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Artist Profiles: Buddy MacMaster

Buddy MacMaster with his niece Natalie

Buddy MacMaster was born October 18, 1924 in Timmins, Canada.

Buddy MacMaster was the undisputed master of Cape Breton fiddling. His reputation as a player grew since the 1940s when he started to establish himself, playing while working at the Canadian National Railway. Buddy recorded his first album when he retired from the CNR and went on to receive national and international acclaim and honors, including the Order of Canada.

My uncle Buddy MacMaster is one of the greatest fiddlers Cape Breton has ever produced, and we’ve produced a lot of them! His fellow fiddlers owe him a huge debt, for he has greatly influenced and inspired all of us. He makes you want to dance; he can bring tears to your eyes,” said Natalie MacMaster.

Buddy recorded several albums, taught and played concerts and dances.

Buddy MacMaster died on August 20, 2014 in Judique, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Judique on the Floor (1989)
Glencoe Hall (1991)
The Judique Flyer (2000)
Cape Breton Tradition (2003)
Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island (2005) with Natalie MacMaster