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Artist Profiles: Mames Babegenush

Mames Babegenush

Mames Babegenush was founded in Copenhagen in 2004. It is a six-piece ensemble that combines klezmer music, Scandinavian roots and Eastern European traditions.

Lineup: Andreas Møllerhøj on double bass; Lukas Rande on saxophones; Morten Ærø on drums; Nicolai Kornerup on accordion; Bo Rande on flügelhorn; and Emil Goldschmidt on clarinet.


Klezmer Killed The Radiostar (Calibrated Music, 2009)
My Heart Aches When The Angels Dance (Gateway Music, 2011)
Full Moons & Pay Days [Remixes and Originals] (Gateway Music, 2012)
Mames Babegenush (Math Records, 2014)
Mames Babegenush with Strings (Galileo Records, 2017)


Artist Profiles: Kvasir


Kvasir consists of two Danish women who offer an energetic interpretation of traditional dance tunes and songs from different areas of their country. The musicians provide a deeper insight into the Danish folk culture with stories about the tunes, the composers and elder folk musicians. In addition to concert performances, Kvasir offers music and dance workshops.

Henriette Hansen was born 1979 in Esbjerg. At 8 years old she started to take violin lessons following the Suzuki method at the music school in her hometown. In 1996 she was accepted at MGK in Esbjerg and then at The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense in 1998. In 2002 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in classical violin and jazz singing. After graduating, she arrived to Canada to study privately with Prof. Thomas Williams from McGill University in Montreal, with whom she took classes until 2004. During her stay in Montreal she also studied the traditional folk music of Quebec. In 2005, Henriette ended her studies with a masters degree from The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in classical violin. Over the course of her studies Henriette has been active with different orchestras and ensembles in Denmark.

Mette Kathrine Jensen was born in 1980 in Vejle. Mette’s family has long been active in the folk music and dance scene in Denmark, which inspired her to start dancing at a young age. Mette’s introduction to the accordion came at the age of 13 years, when she began taking lessons from a neighbour; later, she studied at music schools and continued to take private lessons. In 2001 she was accepted into the folk music program at The Carl Nielsen Academy in Odense. In the last few years, Mette has visited many of the elder folk musicians in Denmark and they all have been a great source of inspiration for her. She has been active in the folk music scene, performing with Jensen & Bugge, Strejf and Knorifas and as an instructor of music and dance courses.


Artist Profiles: Phønix


Phønix’s music is characterized by its its respect for tradition with a drive for originality. With a unique instrumentation on some new tunes, texts taken from the great Scandinavian folk tradition, and complex and original arrangements, Phønix is doing its bit to rejuvenate and continue the Danish folk music tradition.

Karen Mose Nørgaard – Vocals

Karen interprets the traditional songs and poems of Denmark. She grew up in the village of Tommerup on the island of Fnen and was taught to sing folk songs by her mother from a very early age. Today Karen is living in Odense, where she attends the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, studying singing and folk music. Since 1999 she has appeared with Lang Linken, Dudelidej and Stafivia.

Anja Præst Mikkelsen – Bass Clarinet & Clarinet

With her bass clarinet Anja has cultivated a quite special sound of rhythmical ostinatos and thrilling bass lines. Anja graduated in 1998 from the Music Academy in rhus as a music teacher and from the Carl Nielsen Academy – folk music stream in 2002. Anja is also known from the bands Dug, Stafivia and Tek3.

Jesper Vinther Petersen – Accordion

Jesper plays the part of the accompanist in the band. With his rhythms and daring chords he contributes to the group’s unique sound. Jesper graduated in 2002 from the Carl Nielsen Academy of music – folk music stream, and is also known from his work in Dug, Ostinat Expressen, Baltinget and with violinist Kristine Heebll.

Jesper Falch – Percussion

Jesper provides a steady and swinging rhythm base with his congas. His playing supports melody as well as accompaniment and ties the music together. In June 2000 he graduated from Center for Rhythmic Music and Movement in Silkeborg. Then he supplemented his studies with a diploma at the Royal Music Academy in Copenhagen. He now works as a freelance musician and music teacher. He is also known from Baltinget and the rock bands Hush and Zoe.

Phønix has won Two Danish Folk Awards for 2003 Five Nominations for its CD Pigen & Drengen and awards for Best Danish folk vocalist and best composer.

Pigen & Drengen (The Boy and the Girl) is Phønix’s fourth album but it is the first release from the band to contain both vocal and instrumental music. The numbers on the album are a mixture of newly composed tunes and texts taken from the treasure trove of Scandinavian folk poetry and song. The texts add a whole new dimension to the unique Phønix style and sound. The title number “The Boy and the Girl” is a story about a young couple that meets on the dance floor.


Udbrud (Phønix, 1998)
Live (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 1999)
Pigen & Drengen (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2002)
Collage (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2004)
Folk (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2007)
Nu (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2014)
Groovy Guzheng (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2017)


Artist Profiles: Oriental Mood

Oriental Mood won the contest for best world music band in Denmark in 1999. The band Mood has a very broad experience, allowing it to play classical Turkish/Arabic music in one moment , and Afro-Arabic or Balkan-inspired in the next. In Oriental Mood, elements from musical traditions of Turkey, Balkan, Kurdistan, Morocco, Egypt and India blend together with western music-styles, creating their own special “world sound”.

Oriental mood was formed in 1991 and has been touring in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy and Egypt.

Lars Bo Kujahn started as a fusion jazz drummer, but soon took interest in Balkan -and Middle Eastern music. He lived for many years with one leg in Copenhagen and the other in Cairo, where he learned Arabian drumming. He also learned how to play the Arabian harp: qanun.

Claus Mathiesen plays clarinet and has roots in experimental rock and Balkan-music. He started playing Middle Eastern music when he got in contact with Turkish musicians in the beginning of the eighties. He studied and traveled in Turkey and the Balkans. Mathiesen frequently performs with Turkish singer Fuat Saka.

Frank Juul is one of the few westerners who really learned how to play the Indian tabla. He studied art during a five years stay in Benares, India. In Oriental Mood, he transfers the Indian playing-techniques to the middle-eastern rhythms. He also plays with Fuat Saka Band.

Marco Spallanzani is a fusion jazz guitarist with a big love for world music. He´s educated at the rhythmic conservatory of Copenhagen. He plays saz (Turkish lute) as well.

Niels Lichtenberg is a new member of the band. He plays bass and is a specialist in Brazilian and Latin music. Educated at the rhythmic conservatory ofi Copenhagen.

Yasar Tas is a Turkish Kurd with a big passion for eastern world music. He plays saz, ud, zurna, nay and percussion.


Their Greatest Hits Plus 2 ‎(United One Records, 1999)
Muktalef – Different ‎(Gateway Music, 2007)


Artist Profiles: Henrik Jansberg

Henrik Jansberg

Henrik Jansberg is one of the most talented young fiddlers on the Danish folk music scene. A graduate of the Carl Nielsen Academy in Odense and has already played in many countries including Denmark, England, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Japan, both solo and in various bands.

Born into the Danish dance music tradition, Jansberg has the touch, the rhythm and the right swing, which is the essence of this music. After releasing his debut CD, Signatur, in 2005, Henrik received two Danish Music Awards in the categories Debut of the Year and Traditional Artist of the Year. The Henrik Jansberg Band will include Ramus Zeeberg, Rasmus Brylle, and Steffan S. Sorensen.


Signatur (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2004)
Omnivor (GO’ Danish Folk Music, 2007)