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Artist Profiles: Monika Njava

Monika Njava – Photo by Bir Images

Percussionist and vocalist Monika Njava grew up on the island of Madagascar in the southwest port of Morondava.

Celebrated across Madagascar as a national diva, Monika Njava was a lead singer in the award-winning group Njava, recording two critically acclaimed albums for EMI’s Hemispheres label.

She has recorded with best-selling act Deep Forest and continues to tour with the band. In 2012 she released a solo world pop album, Haizina, with musicians from three continents.

Always exploring new musical territory, in 2014 she recorded Island Jazz with bass virtuoso Linley Marthe. Island Jazz mixes traditional Malagasy music and contemporary jazz.

Monika sings in several Malagasy dialects. She draws on folktales and everyday village life for her lyrics. She also addresses contemporary themes affecting her country, such as corruption, environmental devastation, and the empowerment of women.

She is a member of the highly-respected supergroup Toko Telo. Her colleagues are two of Madagascar’s finest musicians: D’Gary and Régis Gizavo.


From South Madagascar, with Njava (Sushi Records, 1997)
Vetse , with Njava (EMI Hemisphere, 1999)
Source, with Njava (EMI Hemisphere, 2001)
Haizina ( Anio Records, 2012)
Island Jazz ( Anio Records, 2014)
Toy Raha Toy, with Toko Telo (Anio Records, 2017)
Diavola, with Toko Telo (Anio Records, 2018)


Sublime Toy Raha Toy

Toko Telo – Toy Raha Toy

Toko Telo – Toy Raha Toy (Anio Records, 2017)

Toko Telo is a world music supergroup that brings together three of the finest and best-known Malagasy artists. The lineup includes guitar virtuoso and vocalist D’Gary (Ernest Randrianasolo), vocalist and percussionist Monika Njava voice & percussion; and accordionist and vocalist Régis Gizavo.

The trio delivers masterful performances showcasing their talent in a set of original songs by D’Gary, Régis Gizavo and other songwriters. You’ll find fiery guitar and accordion pieces, along with beautiful laid back songs.

Sadly, Règis Gizavo died on July 16, 2017. Toko Telo have decided to continue to perform in his honor.

Toy Raha Toy is an impeccable album representing music rooted in the traditions of southern Madagascar, performed by three world class musicians.



Buy the Toy Raha Toy CD or the MP3 download.