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As The Winds Die Down

Kelly Thoma – As The Winds Die Dow

Kelly Thoma – As The Winds Die Down (Kelly Thoma, 2019)

Part and parcel to the group Labyrinth, as well as the Labyrinth Musical Project, member of the Ross Daly Quartet and the Tokso Folk String Quartet, Greek musician and composer Kelly Thoma has added a new recording to her two previous solo works Anamkhara and 7Fish. Music fans looking to dip into the riches of Greece will revel in the musical landscape of As The Winds Die Down.

In addition to composing the music for As The Winds Die Down, Ms. Thoma regales listeners with her incomparable lyra playing. Joined by singer Vassilis Stavrakakis, lauto player and singer Giorgis Manolakis, percussionist Giannis Papatzanis and percussionist, saz and tarhu player Ross Daly, Ms. Thoma conjures up a vibrant sound.

The music of As The Winds Die Down is tapestry of elegant lyra lines, rich percussion and dazzling runs of lauto. Alive with dizzily swirling tracks like opening track “As The Winds Die Down,” “Kotylies of Armanogeia” and “Madness and Reason” with slower elegant tracks like “Rain,” “The Tree’s Song” and “Your Dark Side” As The Winds Die Down shimmers and glows with talents of these musicians.

As The Winds Die Down is equal parts electrifying and poignant. The only unfortunate aspect is that some naughty person provided no translations of the song lyrics other than just the titles. Certainly, there must be some kind of story behind a track titled “Madness and Reason” or “Your Dark Side.”  Without a press release or any sort of explanation why this music is meaningful or what the songs are about I’m afraid As The Winds Die Down tells only half the story in its current form.

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Lyra Virtuosa Kelly Thoma Releases As the winds die down

Kelly Thoma – Ama kopasoun oi kairo

Kelly Thoma, one of the finest performers of the Cretan lyra has a new album titled Ama kopasoun oi kairoi (As the winds die down).

Ama kopasoun oi kairoi includes original songs by Kelly Thoma featuring two of Crete’s most renowned singers, Vassilis Stavrakakis and Giorgis Manolakis. Lyrics by Mitsos Stavarkakis, Giorgos Dagalakis, Nikolaos Andreadakis and Kelly Thoma.

The musicians on the album include on Κelly Thoma on lyra, percussion; Vassilis Stavrakakis on vocals; Giorgis Manolakis on lauto, vocals; Giannis Papatzanis on percussion; Ross Daly on saz, percussion, tarhu.


Artist Profiles: Matthaios Tsahourides

Matthaios Tsahourides

Award-winning musician and composer Matthaios Tsahourides (Ματθαίος Τσαχουρίδης), also known as Matthaios Tsahouridis, was born September 18, 1978 in Veria, Greece. He is a master of the Pontic Lyra (the bottle-shaped stringed musical instrument of the Greeks of Pontos on the South Black Sea coast). Matthaios creates a sensitive and lyrical interpretation of this rich tradition of Greek music. In addition to the lyra, Tsahourides plays the violin, lauto, ud, bouzouki, guitar, kamancheh, rubab, and ghichaks.


Sea Storm
Apo Ton Ponto Stin Persia – From Pontos to Persia (Protasis, 2003)
Raz-E Negah – Kamancheh and Lira Improvisation


Spellbinding Music Inspired by the Moon and the East

Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma – Lunar (Labyrinth, 2017)

Lunar is a superb 2-CD album by influential musician, composer and Crete-based world traveler Ross Daly and one of his most distinguished students, Cretan artist Kelly Thoma.

Most of the music on Lunar consists of mesmerizing and circular original compositions by Daly, who is deeply inspired by the musics of the Eastern Mediterranean, primarily Greece and Turkey, and Central and South Asia.

Ross Daly is a multi-instrumentalists who plays a wide range of musical instruments from Greece, Turkey, Afghanistan and other parts of the globe. One of his specialties is the lyra and Afghan rabab. On Lunar, Daly is joined by Kelly Thoma on soprano lyra and percussionists Saam Schlamminger, Marija Katsouna and Zohar Fresco on bendir frame drums. The fascinating sound of the bendir is a perfect fit for Daly’s music, creating an overall spellbinding effect.

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