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Winners of The 2nd Annual Russian World Music Awards Announced

Best World Music Band – Seven Eight Band
Experimental Award – Nadishana
Best Authentic Band – Merema
Newcomer Award – Karelia
Best Video – Otava Yo
World Music Legend – Sergey Starostin
Audience prize – Gilead
Contributions to world music – Theodor Bastard

The 2nd Annual Russian World Music Awards were held on Thursday, November 23rd at the Moscow’s Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia. Shaman Nikolay Oorzhak from Tuva opened the ceremony with a traditional prayer.


Nikolay Oorzhak


Russian musicians are rarely present on the world music scene so this project is created to change this situation. On the Awards’ social media page vk.com/russianworldmusicawards you can listen to all the tracks from nominees for free.

Our ceremony in Moscow on November 23rd was very successful. It gathered lots of musicians, directors of all the main world music festivals of Russia (Andrei Klukin from Wild Mint festival in Moscow, Natalia Shostina – director of Kamwa festival from Perm and Yuri Romanov – WhatEthno festival director from Novosibirsk), and many fans of Russian culture. It was a please to hear from the audience that it was a cultural revolution in our country!


Natalia Myazina and Daryana Antipova


The ceremony was conducted by Andrei Bukharin, music critic and columnist for Rolling Stone magazine. This year, 46 music collectives from 25 cities were nominated. Voting was conducted with the participation of 12 jury members, consisting of the largest specialists in the field of folk music from 9 countries: Ben Mandelson from the UK, Jarmila Vlchkova from Slovakia, Nataliya Shostina from Russia, Simon Broughton from the UK, Aengus Finnan from the US, Rolf Beydemuller from Germany, Alexander Cheparukhin from Russia, Arne Berg from Norway, Andrew Cronshaw from the UK, Nick Hobbs from Turkey, Carlos Seixas from Portugal and Yury Romanov from Russia. In total, 12 samurais and absolutely wonderful people.

The special guest Arne Berg from NRK (Norway) and musical journalist Vadim Ponomarev (Guru Ken) had a networking meeting named “World music today: identity, migration, context” the next day on November 24th at Pioneer Cinema Bookstore.

Organizers are Natalia Myazina and Daryana Antipova.


The Russian World Music Awards team


The best authentic project – Merema:


The best world music project – Seven Eight Band:


The best experimental project – Nadishana:


Listener’s choice – Gilead:


Debut Group – Karelia:


Best Music Video – Ottawa Yo:


World Music Legend – Sergey Starostin


Contributions to world music – Theodor Bastard


More information:



Echoes of the Kuzhebar

Nadishana Trio – Far&Near

Nadishana Trio

Far&Near (Sound Microsurgery Department, 2011)

One of the most interesting world fusion collaborations this year is the Nadishana Trio. The band brings together three renowned virtuoso musicians from different parts of the globe: Siberian multi-instrumentalist Nadishana (Vladiswar Nadishana), American percussionist Steve Shehan and German bass player Armin Metz. Their new album is titled Far&Near.

Although all the pieces are original global fusion works by Nadishana, Metz and Shehan, Far&Near is inspired by the ancient Kuzhebar civilization of southern Siberia, near the Sayan Mountains. Nadishana and Shehan illustrate the pieces with an impressive array of musical instruments, some of which are new creations.

The trio sounds organically cohesive, with beautifully composed pieces as well as segments of improvisation and solos. Nadishana crates fascinating exotic sounds with numerous musical instruments, some of which may not sound familiar because he created them himself or are modifications of traditional musical instruments. These include the dzuddahord, hybrid kaval, futujara, hu-lu-si, bansuri, duclar, khomus, utar, tambujira, 1 tone drum, mouthbow, and various percussion sounds.

Steve Shehan uses a self-constructed percussion kit, brushes, hang drum, spacedrum, sagattes, kendang, steel drums, hadgini, tuned udus, piano, likembe, conga, calabash, handsonic, knong wong, and various other percussion instruments.

Armin Metz supports the multi-instrumentalists on 6-string fretless and fretted basses.

Far&Near is a mesmerizing collection of new global fusion pieces performed by three accomplished musicians on traditional and marvelous new musical instruments. The CD version comes in digipak with an embossed cover and detailed liner notes.

CD available from nadishana.com/Rus/AlbumsEng.htm

Digital download: Far&Near