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Artist Profiles: Wayne Gorbea

Wayne Gorbea

Born on October 22, 1950 to Puerto Rican parents in Manhattan, Wayne Gorbea studied violin orchestration and trumpet in high school as well as participating in many percussion rumba sessions.

After joining the army in 1968, he taught himself piano and after being discharged from service he returned to New York City where he led several bands and made his debut recording in 1973.

He went onto release several standout albums in the 1970s, inaugurate his own WayneGo label in 1980 and produce numerous albums with Shanachie in the 1990s. All that time he remained true to his classic salsa dura sound.

and today his music is better recorded than ever and he is producing tunes that are longer and richer in texture and variety.

Wayne Gorbea died on September 14, 2015 in New York City,


Cógele el Gusto (Shanachie Records, 1998)
¡Saboreando! Salsa Dura en el Bronx (Shanachie Records, 2000)
Fiesta en el Bronx (Shanachie Records, 2002)
Live from New York (Reyes Records, 2004)
Prakatun, Cogele el Gusto Otra Vez (Wayne Gorbea’s Salsa Picante, 2006)
Introducing Wayne Gorbea’s Salsa Picante (World Music Network, 2007)
Salsa Boricua (SMC Pro Arte, 2012)


Artist Profiles: Jimmy Bosch

Jimmy Bosch

Jimmy Bosch is one of New York’s most reputable trombonists. He plays a music style that he calls Salsa Dura (Hard Salsa) a fiery and innovative style that goes beyond traditional salsa.

Jimmy Bosch was born in Jersey City and grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is the son of a Puerto Rican family with deep musical roots. His father was a notorious dancer his mother used to sing at parties back in Puerto Rico and his uncle Israel was really into flamenco cante (singing).

Bosch’s Salsa Dura is both a testament to and an evolution of Puerto Rican musical traditions. Bosch continuously re-invents the music of a culture with roots in Africa and Spain by drawing upon an eclectic repertoire: the plenas of an agrarian Puerto Rico; Cuban styles such as mambo, son, yambú, guaguanco, guajira and Mozambique; music by the Beatles, American folk tunes, and the New York Salsa of the 1970s informed by straight-ahead jazz and contemporary rock.

Bosch began playing trombone in 1970 at the age of 8 and at age 13 this prodigious talent taught him-self to play “monas” (musical riffs). Bosch frequented clubs in New York City with his trombone at hand confident that he would one day land a gig with a major New York salsa band. In 1978 while a student at Rutgers University his moment came to a realization when he was hired by Andy González to work with Conjunto Libre heralding the birth of a prolific career and extensive


Soneando Trombón (Ryko Latino, 1998)
Salsa Dura (RykoLatino, 1999)
El Avión de la Salsa (JRGR Records, 2004)
¡A Millon! (JRGR Records, 2009)


Jimmy Bosch y su Masacote Jam

Jimmy Bosch: Allstar Band Live in Puerto Rico