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Cajun Accordion Master Belton Richard Dies at 77

Belton Richard

Louisiana accordionist and vocalist Belton Richard died on June 21, 2017. He was a well-known Cajun accordionist who recorded various hits.

Belton Richard was born on October 5, 1939 in Rayne, Louisiana. He formed the popular band The Musical Aces in 1959.

Belton Richard was inducted into the Cajun French Music Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997. In 2003, he was welcomed into the Acadian museum’s ‘Living Legends’ list. He also received the Cajun French Music Association’s ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ award in 2004.

His discography includes I’m Back! (Swallow Records, 1996), Belton Richard, Vol. 2 (Swallow Records, 2000), Good N’ Cajun (Swallow Records, 2000), Louisiana Cajun Music (Swallow Records, 2000), Older the Wine the Finer the Taste (Swallow Records, 2003), Live at Jazzfest 2016 (Munck Music, 2016).


Artist Profiles: Geno Delafose

Geno Delafose

Hailing from the small town of Eunice, deep in Southwest Louisiana’s bayou country, Geno Delafose learned music at the age of seven in his father’s legendary John Delafose & the Eunice Playboys ensemble.

Delafose and his house-rocking band, French Rockin’ Boogie, have tapped the wealth of inspiration found in the traditional Cajun and Creole repertoires and created their own rich gumbo of Cajun, zydeco, r&b, country and blues.

By taking his explosive live show to nearly 2 arts centers, festivals and nightclubs each year, Geno Delafose has undeniably earned his place as one of the best performers of Zydeco.

Zydeco music is an upbeat blend of African, Caribbean and Cajun music. It is the music indigenous to the Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana. The word Zydeco is derived from the French word for snap beans ‘Les haricots’, which points to the early roots of this music being performed when the fields were being harvested. Modern zydeco has evolved to take on many influences.

Zydeco’s infectious accordion and rubboard driven-party-all-night sound that was born in the bayou and dance halls of southwest Louisiana and raised to a new level by the late Clifton Chenier, is now being heard and appreciated throughout the metropolitan area and around the world.


French Rockin’ Boogie (Rounder, 1994)
That’s What I’m Talkin’ About! (Rounder, 1996)
La Chanson Perdue (Rounder, 1998)
Everybody’s Dancin’ (Times Square, 2003)
Creole Bred: A Tribute to Creole & Zydeco (Vanguard Records, 2004)
Le Cowboy Creole (Times Square, 2007)


Artist Profiles: Fiddlers 4

Fiddlers 4

Fiddlers 4 was a collaboration featuring some of the finest fiddlers in the United States. Michael Doucet is well loved for his work as the leader of Cajun supergroup BeauSoleil; Darol Anger, a veteran of the David Grisman Quintet and founding member of the Turtle Island String Quartet, is the leading exponent of jazz-infused newgrass; and Bruce Molsky is internationally acclaimed old time fiddler. Together with cellist Rushad Eggleston, the quartet offered a cross-cultural fiddling fest, rooted in the musics of Louisiana, the Appalachian mountains and the Marin, California foothills.


The Fiddlers 4 (Compass Records, 2005)


Artist Profiles: Courtney Granger

Courtney Granger

Courtney Granger is a virtuoso fiddler, guitarist and outstanding singer. He was born in Eunice, Louisiana. Granger is Christine Balfa’s cousin and was the youngest member of Balfa Toujours. He recorded his debut CD for Rounder Records at the age of 15. He quickly became a reputable musician in the Cajun music scene and received several Cajun French Music association (CFMA) awards.

In 1999 Courtney joined Balfa Toujours on bass and fiddle playing together with the great Kevin Wimmer. Courtney also recorded with the legendary bluegrass musician Tim O’Brien.

Courtney’s repertoire includes Cajun and classic country tunes. His masterful fiddling and soulful singing has made him one of the most sought-after Cajun fiddlers, playing with renowned artists Jason Frey Dirk Powell and Horace Trahan. He joined the famous Cajun band The Pine Leaf Boys in summer 2008.

In 2016 he released Beneath Still Waters, his first solo country album.


Un Bal Chez Balfa (Rounder, 1999)

Live at Whiskey River Landing, with Balfa Toujours (Rounder CD 696 2000)

Live at 2009 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, with The Pine Leaf Boys (2009)

Back Home, with The Pine Leaf Boys (Valcour Records, 2010)

Live at Jazzfest 2012, with The Pine Leaf Boys (2012)

Danser, with The Pine Leaf Boys (2013)

Beneath Still Waters (Valcour Records, 2016)


Artist Profiles: Christine Balfa

Christine Balfa


Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Christine Balfa is the daughter of the legendary Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa. She is also the leader of Balfa Toujours.

She was born on June 28, 1968 and grew up playing triangle with her father Dewey. Christine learned music and language from the flourishing culture around Basile, Louisiana.

Balfa Toujours has become a well-established Cajun music band, recording several albums and performing throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.



Christine Balfa appeared in the movie The Big Easy. She is also the founder and director of Louisiana Folk Roots, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Louisiana traditions.

In 2005, Christine Balfa was one of the founders of Bonsoir Catin, a roots music band based in southern Louisiana.



Pop tu me parles toujours, with Balfa Toujours (Swallow 611, 1993)
A vieille Terre Haute, with Balfa Toujours (Swallow 3121, 1995)
Deux Voyages, with Balfa Toujours (Rounder CD 671, 1996)
Allons danser, with Bois Sec Ardoin (Rounder CD 681, 1998)
La Pointe, with Balfa Toujours (Rounder CD 686, 1998)
Live at Whiskey River Landing, with Balfa Toujours (Rounder CD 696, 2000)
Plays the Triangle (Valcour Records, 2009)
Blues à Catin, with BonSoir Catin (Bridgetown Records, 2006)
Vive L’Amour, with BonSoir Catin (Valcour Records, 2009)
Light the Stars, with BonSoir Catin (Valcour Records, 2014)
L’Aurore, with BonSoir Catin (Valcour Records, 2017)


Artist Profiles: Ray Abshire

Ray Abshire


Ray Abshire plays traditional Cajun dance music, performing regularly at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the Festival International in Lafayette, where he lives. Currently, he leaves home only to play festivals and music camps. Born into a musical family – he is a cousin of Cajun great Nathan Abshire – Ray Abshire grew up during the South Louisiana “Dance Hall” era of the 1950s and 1960s and began playing professionally when he was 14.

He performed with all the well-known Cajun masters whose recordings form the foundation for students of Cajun music today; a highlight of his collaborations is the time he spent as accordion player with the legendary Balfa Brothers Band from 1969 to 1975.

Ray Abshire’s accordion style is traditional and he sings in the classic Cajun tenor high voice. Remaining true to the traditional sound he grew up with, Abshire draws from a large repertoire of songs rarely heard today, as featured on his CD, “For Old Times Sake” with fiddlers Courtney Granger and Kevin Wimmer on Swallow Records, released in 2003.




* For Old Times Sake (2004)

* Arrête Pas la Musique (Don’t Stop The Music) (Swallow Records, 2006)

* All night Long (Swallow Records, 2013)

* Cajun Accordion Kings (Valcour Records, 2017)

Web site: rayabshire.com


Artist Profiles: Pine Leaf Boys

The Pine Leaf Boys

The Pine Leaf Boys, a remarkable band from southern Louisiana, play traditional Cajun and Creole music with new, unique arrangements.

The band features some of the finest players in the Cajun music scene. Accordion and fiddle player Wilson Savoy is the son of legends Marc and Ann Savoy, while master fiddler and superb singer Courtney Granger comes from the Balfa family lineage.

Bassist Thomas David was born and raised in Lafayette. He started playing drums professionally at age 8 alongside his father, Ken David, bassist with Jambalaya Cajun Band.


* La Musique (Arhoolie Records, 2006)
* Blues de Musicien (Arhoolie Records, 2007)
* Allons Boire Un Coup (Valcour, 2007)
* Homage Au Passe (Lionsgate Records, 2008)
* Live at 2009 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (2009)
* Back Home (Valcour Records, 2010)
* Pine Leaf Boys (Valcour Records, 2010)
* Live at Jazzfest 2012 (Munck Mix, 2012)
* Danser (139th Broadway, 2013)
* Live at Jazzfest 2014 (Munck Music, 2014)
* Live at Jazzfest 2016 (Munck Music, 2016)

Web site http://www.pineleafboys.com


Artist Profiles: Cedric Watson

Cedric Watson

Born in San Felipe, Texas in 1983, singer, fiddler, accordionist and songwriter Cedric Watson developed an early love for Cajun music and moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, where he studied not only pure Cajun music but the Creole fiddling styles of Canray Fontenot and Bebe Carriere and was quickly acclaimed for his mastery.

A founding member of the Pine Leaf Boys, Cedric Watson formed a new band, Bijou Creole. In Bijou Creole, Watson explores the roots of Louisiana’s Creole music. Playing a variety of old-school zydeco styles, original material, and Creole traditional songs, the polyrhythmic and syncopated sounds of Africa and the Caribbean are unmistakable in this ensemble of talented musicians.

Michael Doucet (BeauSoleil, Savoy-Doucet Band) says, “To propel our Louisiana Creole culture into the future seems to be quite a task, but if one lives for the music as Cedric does, the path seems effortless.”

Along with Watson, Bijou Creole is rubboard (washboard) player-percussionist Mike Chaisson, bassist Blake Miller, guitarist Chris Stafford, and drummer Jermaine Prejean.


Goin’ Down to Louisiana (Valcour Records, 2006)
Cedric Watson (Valcour Records, 2008)
L’Esprit Creole (Valcour Records, 2009)
Homage Au Passe, with Pine Leaf Boys Lionsgate Records, 2009)
Creole Moon: Live From Blue Moon Saloon (Valcour Records, 2010)
Le Soliel Est Leve, with Bijou Creole (Lache Pas Records, 2011)
Le Troubadour Creole, with Bijou Creole (Lache Pas Records, 2013)

Web site: www.cedricwatson.com


Artist Profiles: Balfa Toujours

Balfa Toujours

The Balfa name brings up memories of the renowned Balfa Brothers, who took their Louisiana roots music from the prairies of Mamou to the far reaches of the world. Balfa Toujours (Balfa always) is making sure the name will keep its place for future generations.

Led by Christine Balfa, daughter of acclaimed Cajun fiddler Dewey Balfa, the group has taken generations of inspiration and created a vibrant sound all their own. Since coming together after Dewey’s passing in 1992, they’ve grown from a band known for its youth and passion into pillars of the traditional music community not only in Louisiana but throughout the folk music world. They’ve recorded several albums, appeared in numerous films and television shows, toured North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, enjoyed front cover features in roots music magazines, and taught classes in Cajun culture internationally, in both French and English.

Balfa Toujours cross many boundaries and perform in a wide array of styles, from rocking dancehalls to crowded festivals to informative concerts, without ever losing the joy of life that characterizes their culture.

Christine Balfa may be recognizable to some from her appearance in the film The Big Easy. She grew up playing triangle with her father Dewey and learned music and language from the thriving culture around Basile, Louisiana. Her singing is full of the raw emotion that enables the best Cajun singers to communicate powerful feelings directly to the heart. She collaborates on many of the group’s original songs and is the founder and director of Louisiana Folk Roots, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Louisiana traditions.


Pop tu me parles toujours (Swallow 611, 1993)
A vieille Terre Haute (Swallow 3121, 1995)
Deux Voyages (Rounder CD 671, 1996)
Allons danser, with Bois Sec Ardoin (Rounder CD 681)
La Pointe (Rounder CD 686, 1998)
Live at Whiskey River Landing (Rounder CD 696, 2000)


Artist Profiles: BeauSoleil


BeauSoleil has secured their position as America’s most popular Cajun group. BeauSoleil has preserved the rich Cajun musical traditions of Louisiana, while adding elements of zydeco, New Orleans jazz, Tex-Mex, country, blues and more.

BeauSoleil translates as “beautiful sunshine.” It’s also the name of an 18th century Acadian rebel leader, Beausoleil Broussard, after whom Michael Doucet, founder, fiddler and passionate vocalist for the band, named the group.

Michael Doucet dedicated much of his life to the study of the origins of Cajun music. He studied with grand old masters such as Denis McGee and Canray Fontenot, and searched out early 78 rpm recordings and unaccompanied ballad singers. At the same time, he was constantly aware of the other musical forms around him – jazz, country, R&B and rock and roll. As Doucet once explained early in his career, “If I was going to play Cajun music, I wanted to play it right. And if I was going to change Cajun music, I have to be sure of the direction.”

BeauSoleil has numerous recording projects to its credit, including award-winning movie soundtracks. They garnered six Grammy nominations before winning Grammy gold in 1997 for Best Traditional Folk Album.

Recorded live in concert at The Barns Of Wolf Trap near Washington, D.C., in March 2, Looking Back Tomorrow: Beausoleil Live! marked BeauSoleil’s return to the first venue to serve their sizzling musical gumbo to audiences beyond Louisiana’s borders. When BeauSoleil took center stage at the National Folk Festival in 1976, an infectious musical genre, rooted firmly in the culture of a long oppressed people, boogied into the spotlight.

“When I was growing up, the word Cajun was never used,” says founder/fiddler/lead vocalist/chief songwriter Michael Doucet in the albums’s liner notes, penned by author and journalist Michael Tisserand (Gambit Weekly). “People finally started to become a little more proud of their culture. Even if you weren’t as educated as a Philadelphia lawyer, you had something to offer, to give-a way of life.”

On Looking Back Tomorrow: Beausoleil Live! BeauSoleil showcases their arrangements on traditional songs (“J’ai Ete au Bal,” “Travailler C’est Trop Dur,” “Grand Mamou”); debuts four new Doucet-penned originals (“Amede,” “Varise,” “Quoi ‘y a Toi,” and “Ma Douce Amie”); salutes pioneers Dennis McGee (“Pa Janvier”) as well as Clarence Garlow and Eddie Shuler (“Bon Temps Rouler”), and infuses Cajun flavor into rock ‘n’ roll-a BeauSoleil trademark (“It’s You I Love,” written by Dave Bartholomew and “Fats” Domino).

BeauSoleil-Doucet, along with his brother David (vocals/guitar), Jimmy Breaux (accordians), Al Tharp (bass/fiddle), Tommy Alesi (drums), and Billy Ware (percussion)-has released six albums on Rhino, garnered eight Grammy nominations over the course of their career, and won the Grammy for Best Traditional Folk album in 1998 for Rhino’s L’Amour ou La Folie.

In September of 2004, Vanguard Records released Gitane Cajun, the group’s first studio album since 1999.


The Spirit of Cajun Music (Swallow Records, 1976)

Louisiana Cajun Music (Swallow Records, 1984)

Parlez Nous Au Boire (Arhoolie Records, 1984)

Zydeco Gris Gris (Swallow Records, 1985)

Allons A Lafayette (Arhoolie Records, 1986)

Bayou Boogie (Rounder Records, 1986)

Hot Chili Mama (Arhoolie Records, 1988)

Cajun Experience (Swallow Records, 1988)

Bayou Cadillac (Rounder Records, 1989)

Live! From The Left Coast (Rounder Records, 1989)

Cajun Jam Session (Arhoolie Records, 1989)

Deja Vu (Swallow Records, 1990)

J’Ai Ete Au Bal [Soundtrack] (Arhoolie Records, 1990)

Cajun Conja (Rhino Records, 1991)

Rainbow Sign (Rounder Records, 1992)

Bayou Deluxe – The Best Of Michael Doucet & Beausoleil (Rhino Records, 1993)

La Danse de la Vie (Rhino Records, 1993)

L’Echo (Rhino Records, 1994)

Vintage Beausoleil: live (Music of the World, 1995)

Arc de Triomphe Two-Step (Hemisphere / Metro Blue, 1997)

The Best of BeauSoleil (Arhoolie Records, 1997)

L’Amour Ou La Folie (Rhino Records, 1997)

Cajunization (Rhino Records, 1999)

Best Of The Crawfish Years (Rounder Records, 2001)

Looking Back Tomorrow (Rhino Records, 21)

Encore, Encore!! The Best of BeauSoleil, 1991-2100 (Rhino Records, 2003)

Gitane Cajun (Vanguard Records, 2004)

Live in Louisiana (Way Down in Louisiana, 2006)

Live At The 28 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival BeauSoleil & Michael Doucet (MunckMix, 2008)

Alligator Purse (Yep Roc, 2009)

From Bamako to Carencro (Compass, 2013)