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Mahoran Musician M’Toro Chamou to Release Sika Mila

M’Toro Chamou – Sika Mila

M’Toro Chamou, a vocalist and guitarist from Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, has a new album titled Sika Mila (Le Cri de l’Océan Indien).

Sika Mila means preserve your culture and is scheduled for release on April 26, 2019. The album showcases Mahoran culture on an island experiencing a transformation ever since it became the 101st department of France in 2011.

To M’Toro Chamou, appreciating his culture, his roots, and identity is a necessity that must not be lost to the detriment of a culture that is not his own, or else fall into oblivion.

Sika Mila contains ten tracks that include traditional percussion from Mayotte, such as the taris and the n’goma, along with electric guitars, banjo and the harmonica.

M’Toro Chamou released Punk Islands in 2016.


Mayotte Afro-Rock

M’Toro Chamou – “Punk islands” (2016)

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and composer M’Toro Chamou hails from Mayotte, an island located in the Indian Ocean near Comoros which is under French control. He’s an advocate for the island’s culture, which is under threat due to western popular culture influence. His latest album is titled “Punk islands”.

The new album features a fiery combination of traditional m’godro rhythms from Mayotte, African music and western influences, such as rock and blues, and call and response vocals.

“Punk islands” is a fascinating introduction to one of the iconic artists from the Indian Ocean region.

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