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Psychedelic Trance Blues from Siberia

ХаPа [KhaRa] – “Мерячение” [Meryachenie] (Sketis Music SKMR-125, 2016)

KhaRa ia an exciting genre-defying Siberian trio that combines blues jams, shamanic percussion, Slavic melodies and instruments, and psychedelic electronic effects. The overall result is a satisfying and fascinating trance-like effect.

The ensemble’s name Khara means Smile of God in Old Slavic. The album name Meryachenie describes an unusual mental state associated with shamans and northern magic in the language of the northern peoples. The Eskimos call it the call of the North Star.

Guitarist Alexander Medvedev indicates that even though the three musicians had discussed making this recording for a long time, Meryachenie was recorded in a single day. Everyone contributed what they saw fit. “We just completely disconnected from reality and played.”

KhaRa features the vocals and traditional wind and string instruments of Edward Pogodin, a musician and craftsman that builds his own musical instruments based on traditional Russian instruments. Alexander Medvedev delivers blues improvisations and spellbinding electronic vocals through a talk box (a sort of vocoder for the electric guitar) that transforms the guitar and vocals into a throat singing effect. Artem Aksenov provides the beats using the large Tuvan frame drum called kengirge as well as other percussion instruments.

The lineup on Meryachenie includes Edward Pogodin (Эдуард Погодин) on vocals, kalyuka (overtone flute) and other instruments; Alexander Medvedev (Александр Медведев) on guitar, talk box vocals, MIDI; and Artem Aksenov (Артем Аксенов) on kengirge and percussion.

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Forest of the Saints

Goa Gil – Forest of the Saints

Goa Gil – Forest of the Saints (EMI)

Goa Gil is a San Francisco musician, DJ and party organiser now based in Goa. He is one of the founders of the Goa trance and psytrance movement in electronic dance music. His influences include the hippie movement, acid rock and early electronic music such as Kraftwerk.

His staple mix of outdoor electronic dance parties with Eastern mystical and spiritual overtones have become legend in the trance circles. Gil’s music attempts to “redefine the ancient tribal ritual for the 21st century”.

The 11 tracks of this album span over 70 minutes, and will put you right in the heart of the throbbing pulse of electronic trance.

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Estonian Trance Folk

Maarja Nuut – Une Meeles (Maarja Nuut, 2016)

Une Meeles dwells in the zone between Estonian contemporary folk music, the experimental and ambient-trance music.

Fiddler, composer, vocalist and producer Maarja Nuut uses a mix of bowed and plucked fiddles, vocal harmonies, and electronic looping techniques to deliver a musical dreamworld that occupies the nebulous area between reality and dreams.

Une Meeles is a transfixing recording that allows the listener to travel across Maarja Nuut’s multiple realities. A fascinating album.




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