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Artist Profiles: Terne Chave

Terne Chave

Terne Chave (Young guys, in the Roma language) is an award-winning Gypsy music band led by Gejza Bendig that is specialized in Eastern European Roma music. The band members hail from Hradec Kralove and grew together. They perform old Gypsy songs, learned from their grandparents, who arrived to the Czech Republic from East Slovakian gypsy settlements. The band also performs its own material, sung in Roma.

Musically, Terne Chave combines Gypsy traditions with Latin music, jazz, rock, flamenco, blues, Middle Eastern and Jewish influences.


Kaj Dzas (Indies Records, 2004)
Anja (Indies Records, 2005)
More, Love! (Indies Scope Records, 2008)
Avjam Pale (Indies Records, 2011)
Bo Me Som Rom (2015)