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Artist Profiles: Ali Reza Analouei

Tombak master Ali Reza Analouei was born in Esfahan, Iran. His grandfather, Naser Ali was a renowned Master of Sufism (a worldview and way of life which affirms the noblest aspects of Human character). Inspired by this example, Dr. Analouei has undertaken the lifetime quest to amplify and apply the concepts of Sufism, Erfaan, and music within his playing, his teaching, and his personal development.

He has always been inspired by, and closely followed the work and style of Iran’s late master of tombak, Jahangeer Malek. Over the past two decades Dr. Analouei has played internationally in many concerts and ensembles, including various radio and television shows.

He is the founder of the Sama Ensemble, and is currently a member of several important music groups based in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.

At the age of ten he began playing tombak, earning him a prize from Tehran high schools, and then became a member of the Kakh-e Javanaan (youth club) Ensemble.