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Artist Profiles: Gulo car

The Gypsy band Gulo car of nine members plays funk jazz music strongly influenced by Gypsy melodies and harmonies. In 2003 Gulo Car toured with one of the most important and famous Czech pop band (Mig21), across the biggest cities of the Czech Republic. In March 2004 they received the Andel prize in the category World Music, the Czech equivalent of the Grammy Awards. In April 2004, a TV station from Holland, NOS, shot a documentary about the band. On the 2nd of May they played on the festival United Islands of Prague in the T-mobile Hall as a guest Band to the French stars Gipsy Kings.

Gulo car emerged in a well-known quarter of Brno where dark-skinned gypsies and whites live in a distinct kind of coexistence, while almost all Gypsy members come practically from one street. This quarter is inherently characterized by a certain grayness and seediness but also by music which is its inseparable part. For some years, the core of the band combined the traditional Gypsy roots in a natural and creative way with all contributing influences of modern pop production. Particularly two players of the brass section contribute to the mutual influence and merge of diverse musical impulses and methods and they are the only white-skin members of the band. In the melting pot of this process, the inherent musicality with the experience of bar musicians and technical preciseness are the basic ingredients of a phenomenon which currently does not have any analogy on the Czech music scene.


Baro Drum (Indies Records, 2003)