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Artist Profiles: Keyvan Chemirani

Keyvan Chemirani – Photo by Jasmin Toccata

Born in Paris in 1968, Keyvan Chemirani started learning the zarb at the age of 13. Taught by his father, he soon assimilated the traditional technique. Keyvan studied for his masters in mathematics until 1989, when he launched an international career as soloist and accompanist. He also plays the udu, an earthenware jug used in the East and in Africa, as well as the bendir and the riqq, two percussion instruments from the Mediterranean area. Keyvan has given many concerts with various traditional groups.

Keyvan is part of the famed Chemirani ensemble.


Zarb Duo et Solo (1997)
Vents d’Est. Ballade pour une mer qui chante (1997)
Trio de Zarb (1999)
Alazar (2000)
Qalam Kar (2002)
Falak (2003)
Messatge (2003)
Le Rhythme de la Parole I (2004)
Urna: Amilal, with Mongolian singer Urna) (2005)
Le Rhythme de la Parole II (2006)
Battements Au Cœur De l’Orient – Heartbeat of the Orient (2007)
Thrace – Sunday Morning Sessions (2016)