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Artist Profiles: Tlen-Huicani


Tlen-Huicani remains one of the most faithful performers of the traditional folk music of Veracruz, Mexico. Since 1973, their music and international achievements have earned the honor of Best Folk Group in Mexico by the Union of Music and Theater Critics.

Tlen-Huicani, which means “the singers” in the indigenous Indian language of Nahuatl, makes the beautiful arpa jarocha or folk harp, the centerpiece of their music. Maestro, Alberto de la Rosa, is respected for his musicianship throughout Mexico and considered among the most outstanding folk harpists in the world. Under his direction, the group has mastered many types of Latin music including songs of emotion as heard on Concierto Romantico, or their innovative program of the traditional music of Mexico with orchestra, titled Cuerdas Veracruzanas.

Along with their traditional costumes and instruments, a concert with Tlen-Huicani is like taking a journey of Mexico’s music, time and place.


Primeras Grabaciones (UV, 1983)
Raíces del Pueblo (Musart, 1985)
Veracruz Son y Huapango (UV, 1988)
Un Canto a Latinoamerica (Peerless, 1989)
Latinoamericano (Sonopress, 1990)
Jarocho (Peerless, 1991)
Pasión Jarocha (Global Entertainment, 1998)
Concierto Romántico Vol. 1 (At Home International Music, 1999)
Concierto Romántico Vol. 2 (At Home International Music, 1999)
Décimas y Romances del Papaloapan (UV, 2005)
De México a Paraguay (UV, 2009)
Navidad con Tlen-Huicani (UV, 2011)
Cantos Navideños (UV, 2015)
Misa Jarocha (2015)