient settlement ‎( Slavic Sunrise , 2014)


Artist Profiles: Vedan Kolod

Vedan Kolod

Vedan Kolod is a family folk band from Siberia, Russia. Born at the foothills of the Krasnoyarsk mountains, future Vedan Kolod members started singing with their grandparents when they were only 4 years old so traditional music has always been a part of their life. Drawing on ancient and medieval Slavic folk traditions, Vedan Kolod has attracted an impressive global cult following and toured extensively throughout Russia and Europe.

Members: Tatiana Naryshkina (vocal, hurdy gurdy, flute, mandolin); Valery Naryshkin (vocal, bouzouki, jaw harp, scythian horn); and Daryana Antipova (vocal, drums, flute).

Band’s member Valery Naryshkin restores rare Slavic instruments such as the war horn, hornpipe, bagpipes, drums, gusli, hurdy gurdy and others. Vedan Kolod has wide experience of concerts and festivals in Russia and Europe.

Vedan Kolod released 8 albums in CD-format: “Tribes” 2005 / 2017; “The dance of the wood spirits” 2007 /2017; “Wolf’s path” 2008; “The curve of the road” 2010; “The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” 2011; “Gorodische” 2014; “Vedan Kolod live at Dom” 2016; and “Fiori della Mia vita” 2017) and three international compilations with folk bands.

The ensemble also released a few soundtracks for a cartoon “The Hotan Carpet Tale” (Russia), the exhibition of Italian fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri “Fiori della mia vita” and American artist Branislav Jankic’s exhibitions and movies like “Letter to my mother” and “Fragmented body” (2017).

Awards & Highlights

Nominated for Russian World Music Awards 2017 “Authentic”
Nominated in FolkHerbst (Germany) in 2016
Nominated as The best Russian Folk band in NewsMuz charts 2015
Ustuu-Huree 2005 The Best Russian folk band”


Plemena – Tribes” (2005 / 2017)

The dance of the wood spirits” (2007 /2017)

Wolf’s path” (2008)

The curve of the road” (2010)

The Tale of Igor’s Campaign” (Sketis, 2011)

Gorodische” (2014)

Vedan Kolod live at Dom” (2016)

Fiori della Mia vita” (2017)