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A Sound Journey Through Varanasi

Srdjan Beronja – The Sounds of Varanasi

Srdjan Beronja – The Sounds of Varanasi – a unique sound journey through the holy city (ARC Music, 2014)

The Sounds of Varanasi is a set of recording made in Varanasi, India in 2011 by Serbian musician and producer Srdjan Beronja. He lived in Varanasi (formerly Benares) where he studied classical Indian tabla and made live recordings with local virtuoso musicians on traditional Indian instruments as well as field recordings of rituals, mantras (praying recitations), weddings,  and other distinctive sounds of the holy city of Varanasi.

The Indian artists featured include Pt. Dhruv Nath Mishra on sitar; Ravi Tripathi on tabla; Pt. Sukhdev Prasad Mishra on Indian violin; Vikas Tripathi on tabla; Pt. Atul Shankar on bansuri; Prakash Bimlesh on vocals and harmonium; and Pt. Kailash Nath Mishra on tabla.


Artist Profiles: Dr. N. Ramani

Dr. N. Ramani

Dr. Natesan Ramani was born October 15, 1934. He was commonly known as N. Ramani or N. Flute Ramani. He was widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most masterful bamboo flute players. In 1934 he was born into a family of musicians where he began his studies with his grandfather, Sri Azhiyur Narayanaswamy Iyer, and his first public performance was given at the age of eight. He later continued his training under Sri T.R Mahalingam who was known for developing a unique style of blowing and crossfingering.

Dr. Ramani has further developed these techniques and is known for his technical excellence and masterful improvisation. He has been a performer for All India Radio since 1947 and has toured worldwide.

Dr. N. Ramani died on October 9, 2015.


Balachander – Featuring The Flute Of Ramani (World Pacific Records, 1963)
The Soul Of Indian Flute (World Pacific, 1968)
Enchanting Flute Melodies (1976)
La Flute De N. Ramani (Disques Espérance, 1978)
Classical Karnatic Flute (Nimbus Records, 1990)
Fabulous Flute Melodies of Dr. N. Ramani (Oriental Records, 1990)
Charm of the Bamboo Flute (Oriental Records, 1992)
Lotus Signatures (Music of the world, 1999)
Nadopasana (Dreams Audio, 2000)
Live In Concert Vol I, Vol II (Charsur, 2006)
Together (Felmay Records, 2009)
Serene Moods (Living Media, 2011)


Artist Profiles: G.S. Sachdev

G.S. Sachdev

Gurbachan Singh Sachdev, better known as G.S. Sachdev, was a renowned bansuri flute. He was well known for his pure and classical approach toward North Indian music, and highly regarded for his deeply meditative style on the bansuri bamboo flute.

A native of Chandigrah, G.S. Sachdev started playing the bansuri at 14. He trained with some of India’s greatest musicians including Vijay Raghav Rao, Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar. He resided in San Rafael, California, in the US where he taught and conducted workshops and master classes at the university level for many years.

Unlike many musicians, Sachdev shied away from fusion. He found great pleasure and a sense of immense satisfaction with the rigors and demands of Indian classical music. His music was normally considered as an antidote to tension, stress, fatigue and cynicism.

He performed and toured regularly in Europe, Asia and throughout North America. Over the years, he developed the gift of communicating instantly with the audiences through his music.

Gurbachan Singh Sachdev died in June 2018.


Raga Bhupali (Unity Records, 1975)
Bansuri – The Indian Flute (Philips, 1976)
Live In New York Cathedral Of St.John The Divine (Chandi Productions, 1979)
Romantic Ragas (Chandi Productions, 1981)
Memories (Chandi Productions, 1981)
Incantations (Arion, 1983)
Full Moon (Fortuna Records, 1987)
Master Of The Bamboo Flute, Volume II (Invincible Records, 1989)
Flights Of Improvisation (Lyrichord, 1993)
Classical North Indian Ragas (Chandi Productions, 1994)
Amar Sangit (The Relaxation Company, 1996)
Jasmine Nights (Audiorec Classics, 1998)
Aradhana (Chandi Productions, 2000)
Whisper (Chandi Productions, 2006)