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Artist Profiles: T.A.S. Mani

Karnataka College of Percussion

T.A.S. Mani, the founder and president of Karnataka College of Percussion (KCP) is an internationally renowned teacher, performing percussionist (mridangam -classical drum) and composer.

He is responsible for putting KCP on the world map since 1975. He has accompanied leading musicians of Carnatic (south Indian) classical music, and has composed many pieces employing experimental rhythms. He also teaches at the Bangalore University, has written books on mridangam and is a member of the audition board of All India Radio.

He is also the founder and director of the percussion ensemble Tala Tarangini which is known worldwide.


Reise, with Embryo (Schneeball, 1979)
Sangam, with Charlie Mariano and Louis Banks (Eigelstein, 1981)
Jyothi, with Charlie Mariano (1983)
Life, with Embryo and Charlie Mariano (1980)
Germanistan, with Dissidenten (1982)
Germanistan Tour 83, with Dissidenten (1983)
The Jungle Book with Dissidenten (1984)
Shiva Ganga with Dr. Raghavendra (1995)
Blue Glass with C. Hinze (1997)
River Yanuma (Music of the World, 1999)
Bangalore Wild, with David Rothenberg (2000)
The Great Train Journey, with Dr. Ragavendra and Charlie Mariano (2002)
Om Keshav, with Charlie Mariano (2005)