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Artist Profiles: Saeed Niakowsari

Saeed Niakowsari is a composer and performer of Iranian traditional music. He is the owner and manager of ?Saba private music school?, which is a center for teaching and dissemination of Iranian traditional music in Shiraz, Iran.

As part of his working experience, he has taken part in a number of music competitions and won the reward for best santur (or santoor) performance in 1991, The 8th International Fajr Festival.

In the year 2000, hr performed for German audiences in Berlin and being successful, prolonged his stay for a two-week period to record part of his programs.

Saeed Niakowsari has also participated in several group and individual performances. Two of his individual performances have been published as cassettes, one privately and the other by the company affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Service (IRIB Soroosh), which is the Iranian governmental broadcasting organization. In Addition two other cassettes of the group performances as well as a number of note booklets have been published.