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Irish harping Added to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

National Harp Day with Clodagh, Oisín and Alva at the Lexicon Cultural Centre, Dún Laoghaire. Co Dublin, Ireland – Photo by Tom Honan Photography, 2017

Irish harping has been added to UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The harp is Ireland’s national symbol and has been played for over 1,000 years. Its captivating bell-like sound celebrates Irish mythology, folklore and literature.

Contemporary gut-strung harpers have maintained the ancient repertoire and safeguarded its continuity while responding to evolving styles.

There has been a major resurgence of interest in harp playing over the past 60 years thanks to a growing appreciation of the harp’s role in Irish culture, language and identity.

International Festival for Irish Harp, brothers Éamon and Cormac de Bara (harp) – Photo by Kieran Cummins, 2017

Some of the best known harpers in Ireland include Cormac de Barra, Moya Brennan (Máire Brennan), Janet Harbison, Mary O’Hara and Gráinne Hambly.