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Artist Profiles: Diego Amador

Diego Amador

Born in 1973 into one of the elite families of Seville’s Tres Mil Viviendas neighborhood, by the young age of 11, Diego Amador was already playing professionally and had mastered drums, guitar, piano, and bass, and possessed an unusually powerful voice.

He joined the revered flamenco rock band Pata Negra founded by his brothers Raimundo and Rafael. Now considered one of the few flamenco masters on the piano, he developed his own self-taught method and is able to adapt traditional guitar accompaniment formats to the keyboard, winning the admiration of his colleagues in the flamenco sphere.

He has also played with La Susi, Remedios Amaya and Joaquin Grilo and is a long-time member of Tomatito’s Sextet. Internationally, Amador has collaborated with artists such as Larry Coryell, Luis Salinas, Alex Acuna, Birelli Lagrene and Jerry Gonzalez.

As one of the most gifted musician-composers of the current flamenco scene, he remains very much rooted in the unique gypsy approach to rhythm and harmonic structure and is thus hailed as a provocative, innovative and creative force within flamenco’s evolution, combing flamenco, jazz and salsa.

His skills are showcased on his Nuevos Medios/Fantasy Records release Piano Jondo on which he plays practically every instrument. His genius and trademark magnetism or “duende” are also clearly reflected in live performances.


Anticipo Flamenco (1992)
El Aire de lo Puro (Nuevos Medios, 2001)
Piano Jondo (Nuevos Medios/Fantasy Records, 2008)
Rio de los Canasteros (Nuevos Medios, 2010)
Jazz a L’EStudi (TVC Disc, 2011)
Flamenco Jazz Tribute Live in Paris (DA Records, 2013)
Scherzo Flamenco (Rumor TVE, 2013)
Soy de las 3000 (Alacran Records, 2016)


The SGAE Foundation to Present ‘Flamencos y mestizos’ from December 13 to 16 in Madrid

Cynthia Cano

The SGAE Foundation will present one more edition of the Flamenco and mestizo series this year. The performances begin today, December 13 and will run until December 16, 2018. The artists include Diego Amador, Lela Soto, Cynthia Cano, Israel Fernández, Claudia ‘La Debla’, and Chico Pérez in collaboration with Amparo Navarro.

Lela Soto

Flamencos y mestizos will start on Thursday, December 13 with showcases by two of the youngest artists. First, one of the most promising vocalists of the current flamenco scene, Lela Soto, heiress of the legacy of La Casa de Los Sordera (the Sordera Family). After that, bailaora (dancer) Cynthia Cano, will stage her show, full of inspiration, grace and flamenco temperament.

Israel Fernández

On December 14, the Sala Berlanga will host the pure cante (singing style) of Israel Fernández. It is 21st century flamenco with a lot of rhythm, harmony and spirit.

Claudia ‘La Debla’

The double set will close with the very young Claudia ‘La Debla’ who has managed to win the hearts of flamenco lovers with her dance.

Diego Amador

Diego Amador, known as the Gypsy Ray Charles (El Rey Charles Gitano) because of the free and energetic spirit with which he plays the piano,will present a single show on Saturday, December 15.

Chico Pérez

 The series will close on Sunday, December 16th, with Chico Pérez, an emerging pianist from Jaén, who will perform accompanied by Amparo Navarro’s dance.

Flamencos y mestizos is a showcase created to present a window to emerging artists who explore the borders between deep flamenco and mestizo (hybrid) flamenco through compositions, dance and song. This is the second installment of this series in 2018 (it has been running since 2015), directed by the producer, composer and singer Paco Ortega.

Shows start at 21:00 (9:00 p.m.) at Sala Berlanga, Calle Andrés Mellado 53, Madrid. Price: 5.50 euros. Advance sale at the box office and at ticketea.com.