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Uho Vocal Wizardry

Tuuletar – Uho

Tuuletar – Uho (Bafe’s Factory, 2017)

Finnish vocal music wizards Tuuletar have anew single titled Uho. The four talented women once more perform all vocal and percussive sounds with their voices. The Uho disc features the new track “Uho” plus two tracks from a previous album. “Uho” mixes traditional forms with hiphop.

Tuuletar stand out when they mix regular vocals with their vocal effects. The rapping doesn’t add much value. In fact, song 2 “Tuu Keraa” from “Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal” is more attractive, where the quartet combines classic vocals with something tha sounds like electronic dance music performed with vocals.

Likewise, track 3, “Odotan,’ is excellent, combining traditional influences with modern beats.


Absorbing Finnish a Cappella

Tuuletar – Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal (Bafe’s Factory, 2016)

An exquisite a cappella album by Finnish quartet Tuuletar. The all-female ensemble sings original compositions inspired by classical music, Finnish folk music, pop and electronics. Even though I mentioned electronics, the quartet doesn’t use electronics. Instead, one of Tuuletar’s members performs the beat box, the vocal emulation of a drum machine.

Even though the four members of Tuuletar are Finnish, they met at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. The four artists became friends and created one of the most fascinating a cappella ensembles in the current international scene. Their sound has elements of tradition, but they also sound fresh and contemporary, with gorgeous Finnish-style harmonies that world music fans love, and the beatbox that makes Tuuletar’s music very appealing to younger generations.

Members include Venla Ilona Blom on vocals and beatbox, Sini Koskelainen on vocals, Johanna Kyykoski on vocals, and Piia Säilynoja on vocals.

The ensemble’s album is titled “Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal” (On Fire and Earth, in Water and Sky) that refers to the four elements and their common resonance.
“Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal” was recorded in the United States in a studio specialized in a cappella recordings. The result is a splendid, state of the art vocal recording by four very talented young musicians.

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