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Artist Profiles: Compagnie Solim

Compagnie Solim was founded in June 2000 in Lome, the capital of Togo. The group is primarily formed of artists dancers, dancers, percussionists, acrobats, magicians, and fire-eaters. Members of Compagnie Solim have performed in the Netherlands, England, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Africa and elsewhere.

The goals of Compagnie Solim is the promotion of the Culture, Arts and the Dances of Togo throughout the world and to weave solid bonds of friendship and exchanges for peace among the peoples of the Earth.


Artist Profiles: King Mensah

King Mensah

Born in Togo in 1971, King Mensah is an artist with a range of personal and professional experience. An actor, dancer and singer who was immersed in the world of the arts as a young boy under the influence of his parents, today he is one of Togo’s leading stars. His music has circled the globe, gleaning success in Europe, the United States and throughout Africa.

Strength, determination and beautiful melodies filled with hope, peace and love: these are the essential qualities of the unique music of the man they call the Golden Voice of Togo.

Philosophical, poetic and socially committed, King Mensah’s music and creations are inspired by Togolese music traditions. With a deep love for Togo and its musical legacy, King Mensah charms audiences with the traditional sounds of his country. The main theme of King Mensah’s music is hope: hope for street children, hope for the oppressed, but also hope for people of every country and origin.


Madjo (1996)
Edidodo (1998)
Mensah Mensah (2000)
Elom (2002)
Yetonam (2008)
Da (2012)
Soke (2014)


Artist Profiles: Kodjo Senyo

Kodjo Senyo

Kodjo Senyo is a singer born in Lome, Togo currently living in Spain. A self-taught musician, Kodjo Senyo grew up in a family and an environment immersed in the traditional singing of the Ewe. For this ethnic group in southern Togo, songs are everyday and omnipresent; everything is music.

At a young age, Kodjo Senyo formed his first band, which played around Togo and neighboring countries. With this experience, he discovered that blues and jazz, far from being foreign musical styles, were another way of interpreting and approaching Senyo’s own music.

Now living in Spain, Senyo released in 2007 his CD Agoo. His vital and emotionally charged voice stands out especially in the urban songs where he sings of friendship, love and hope, the basis of his ancestral beliefs. Accompanied by his guitar and supported by a solid band, Senyo explores a fusion of jazz, blues and Afropop sung in his mother tongue.