Ugandan Musician Samite Releases Tunula Eno

Samite - Tunula Eno
Samite – Tunula Eno

New York, USA – Samite ‘s latest album, Tunula Eno is out on Triloka/Artemis Records. Ten of the 14 songs on Tunula Eno were written by Samite, the remaining tracks are traditional pieces. Along with Samite’s multi-instrumental contributions (flute, kalimba, marimba, vocals and chants) are Tony Cedras, (keyboard, guitar, backing vocals), David Cullen (guitar and bass), Jeff Haynes (drums and percussion), Dominique Kanza (guitar), Bakithi Kumualo (bass). Mar Gueye (drums), Emma (guitar), Marsha Perry (background vocals and mouth percussion) round out the band on the Tunula Eno sessions.Written and recorded during the last year of his beloved wife Joan’s life, the album is a celebration of that which makes us human: love, loss, endurance, hope. “I am convinced“, says Samite, “that we are all moved by the same desires, needs and emotions, regardless of the language in which those feelings are expressed.”

Portion of the net proceeds from the sale of Tunula Eno will go to Musicians for World Harmony.

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Essential Latin Flavas Dos

Essential Latin Flavas
Essential Latin Flavas
London, England – Djs Martin Morales & Dj Floro have assembled Essential Latin Flavas, a compilation of contemporary artists heavily influenced by Afro-Cuban, Colombian, Brazilian and Caribbean music – whether they be music makers from a folkloric or electronic music background.

A wide spectrum of music is represented in this recording. From the very best electronic mixes
to the most addictive traditional rhythms, from the punchiest rap tracks to the funkiest batucadas, this collection proves that Latin music is not just made up of timbales solos and salsa ‘fire’ but of much more. Like the emotive Te Quiero Pero Por Otro Lado’ by Barcelona based act Savath & Savalas; the quirky Afro-Cuban influenced ‘Jeliybean Bonanza’ by the Belgian band Internationals; the unique Afro-Peruvian electronic fusion on Novalima’s ‘Ritmos Negros’ and the future Cumbia Reggae hit by Colombia’s Pernett. According to the producers, “These tracks are the songs that people at Latin clubs love simply by hearing them over the loudspeakers. These are the tracks they feel, absorb and go crazy for. Many of them have never been released, nor are they by internationally renowned artists…. yet. But they hold the keys to all your future Latin listening sessions”.

London-based Martin Morales met Spain’s Dj Floro on a trip to Madrid a few years ago. Their joint passion for Latin and alternative music has made them intercontinental partners in the quest for the hottest Latin flavors. When they are not playing at clubs around the globe, Morales can be heard djing at his monthly Futuro Flamenco Club night at the Netting Hill Arts Club in London and Floro can be heard at several venues around Madrid.


Jorge Ben Jor Live in San Diego

San Diego, California, USA – Saturday, June 26, 2004, Brazilian Promotions in
association with the World Beat Center present the legendary
Ben Jor
at the
Reincarnation Gallery, located at 333 10th Avenue, Downtown San Diego. Doors
open at 8:00 p.m. and the price is $30 for General Admission and $75 for
Reserved VIP seating. All Ages: Info: 619.224.4684.

Jorge Ben Jor is the composer of such Brazilian anthems as “Mas, Que Nada,””Chove Chuva,””Que Pena,” and “Pais Tropical.” This master of samba-funk consistently has had best selling albums with over 20 CDs recorded on Polygram,
Warner, and Sony.Born in Madureira and raised in Catumbi, Rio de Janeiro’s suburbs, Jorge
enjoyed singing with the church choir and going out with carnival bands from an
early age. In his teens, he was a given a guitar and started playing Bossa Nova
and Rock ’n Roll with it. While in the US, his compositions "Zazoeira", "Mas Que
Nada" and "Nena Naná" hit the charts and were re-interpreted by musicians such
as Sergio Mendes, Herb Alpert, José Feliciano and Trini Lopez.


Synergy, a double CD by Shahid Parvez and Kumar Bose

UK – Sense World Music has released Synergy, a double CD by Shahid Parvez and Kumar Bose. In this performance Shahid Parvez has chosen to play the evening melody, Raga Jog, popular with musicians only in the last fifty years, relatively recent by Indian music standards. The first CD features the traditional introductory ‘alap’, a slow meditative elaboration of the main notes and phrases of the particular raga. Through the alap, the devotional mood of the raga is established, played in a free style without rhythmic accompaniment. Gradually, a pulse is introduced; between the short phrases you can hear the strumming of the drone (chikari) strings, which also serve to keep the soloist rooted to a tonal base note. At the conclusion of the alap, a composition is introduced. It is set to a rarely performed rhythmic cycle of eleven beats named Rudratal, which offers a musical challenge to both soloist and accompanist. Conceptually, the musicians may divide the cycle (e.g. 4.4.3); in this composition the leading melodic phrase (mukra) begins on the ninth beat. Throughout the recital the two players skillfully exchange musical ideas.

Raga Jog continues on CD 2 with three further compositions, two in the sixteen beats cycle of teental (tracks 1&3) and one in the twelve beats ektaal (track 2). The improvisations become faster and more intense, seemingly exploring every aspect of the melodic and rhythmic framework.

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Raga Pilu is regarded as a light classical music raga associated with the romantic song style of thumri. It uses all the twelve notes of the octave and offers its own challenges to the soloist. After concluding the alap (track 4), two compositions (5,6) are presented in a style that gives an opportunity to experience further glimpses of Shahid Parvez’s ability.



Pyrovates means firewalkers in Greek and is the title of a new world music CD. In Pyrovates Michalis Michaleris combines contemporary and traditional Greek music with modern music technology, introducing a balanced blend of sound.
Several traditional instruments are featured in Pyrovates (ud, saz, mandolin, jumbus, baglama, ruan, Greek flute, dauli, toubeleki, bendir, zilies) together with guitars, synths, loops and electronic percussion.


Singing in the Streets: Scottish Children’s Songs

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA – Rounder Records releases today Singing in the Streets: Scottish Children’s Songs
(Rounder 1795-2), which is part of the Alan Lomax Collection. It is an album of rich, timeless musical gleanings of evocative or surreal ephemeral
children’s lore, gathered in a school playground in the crowded city of
Edinburgh, a quiet little classroom on a sparsely populated Hebridean island, a
suburban street in Aberdeen, and in quiet conversations with James T. Ritchie,
one of Scotland’s foremost childlore experts, and with two giants of Scottish
folk music: Ewan MacColl and Hamish Henderson.Recorded from 1951 to 1957 by Alan Lomax, Hamish Henderson, and the MacLeans of
Raasay. Introduction and notes by Ewan McVicar. Remastered to 24-bit digital
from the original field recordings.


Singing in the Streets


Ben Shabalala of Ladysmith Black Mambazo Killed in Durban

[image1_left]South Africa – According to the US record label for Ladysmith
Black Mambazo, Ben Shabalala, brother of Ladysmith Black Mambazo founder and
leader Joseph Shabalala, was killed in unknown circumstances on June 16 in a
suburb of Durban, South Africa.

Ben first joined Ladysmith Black Mambazo in 1979 and was part of the group
during Paul Simon’s Graceland recording and subsequent tour. He retired from the
group in 1993 to spend more time at home with his family. His voice was an
integral part of the Ladysmith Black Mambazo sound that captivated audiences
worldwide through the popularity of the Graceland album — which won the
Grammy Award for album of the year in 1986. Ladysmith Black Mambazo also won a
Grammy in 1987 for their recording Shaka Zulu, of which Ben was also a
part. The group is currently on a worldwide tour promoting their latest release,
Raise Your Spirit Higher, and have decided to continue in honor of Ben’s
memory. Said Joseph Shabalala, “Ben was not just my brother, but is a part of my history.
He is a part of Ladysmith Black Mambazo’s legacy. While his life has ended in
this terrible way, his voice, his memory and his spirit will continue on with
Ladysmith Black Mambazo


Philadelphia Folk Festival Presents its 43rd Edition

Natalie MacMaster

Philadelphia, USA – The Philadelphia Folk Festival will take place August 27-29 at the Old Pool Farm near Schwenksville, Pennsylvania. It is a three-day extravaganza of traditional and contemporary folk, dance, crafts, camping, and children’s activities.

Some of the main attractions this year are: John Prine, Natalie MacMaster, Taj Mahal, La Botine Souriante, Chris Smither, Tom Russell, Ollabelle, and Mindy Smith. In all, 45 folk, world and roots artists will be providing more than 75 hours of music from contemporary to traditional, with an extra emphasis this year on dance.  Returning for his 43nd year as host/emcee is the Godfather of Philly Folk Music, WXPN radio personality and festival co-founder Gene Shay, whose four decades of dedication, preservation and promotion of folk music have become legendary — not only in Philadelphia, but around the country.

Organizers began making the whole festival more “user-friendly” last year, overhauling the Sunday closing schedule to end by
9:45 p.m., and allow audiences to get home early enough to get a fresh start on.

New to the festival in 2004 is a completely redesigned floor plan featuring the Grand Entrance Foyer, an outdoor lobby that welcomes festival-goers to the Philadelphia Folk Festival as they pass through the main entrance with an active area of dance, merchandise, crafts and, in the Philadelphia Folksong Society tent, space for members to gather and meet. A highlight of the Grand Entrance Foyer is the new Dance Tent – with a 3,500
square-foot wooden floored “studio,” where top-shelf dance bands and callers will be performing live. Another attraction is the Beer Garden, featuring a variety of brews.

There is an abundance of attractions for the kids, especially in Dulcimer Grove, the shady area between the Crafts Stage and Camp
Stage where puppeteers, jugglers, hands-on crafts, storytellers and kid-oriented musicians make it a haven for folk fans 12 and under. Musicians playing for the kids include Grammy Award winners Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer; the “Appalachian juju” of the Juggernaut String Band, and Echoing Heart.

A special section of the campgrounds is designated for Family Camping as a “quieter” area of the campgrounds, particularly late at
night, where campers there are asked to avoid after-hours jam sessions.

The lineup by day is as follows:

Friday evening: La Botine Souriante, Andy M. Stewart & Jerry O’Beirne, Brave Combo, Fink & Marxer, David Olney, Cherish
the Ladies. Piper: Dennis Hangey. MC: Gene Shay

Friday afternoon:  Full Frontal Folk, Hickory Project,
Adrienne Young & Little Sadie, Time for Three, John Flynn, Fitzgerald & Beach, Bill Kircher.

Friday afternoon kids (3 p.m.): Fink & Marxer, Echoing

Saturday evening: Eliza Gilkyson, Wild Asparagus, Mindy
Smith, Uncle Earl, Green Grass Cloggers, Robin & Linda Williams, Cindy Cashdollar & the Silver Shot Western Swing Revue. Piper: Dennis Hangey. MC: Gene Shay

Saturday afternoon: Taj Mahal, Ollabelle

Saturday showcase: Hank Williams Tribute

Sunday: John Prine, Chris Smither, John Roberts & Tony
Barrand, Natalie MacMaster, DaVinci’s Notebook, Tom Russell, Sones de Mexico

Sunday showcases: 2’s & 3’s Wishing Chair, We’re About
Nine, Girlyman

Tickets for the Philadelphia Folk Festival are available
at Tickets also will be available at the Philadelphia Folksong Society Box Office, 7113 Emlen St., Philadelphia. For complete information about the Festival and tickets, call the
Philadelphia Folk Festival at 800-556-FOLK.


New music reality show

USA – Spike TV, the first network specifically designed for men, and Sugar
Ray have teamed up with Kia for a new reality TV series airing July 9th that
will offer viewers a look at life ‘On
The Road
‘ with the band. There will be eight individuals compete on
Sugar Ray’s Make Every Mile Count Tour for a full-time job at Lava Records. According to the show’s publicists, "The higher the ratings, the better
the chances of more bands being featured ‘On The Road’ so your band could be


Alpha Blondy, Radical Roots From The Emperor Of African Reggae

London, England – Alpha Blondy –
Radical Roots From The Emperor Of African Reggae
(MANTCD050)is a new
compilation released by British label Manteca. Kwaku produced the
mid-priced album.

Alpha has released thirteen albums,” says Kwaku.
Listening through ‘Jah Glory’ (this 1982 album is internationally available
as ‘Rasta Poue’ and you can hear the skanking title track on this compilation)
to his last studio album, ‘Merci’ (2002), the most prevalent themes are social,
political and religious. Hence the tracks here have been chosen to reflect these
.” Track List


Super Powers (from Cocody Rock!!!)


Apartheid Is Nazism (from Apartheid Is Nazism)


Wari (from Merci)


God Bless Africa (from Merci)


Afriki (from Apartheid Is Nazism)


Rasta Poue (from Rasta Poue)


La Guerre (from Dieu)


Who Are You (from Merci)


Les Imbeciles (from Yitzak Rabin)


Bloodshed In Africa (from Jerusalem)


Sciences Sans Conscience (from Masada)


Politiqui (from Jerusalem)


The Prophet (from The Prophets)


Mo (from Grand Bassam Zion Rock)


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