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The Magnificent Winds of Lithuania

Saulius Petreikis – Jūrėse (independent release, 2018)

Jūrėse presents the work of Lithuanian multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis. The album contains a set of beautiful melodic instrumental works rooted in traditional Lithuanian folk music and classical music as well. Petreikis music is inspired by his hometown, Žemaitija (Samogitia) which is surrounded by a pond.

Saulius Petreikis uses a wide range of wind instruments, including flutes from different parts of the globe. On Jūrėse he is joined by Styginių Sekstetas, a chamber music string sextet that adds an exquisite touch to Pertreikis’ music.

The lineup includes Saulius Petreikis on flutes, trumpet, whistles, bansuri, horns, and wordless vocals; and Donatas Petreikis on guitar.

Styginių Sekstetas: Vytautas Mikeliūnas on violin; Laura Staponkutė on first violin; Jurga Gaubytė on  second violin; Ugnė Petrauskaitė on viola; Onutė Švabauskaitė on cello; and Mariusz Praśniewski on acoustic bass.

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Artist Profiles: Sutaras


Sutaras is an independent, professional folklore group which employs the whole range of Lithuanian instrumental folk music in its repertoire, from old rituals, to shepherds’ instruments from the end of the 19th Century, to the international and classical instruments that became increasingly more common in the villages of Lithuania by the beginning if the 20th Century.

During a Sutaras concert you might hear a unique polyphonic sutartine (round) performed on daudytes (wooden horns), rageliai (horns), or skuducai (pan pipes). Or you might hear instrumental versions of songs or maybe even shepherd singing called raliavimas, which is performed with lumzdeliai (recorders) or rageliai (horns).

Lively Lithuanian folk dances are played with violins, accordions, clarinets, cymbals, and a number of other instruments. The artists do not only play instruments – they also sing, dance and often draw their audience into the whirlwind of their performances.


Pripilk Alaus! (Kuku Records, 1996)
Tautiška Kapelija – Lithuanian Traditional Songs And Music (Kuku Records, 1990)
Mylesiu Tave Per Amžius (Kuku Records, 2001)
Sutaras + Vilnius Jazz Quartet – ethnojazz.lt (Kuku Records, 2002)
Vilnius Kaip Ant Delno! – Vilnius – In the Palm of Your Hand! (Kuku Records, 2008)
Ubagu Karalystes Monai (Kuku Records, 2012)


Artist Profiles: Pavel Giunter

Pavel Giunter

Pavel Giunter is the leading percussionist in Lithuania. He is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Percussionists. He is also a founder and leader of the ensemble Giunter Percussio” – the first and the only one of its kind in this field in Lithuania. However, he also plays as a soloist-percussionist, soloist-timpanist, studio musician, etc. He performs a wide range of music from classical to modern, world and jazz music. Pavel Giunter is widely recognized as a percussion expert. He has given quite a number of first performances of modern works, several of which were dedicated to him.

Pavel Giunter began his career a professional musician at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. In October 1989 immediately after the founding of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra he joined as first percussionist (concert-master) and has kept this position until present. With this orchestra he has toured many European and several Asian countries. He has also played with such prominent conductors as Gintaras Rinkevicius, Yurij Simonov, L. Grin, Denis Russel Davies, Dmitrij Alexeev, J. Kakhidze, Vladimir Ziva, M. Armiliato, M Sidlin, Saulius Sondeckis among others.

In recent years, he increased his appearances as a soloist. He participates in modern music festivals at home and abroad. He has participated in special projects with the Lithuanian quartet, the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, Lithuanian State and Lithuanian National Symphony orchestras, etc. As soloist he had performed at the International New Music Festival in Riga, the Contemporary music festival “Gaida” in Vilnius, international percussion festivals in Lodze (Poland), Minsk (Belarus), Helsinki (Finland), Berlin (Germany, Novy Sad (Serbia). He constantly performs with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra and as a soloist with pianist Sergey Okrusko. Recently he gave a highly successful performance at the Royal Concert Hall in London (Great Britain) that was broadcast over BBC Radio as listeners’ choice. One of the latest projects Pavel Giunter organized and took part in was Percussion Fiesta with such percussion stars as Nebojsa Zivkovic (Germany), Linda Maxey (USA), Michael Udow (USA) and Frederic Macarez (France).

In 1996 and 1998 Pavel Giunter received the Lithuanian State young performer grant.


Spirits Rising (Zet Records, 2004)