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The Better Musical Paradises of Javier Ruibal

Javier Ruibal – “Paraísos mejores” (Nuba Records, 2018)

Javier Ruibal, one of Spain’s finest musical poets delivers another gem titled Paraísos mejores (better paradises). Ruibal has a highly expressive, captivating vocal style that matches his poetic lyrics perfectly. His lyrics talk about love, flamenco dreams, recent historical events, the hopes of African migrants, Egypt travels, imaginary places and the aspiration of humanity despite war mongering. All songs are in Spanish except one in which Ruibal sings in Arabic.

Musically, Javier Ruibal, takes you on a fantastic musical trip around the globe, incorporating flamenco, Cuban music, Middle Eastern music, bolero, contemporary jazz, rock, and chamber classical music.

The album was produced by Javier’s son, percussionist Javi (Javier Jr.) Ruibal. Paraísos mejores includes two high profile singers, Dominican star Juan Luis Guerra and the great Brazilian artist Chico Cesar.

The line-up includes Javier Ruibal on vocals and guitar together with some of Spain’s best players: Jose Recacha on electric and acoustic guitars, ud, bouzouki, Portuguese guitar, electric bass and keyboards; Javi Ruibal on drums and percussion; Manuel Machado on trumpet; Federico Lechner on piano; Victor Merlo on acoustic bass; Diego Villegas on saxophone, flute, clarinet and harmonica; Frederick Hogue on trombone; Daniel Escortell on bass; Jorge Arribas on accordion; Diego Galaz on violin, mandolin and saw; Laure Gaudrom on viola; José Inés Guerrero on cello;  Faiçal Kourrich on violin and viola; and José Carlos Roca on cello.


Artist Profiles: Javier Ruibal

Javier Ruibal

Francisco Javier Ruibal de Flores Calero was born in Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) in 1955. He is a self-taught musician, professional since 1978, whose compositions echo a range of cultures from both nearby in the distant past and far away in the present day. The strong presence of flamenco gives them a rich rhythm and harmony base on top of which there is an array of music styles from places such as: Istanbul, Alexandria, Granada, Cadiz, and the Caribbean, all together creating a new music.

Javier Ruibal writes all the lyrics. They tell of places and characters both imagined and real. He draws his inspiration from his love of life and beautiful women, resulting in lyrics dripping with fantastic tales and evocative Spanish poems of love. He sings about exotic Arabic gardens, lost souls who are inspired and saved by lovers, outbreaks of rage, the strong and the magical, bellydancers in Paris, flamencos in Manhattan, trains and boats, women and ports, African queens, sailors on the town, blue roses, the water and moon in Tangiers, all included in the same wide, unending landscape.

Ruibal acknowledges that he is not a Flamenco singer, even though he uses Flamenco forms. He defines himself as a songwriter who loves to perform live. A good opportunity to watch him live is on his 2005 release Lo que me dice tu boca, a CD+DVD, which includes 17 previously unreleased songs recorded live at Madrid’s venerable Galileo club, and a documentary, Lo que me dicen tus Ojos.

Javier Ruibal, José Guirao, Minister of Culture; King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain

In 2017, Javier Ruibal received the Premio Nacional de Músicas Actuales  (National Award for Current Music). The King and Queen of Spain presented the 2017 National Awards at the National Prado Museum. The awards bestowed by Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Sports honor personalities from the world of Arts and Culture.


Duna (Hispavox, 1983)
Cuerpo Celeste (Ariola, 1986)
La Piel De Sara (Ariola, 1989)
Pensión Triana (Lollipop, 1994)
Contrabando (PDI, 1997)
Las Damas Primero (18 Chulos, 2001)
Sáhara (World Music Network, 2003)
Lo Que Me Dice Tu Boca (18 Chulos, 2005)
Pensión Triana – Special Edition (18 Chulos, 2010)
Sueño (18 Chulos, 2011)
Quédate Conmigo (Lo Suyo, 2013)
Paraísos mejores (Nuba Records, 2018)


Celebrated Singer-Songwriter Javier Ruibal to Present New Album in Madrid

Spanish singer-songwriter Javier Ruibal will be presenting his new album titled “Paraísos Mejores” (Better paradises) at Sala Galileo Galilei in Madrid on December 14 and 15.

Javier Ruibal is the recent winner of the National Prize of Current Music. He’s one of Spain’s finest songwriters and his music is rooted in Andalusian traditions, including flamenco, as well as Mediterranean and North African influences and jazz.

The album was produced by Javi Ruibal, Javier’s son, and features some of Spain’s finest instrumentalists: Jose Recacha, Manuel Machado, Federico Lechner, Victor Merlo, Diego Villegas, and Faiçal Kourrich. Arrangements include wind and strings sections.

Javier Ruibal’s discography includes Duna (1983), Cuerpo Celeste (Ariola), La Piel de Sara (Ariola), Pensión Triana (Lollipop), Contrabando (PDI), Las Damas Primero (18 Chulos), Sáhara (World Music Network), Lo Que Me Dice Tu Boca (18 Chulos), Pensión Triana – Special Edition (18 Chulos), Sueño (18 Chulos) and Quédate Conmigo (Lo Suyo).


Madrid’s Inverfest 2018 to Feature Flamenco and World Music

Inverfest, the Madrid winter festival, will take place January 12 through February 4, 2018 at Teatro Circo Price. The music festival will feature international and national music acts including world music, Celtic, flamenco, indie rock, pop and singer-songwriters.

The lineup includes Goran Bregovic, Javier Ruibal, Carlos Núñez, Los Chichos, Mayte Martín, Bebe, M-Clan, Iván Ferreiro, and Andrés Suárez.

Teatro Circo Price is located at Ronda de Atocha 35, 28012 Madrid

More at www.teatrocircoprice.es