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Artist Profiles: John Munro

John Munro was born in Glasgow in 194. He moved to Adelaide, Australia in 1965. John Munro has made a name for himself as an inspiring and talented songwriter best exemplified by his two historical song cycles The Kelly Collection and The Eureka Suite, the latter recorded by Festival Records in 1999. Having toured most of the world with fellow Scotsman Eric Bogle from 1980 until the present day, John has become recognized as being one of the elite of the Broitish folk world. He is known as one of the best bluegrass mandolin players around performing with the legendary Country Express for many years as well as being a fine guitarist and singer.

John’s recording credits include 8 albums with Eric, four with Country Express nine with Colcannon, three with Gordon Mcintyre and Kate Delaney, two with Mike Quarmby and one with Margaret Christl (Canada), Mary-Jane Field (Sydney), Irene Petrie Denis, and Lynne Tracey as well as countless guest appearances. His experience extends to production as well as performing.

John has won two Celtic Music Club Awards for Guitar and one for Mandolin two Folk Federation awards and two SAMIA (South Australian Music Industry) awards with Colcannon – the latter being for Most Outstanding Contribution to Folk Music. He has also won the SCALA-run Songwriters Event (songwriter award) in 1990 and 1996.


Global Village Radio Show Wins CBAA Award For Excellence In Music Programming

The Global Village world music radio show produced Roger Holdsworth has won the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Award for excellence in music programming. The Award recognizes excellence in music programming in the community radio sector across Australia. The Global Village program has been broadcast for over 27 years now on Melbourne Australia community radio station PBS 106.7 FM and digital.

Roger Holdsworth during the CBAA award ceremony
Roger Holdsworth during the CBAA award ceremony

The importance of the recognition is as an endorsement of an approach that seeks to build bridges rather than walls,” says Global Village’s host and producer, Roger Holdsworth. “In a proudly multicultural Australian community, the Global Village emphasizes the celebration of diversity, the welcoming of the ‘other’ as part of ‘us’, of philoxenia rather than xenophobia, of trust and justice. Many of these ideas are increasingly difficult in the face of worldwide political and social tendencies that seek to isolate, demonize, misunderstand, and separate us – tendencies that are often sexist, racist, misogynist and seeking to build hate and distrust. So the Global Village has always sought to share and explore the diverse cultures both in the Australian community and in the wider world – to enable music that is heard within specific communities, to reach a broader audience, and to establish a new identity for Australia.

It has sought to challenge the hegemonic control that ‘pop’ and ‘rock’ exerts over most music around the globe; it resists ‘music’ that emerges from the economic domination of the ‘industry’ by a few. It has sought to share the authenticity and diversity of musical cultures, that enrich us all and that enhance our understanding.”

Roger Holdsworth is also a member of the Transglobal World Music Chart.