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Artist Profiles: Dermot Byrne

Dermot Byrne in 2010 – Photo by Angel Romero

Dermot Byrne, a native of Donegal, guested on two Altan albums, The Red Crow and Island Angel before joining the band in 1994. Dermot had music from his father, Tomas O Beirn), from the Gaeltacht area of Teileann, and heard all the great Donegal fiddlers, the Doherty’s, Cassidy’, and Byrne’s from his infancy. With this start, Dermot was a renowned accordion player before he reached his teens.

He has played and recorded with many great musicians including Seamus and Manus McGuire, Frankie Gavin and Pierre Schrye, and he also has his own solo recording, Dermot Byrne.


* The Red Crow (Green Linnet 1109, 1992)
* Island Angel (Green Linnet 1137, 1993)
* The First Ten Years, 1986-1895 (Green Linnet 1153, 1995)
* Blackwater (Virgin 41381, 1996)
* The Best of Altan (Green Linnet 1177, 1997)
* Another Sky (Narada 48838, 2000)
* The Blue Idol (Narada 11955, 2002)
* The Best of Altan – The Songs (Virgin, 2003)
* Local Ground (Narada, 2005)
* Altan: 25th Anniversary Celebration (Compass Records, 2010)
* Gleann Nimhe – The Poison Glen (Compass Records, 2012)
* The Widening Gyre (Compass Records, 2015)
* The Gap of Dreams (Compass Records, 2018)