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Artist Profiles: Alain Pennec

Alain Pennec

Alain Pennec was born February 18, 1955. He is one of the most reputable Breton accordionists. He plays the diatonic accordion, an instrument that features two or three rows of buttons, each row tuned to a key a fourth higher than the previous one. Pennec also plays traditional Breton instruments like the bombard and bagpipes and teaches diatonic accordion workshops. He performs solo and as part of the Trio Pennec.

He teaches accordion and has performed with various well known artists in the Breton scene: Soïg Siberil, Roland Brou, Youenn Landreau, and Sébastien Bertrand.


Airs à Danser, with Les Frères Pennec (1972)
Accordéon Diatonique (Arfolk, 1983)
Alcôves (Keltia Musique, 1995)
Turbulences (1999)
Bachannales (2004)
Fabulations Sonores (2012)
Silly Brothers, with Roland Brou and Jean Michenaud (2014)