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Artist profiles: Silly Wizard

Silly Wizard in 1983

Silly Wizard was one of the most phenomenal Scottish bands. It played the essence of Scottish music throughout Europe and North America for over two decades.

Silly Wizard was formed by some of the best musicians/composers in modern Scottish music: the Cunningham brothers Phil Cunningham and Johnny Cunningham, singer-songwriter Andy Stewart and one the best rhythm sections in the British folk world, Gordon Jones and Martin Hadden.

Scottish musician Dougie MacClean joined the band from 1979 to 1980 after Johnny Cunningham left.

The band split in 1988 after recording a farewell album Glint of Silver and an extensive final tour.

Most of the musicians moved on to pursue solo careers. Gordon Jones and Bob Thomas run Harbourtown Records.


Silly Wizard (Transatlantic/Xtra, 1976)
Caledonia’s Hardy Sons (1978)
So Many Partings (Highway, 1979)
Wild & Beautiful (Highway, 1981)
Kiss the Tears Away (Highway, 1983)
Live in America (1985)
The Best of Silly Wizard (1985)
Glint of Silver (Green Linnet Records, 1986)
Live Wizardry (Green Linnet Records, 1988)
Live Again (2012), recorded in 1983


Artist Profiles: Relativity


Relativity was a groundbreaking Celtic super group that played traditional Irish and Scottish music with a new edge” as well as original tunes.

It tied together the talents of some of the best Irish and Scottish contemporary folk musicians, featuring members from The Bothy Band (Micheal O Domhnaill and Triona Ni Dhomhnaill) and Silly Wizard (Johnny and Phil Cunningham).

Several members of the band went on to create another band called Nightnoise which became very popular.


Johnny Cunningham – fiddle
Micheal O Domhnaill – guitar
Phil Cunningham – accordion, keyboards
Triona Ni Dhomhnaill – vocals, keyboards


Relativity (Green Linnet, 1985)
Gathering Pace (Green Linnet, 1987)